Balanced finance of entrepreneurs
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Balanced finance of entrepreneurs



This presentation was used for an meeting with MBA-students of TiasNimbas

This presentation was used for an meeting with MBA-students of TiasNimbas



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Balanced finance of entrepreneurs Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Balanced finance of entrepreneurs Jan Wietsma MKB-kredietcoach
  • 2. Financing
  • 3. Current credit services are primarily based on ratings
  • 4. The fellow
  • 5. The five most important questionsabout the fellow• Do I have a clear definition of my entrepreneurial qualities?• Do I explain on which points I need support from third parties?• Do I explain the goals I want to reach as an entrepreneur?• Does my spouse support me in my entrepreneurship?• Did I clarify why I want to be an entrepreneur?
  • 6. What is the importance of the fellow?• In small businesses the role of the fellow as a person takes has big importance : – 40% of all bankrupt entrepreneurs are caused by a lack of self-knowledge
  • 7. The fellow, what it’s about• Attention for the personal entrepreneurial skill in a social economic context.
  • 8. CreditIndicator (a method)• A personal SWOT-analyses: the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to entrepreneurship.• Scientifically based and validated by practice
  • 9. Construction in fases• Part 0: What is the entrepreneur aiming to achieve?• Part 1: What is the return of the personal entrepreneurial investment?• Part 2: Who is the entrepreneur?• Part 3: What is the personal SWOT-analyses of the entrepreneur?
  • 10. What is the entrepreneur aiming to achieve?
  • 11. Characteristics of entrepreneurs in good and bad times.
  • 12. CasherIn good times In bad times• Will-power • Aggressive• Purposeful • Controlling• Demanding • Whining• Determent • Dominance• Performance-orientated • Intolerance
  • 13. InnovatorIn goodtimes In bad times• Dynamic • Excited• Enthusiastic • Chaotic• Convincing • Indiscrete• Optimistic • Show off• Expressive • Hasty
  • 14. ConstructorIn goodtimes In bad times• Voorzichtig • Pietluttig• Nauwkeurig • Besluiteloos• Analytisch • Argwanend• Gedetailleerd • Koud• Objectief • Afstandelijk
  • 15. SocializerIn goodtimes In bad times• Careful • Passive• Relation orientated • Slow• Harmonious • Waiting• Relax • Dependent• Convivial • Rigid
  • 16. What is the return of the personal entrepreneurial investment?
  • 17. Who is the entrepreneur? (1)• Intrinsic
  • 18. Who is the entrepreneur? (2)• Which entrepreneurial skill do I posses?
  • 19. Who is the entrepreneur? (3)
  • 20. What is the personal SWOT?
  • 21. What is the personal SWOT?
  • 22. The firm
  • 23. The five most important questionsabout the firm• I have substantiated why my product or service is promising• I know who my competitors are• I know how I am going to sell my product or service• I know who my first (potential) customers will be.• I have added an substantiated revenue budget
  • 24. The funds
  • 25. The five most important question about the funds.• I have added a budget for the upcoming three years• I don’t underestimate my cost.• I have a monthly cash flow statement for upcoming year• I have told the bank which insuring I can deliver.• I have stated how much credit I need from the bank
  • 26. Thankyou• More