Mobility solutions with shore tel v1


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CloudAvenue brings with the ShoreTel Mobility router, Unified Communications to your Office. Let your staff bring their own device, be more productive, save costs on your mobile subscription and more.

Why? easy to manage, it works with every major PaBX and it helps save costs. Find out more in this presentation

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  • Here are some interesting stats on mobile usage and trends. 95% of mobile workers now have smartphones (85% last year) 91% use their smartphones for work (69% last year) Tablet ownership at 44% of mobile employees BYOD - Only 28% of mobile workers are given no choice of smartphone selection; 63% have some choice – 44% select from a list of approved &19 % can use any device they choose to access corporate resources iPhone – leader in the enterprise @ 45% marketshare (as of Nov, 2011) – *always check for updated data on marketshare*
  • SC-314 Selling the ShoreTel Mobility Solution
  • Mobility solutions with shore tel v1

    1. 1. WHY SHORETEL MOBILITY ROUTER?Wiecher AkkermanManaging Partnerwiecher.akkerman@cloudavenue.nl2013 – V1.0© 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved.CloudAvenue is part of:
    2. 2. CONTENTS Mobile usage and trends What is Mobile UC? Mobile Considerations ShorTel Mobility product Suite Functionality and Capabilities Summary How to contact usMay 15, 2013 2Your guide in UC© 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved..
    3. 3. MOBILE USAGE & TRENDSMay 15, 2013 3© 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved..
    4. 4. May 15, 2013 © 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved.. 4WHAT IS MOBILE UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS (UC)The seamless extension of communicationsapplications and infrastructure to mobile devices, enablingthe same capabilities as available on PC’s and desk phones, fromanywhere, on any network.
    5. 5. MOBILE UC CONSIDERATIONSIT Management• Multi-Vendor Support• Centralized Control• Security• Easy to Manage &SupportUsers• Easy to Use• Multi-Modal – Voice,UC, Email/PIM, Intranet• Support for BYODCxO• Low(er) TCO• Cost Savings• High User Productivity
    6. 6. TELECOM COST REDUCTION Reduce international roaming charges by 30%-80%– Leverage VoIP over Wi-Fi and VoIP over 3G/4G Eliminate cellular international direct dial charges– Leverage enterprise PBX least cost routing Reduce cellular minutes and move to lower tier plans– Automatic and dynamic network selection Reduce mobile device costs– Leverage employee-owned mobile devices (BYOD) Eliminate secondary deskphones & associated supportMay 15, 2013 6© 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved..
    7. 7. SHORETEL MOBILITY PRODUCT SUITEMobility Router RoamAnywhere ClientScaling: • 2000 Series: 10 - 100 users• 4000 Series: 10 - 1,000 users• 6000 Series: 10 - 5,000 users• Mobility Routers can be stacked for additionalscalingCore functions: • PBX and UC integration• Security integration• App layer security• Policy management• Reporting/trendingKey features: • Desk phone & UC capabilities• Integrated security• Business and personal callsPhone Types: • BlackBerry OS• Apple iOS• Symbian S60 (Nokia)• AndroidMay 15, 2013 7© 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved
    8. 8. SIMPLE, RICH AND EASY TO USE Hybrid client interface– Native interface for “pre-call” user experience– Enhanced “mid-call” experience A single, unified, communications app– Voice, IM/Presence, Security Consistent user experience on any networkExperience the phone as you already know how– no learning curveMay 15, 2013 8© 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved..
    9. 9. RICH DESK PHONE CAPABILITIES• Extension dialing• Transfer, hold• Enterprise conference• Do Not Disturb• Personal dial• VoIP over Wi-Fi, 3G/4G• Automatic handover• Corporate directory access• Transfer/retrieve from desk• Simultaneous ring• Single voicemail• Business dial (dial via office)May 15, 2013 9© 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved..
    10. 10. ENTERPRISE PRESENCE & IMCWAIntegration• Location aware presence• Power and battery optimized• Built-in security• Designed for multi-vendorShoreTelMobility RouterMay 15, 2013 10© 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved.
    11. 11. SINGLE DEVICE, DUAL PERSONAPersonal calls Outgoing calls –cellular callerID displayed Incoming calls - routeto cellular voicemail Automatically recognizespersonal contactsPolicy controlAdmin policy controlled – groups and/or users can be enabled for personal callingBusiness calls• Outgoing calls –desk/enterprisecaller ID displayed• Incoming calls –route to enterprisevoicemail• Default modeMay 15, 2013 11© 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved.
    12. 12. MULTI-VENDOR SUPPORTPBXs WLANsPresence/IM/MDM Smartphones(MVS Not Required)May 15, 2013 12© 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved.
    13. 13. BUILT-IN SECURITY No corporate data stored on mobile Simple, secure and automatic; no need to launch VPN Based on industry standard SSL (TCP mTLS and UDP dTLS) Certificate based authentication, AES-128/256 encryption13ShoreTel Mobility clientauto detects when theuser is outside thefirewall and initiates asecure session to theMobility router“Inside the firewall” sessions flow normallyHotelsHomeAirportsHotspotsApplicationTransport Secure tunnel is at the application layer. OnlyShoreTel Mobility applications are encrypted,other applications flow normallyIPLink ShoreTelMobilityrouterCorpNetMay 15, 2013 13© 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved.
    14. 14. WIRELESS LAN OPTIMIZATION FOR VOICE Audio engine optimized for lossy networks– Low bit rate CODECs (AMR, iLBC) andauto-transcoding– Packet error concealment and flow smoothing– Noise suppression Automatic network selection– No manual/user intervention required Secure communications– PKI authentication (mTLS) and AES-128/256 encryptionEnterprisePublicIP-PBXShoreTel Mobility Router3G/4GBetter Coverage, Call Quality & Cost Savings.May 15, 2013 14© 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved.
    15. 15. EASY TO MANAGE AND SUPPORT Centralized Reporting for Telecom Expense Management– Cost Verification– Trending of Cellular, VoIP over Wi-Fi, VoIP over Cellular Data– Top Users Centralized Upgrades for low TCO– Consistent software (features, operations, UI) across ALL devices– Major and Maintenance releases cover all devices– Over-the-air automatic upgrades to smartphones TACACS+ AccountingMay 15, 2013 15© 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved..
    16. 16. SUMMARY• Easy to Use Simple user interface (native integration)Support for BYOD for UCAndroid, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian. (Win8/RTroadmap)Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Nortel, ShoreTelRobust application-layer securitySimple and automaticSingle unified app for voice, UC & securityOTA provisioning and updatesProvisioning via LDAP, MS AD, and PBX• Multi-VendorSupport• Built-in Security• Easy to Manage andSupport• Saves Costs Low(ers) TCOPays for itself within1 to 1,5 years (average)May 15, 2013 16© 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved.
    17. 17. MORE INFORMATION:Wiecher AkkermanManaging PartnerM: +31 (0) 6 5064 1924E: Wiecher.Akkerman@cloudavenue.nlwiecher.akkerman@cloudavenue.nlDe Molen 23, 3994 DA Houten I +31 (0) 30 2586 081 I I www.cloudavenue.nlMay 15, 2013 © 2013 CloudAvenue. All rights reserved. 17