Role of Information and Communication Technology


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Role of Information and Communication Technology

  1. 1. The Role of Information and Communication TechnologyNo. Sector The Role of ICT1. Education The teaching and learning process using E-Learning or internet. The teacher can give information without having to deal directly with students. The students can get informations via computer or internet.2. Medical/Health Give information to people about medical and health problems.3. Trade/Economy Implementation of an electronic trading system (online system) or it called by E-commerce, so we can buy something without leave our home.4. Banking The interaction with customers by using internet banking and short message service (SMS).5. Government Give services to people 24 hours everyday, 7 days every week without go to government offices. Improve the relationship between goverment, business, and general public. Easier for people to access informations. Implementation of goverment becomes more efficient.6. Disaster Management Give warning as soon as possible about the coming of disaster, so the risk by the disaster can be reduced, such as the number of the victims and attemps the properties early.7. Industrial/Manufacturing The planning of a new product can be helped by design program such as Computer Aided Design (CAD). The robots used by production sector that are helpful in speed, accuracy, and the number of product produced.8. Agricultural Fertilization on large farms can be done by camera- equipped airplane so it can be done correctly.9. Transportation The use of traffic light for land transportation, and the GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. The ship navigation assisted by computer and
  2. 2. satellite navigation. The pilot of airplane helped by computer system in the cockpit.10. Others The Advantages of Information and Communication TechnologyNo. Sector The Advantage of ICT1. Communication and We can access important information quickly from the Information websites of internet. Send letter quickly by using e-mail. Chatting via webcam or skype. It will be easy to communicate with others and get informations.2. Business/Economy Open up new business opportunities via internet (online business). Transactions via internet, so we don’t have to go to the bank.3. Political/Democratic All freely to becomes the information source. Distribution of information takes place in a peer to peer, one to one, one to many or broadcast. Assist in the vote counting process in a election. Register and selection for election do by help of ICT. Determine the work of goverment, interact with goverment officials, and evaluate the goverment works.4. Public Services Improve the quantity and quality of public services. Revolve public service requests quickly. Automation of public service. The efficiency and extraordinary productivity improvement. Increased image of the goverment in the face of communities it serves.5. Health Facilitating consultation, diagnosis, and telemedicine
  3. 3. in the developing countries. Doctors in remote areas get the skill and experience of professional colleagues in urban areas. Accessing relevant medical training.6. Social/Community Improve the awareness of the poor about goverment programs and help which they are entitled. Lead to continuous change in the community.7. Culture Help the communication which endangered so that they can confront the globalization process positively. Can adopt benefical foreginer cultures. Introduce our cultures to other nations.8. Agricultural Give information to the farmers about maintenance of plants and animals, fertilizer and animal feed, drought mitigation, irrigation, pest eradication, weather forecasts, seed sources and the market price. Enabling the farmers to participate in advocacy and cooperation activities.9. Job Opportunities Provide online services to offer employment opportunities through employment exchange of information electronically with the employment offices or other employment agencies.10. Education Have a learning process by the far distance. Reducing the education gap between the developed countries and developing countries.
  4. 4. The Disadvantages of Information and Communication TechnologyNo. Sector The Disadvantages of ICT1. Security The spread of the mode of new crimes, such as fraud, theft of credit card numbers, pornoghraphy, destruction of internet websites, sending junk e-mail, sending viruses, spy on a person’s activity, and confuse the network traffic.2. Cultures Encourage the entry of negative foreign cultures, such as how to dressing does not according the norms and ethics. Encourage free associations among teenagers without regard to social ethics. Lack of harmony of relationship of parents and children because children want to behave freely. Release the cultural that we profess.3. Economy The people tend to over-consumtive and wasteful. They become motivated to buy a product that are not their basic needs because the advertisements that gives special offers for the products.4. Social/Community Website owners and television shows featuring this that are taboo, sadist, and cruel. It can affect the audience. Expansions of gambling trough the internet websites that specialized for gambling. Easy creation, distribution, and the use of pornography, so that causing the shift in moral values of people, for example the increased of acceptance of pornoactions.5. Others