SFSU ISYS 363 Group Project Part 1 - Packers Fall 2013
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SFSU ISYS 363 Group Project Part 1 - Packers Fall 2013






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SFSU ISYS 363 Group Project Part 1 - Packers Fall 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Collaborative Software SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-group: Packers!
  • 2. Team Packers 5 Group Collaborations: 1. Google Docs-Live Collaboration in Time 2. Skype-Conferencing 3. iLearn-Instant Connectivity & notification & Questions 4. GroupMe Test-For Availability & Scheduling via Instant messaging 5. DropBox-Uploading & Sharing Files
  • 3. Skype 1. Cost - Skype has multiple packages one of them being a free video, chat, and audio/phone service with other Skype users. Free video with one other person. Free chat and audio/phone call for multiple people. 2. Availability on platforms - Skype is an application that can be used on most devices with a screen and internet connection; computers, tablets, and phones. 3. Relationship building - If not able to see each other in person, seeing another team member via video allows for an interpersonal connection to form. Putting a face/voice to a name/text creates a connection to a person and not just another internet stranger. Benefits
  • 4. Skype Disadvantages 1. Quality - For this class, any Skype-use will be from the free package. This means shoddy video connection and call quality. 2. Conference calls - Video or audio calls with more than one person at a time is not free. 3. Most features for computer only - Calls cannot be made via phone (There is a Skype app downloadable for iPhones – but is not very efficient)
  • 5. GroupMe Benefits 1. Works on every platform - On any phones (even you 1990s brick phone), tablets, laptops, and computers as well. You don’t even need the app to use it, you can chat with the group via SMS. If you don’t have unlimited SMS, you can charge your setting to push notifications and use your data instead. 2. Ease of use and quick contact - If you're using the app, it is super user-friendly, and easy to sue and navigate! Everything is simple and straightforward. You can create group chats or send private messages to people. Who doesn't’t have a cellphone nowadays – a quick and easy to get in touch with a person/group.
  • 6. GroupMe Benefits 3. Little perks that no other texting app/service have together - Conference calls, photo sharing, location sharing, mute button (to disable notifications). 4. Free & limitless - The app to download/use is completely free, every function. You can add people to groups whenever you like, and also remove people as well! You can be in as many groups as you like. (No annoying advertisements! Hooray!)
  • 7. GroupMe Disadvantages 1. Message delay - Not everyone in a group chat will receive your message at the same time. You’re also unable to send or receive messages when your phone doesn’t have service connection, or when your phone is roaming. 2. Message read or not - There is no way of telling if a message that got sent has been read by a person or not. Also no way of knowing whether the person has muted the group/chat.
  • 8. 3. Needless alert (for people without unlimited text message) - You’ll get alerts/text when someone joins or leaves a group 4. Ever-changing features - GroupMe updates its contents often, you'll need to figure out yourself: what has been added, taken away, or changed (Not necessarily a con if it updates regularly right ;)) GroupMe Disadvantages
  • 9. Google Docs. Benefits 1. Ability to share documents with multiple users. 2. You can access the documents from any computer or mobile device. 3. It uses cloud storage technology, allowing the users to save online and not use up their own storage space. 4. Saves periodically, to minimize data loss. 5. Real-time collaboration can be conducting at anytime with any amount of users.
  • 10. 1. You can’t work offline unless you download ‘Gear; available on Google Apps. 2. The threat of data loss or threat is heightened because of the use of cloud storage. 3. Ownership of all documents uploaded and shared on Google Docs stands subject to Google’s own use due to the permission agreement they have with all the users upon sign-up. 4. Some web browsers might not support Google Docs. 5. Storage is not unlimited. Google Docs. Disadvantages
  • 11.  Easy to access and download documents from any computer, even smartphones.  Easy Back up Option for desktops.  Simple to set up and share among others. DropBox Benefits
  • 12.  Costs: first 2GB is free. Otherwise, $10 per month.  Minimal privacy: confidential documents should not be stored here.  No sense of control on ownership: once one person is connected, that person can share whatever they want and connect that account to another person without permission of original owner of account. DropBox Disadvantages
  • 13.  Accessibility: iLearn and other learning management systems allows access from anywhere with internet connection, and usually at anytime.  Supports many different types of data, e.g. video, text, multimedia  Easy and secure exchange of data: allows teachers to upload and store resources for students to access. iLearn (LMS) Benefits
  • 14.  Some teachers and students may have poor computer and information literacy skills.  It is very easy to translate existing poor teaching practices to an LMS.  It may be difficult for teachers to design and organize a mix of learning activities to their teaching skills/ style. iLearn (LMS) Disadvantages
  • 15.  http://www.voipsupply.com/benefits-of-skype  http://prezi.com/lgtd26tjrctz/groupme/  http://www.businessinsider.com/why-groupme-is-the-best- group-messaging-app-right-now-2011-3?op=1  http://www.mmaconsulting.net/cool-group/  http://www.elatewiki.org/index.php/GroupMe#Advantages_a nd_Disadvantages  http://computer.howstuffworks.com/internet/basics/google- docs5.htm  http://www.businesszone.co.uk/topic/technology/dropbox- pros-and-cons/42935  http://www.academia.edu/180684/An_introduction_to_learni ng_management_systems Sources: