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  1. 1. PinterestThursday, 15th March 2012
  2. 2. Did you know?•  Americans spend more time on Pinterest than Facebook.•  In Australia, Pinterest is still relatively new, but gaining popularity.•  Over one month, Australian users surged from 140,000 in December 2011 to 360,000 in January 2012.•  Pinterest is “the world’s fasted-growing website ever” – The Australian (12 March). Source:  The  Australian    2
  3. 3. Document overview•  Pinterest is the new social network & before jumping on the band wagon, brands need to consider the following: •  What is Pinterest? •  What are the terms? •  How can it be used for brands? •  How brands should use the platform? •  How to get started?3
  4. 4. 1. What is Pinterest?
  5. 5. What is Pinterest?•  Pinterest is a social bookmarking site where members collect & share images from the web.•  Founded in December 2009.•  11.7 million unique visitors in February 2012.•  80% of Pinterest users are female – the female skew won’t last.•  The purpose of Pinterest is to create a visual pin board where users can pin images & videos of interest. Source:  The  Australian    5
  6. 6. How do people use Pinterest?•  Users can have more than one pin board, each with a unique theme, such as recipes, weddings, photography or infographics.•  Users can follow people they like, a particular board only, like or comment on pinned content & repin other user content to their own boards.•  A Pinterest account can be a large traffic driver for brands & their website.•  For brands, we have seen that Pinterest is already the number 2 back link traffic driver without them having a presence.6
  7. 7. What is the Pinterest lingo?•  Pin: an image or video added to Pinterest.•  Pinboard: a set of theme-based pins.•  Pinning: the act of visually sharing content.•  Repin: reposting somebody else’s pin.•  “Pin it” Button: a button that can be place on websites to facilitate sharing on Pinterest. •  Pins added using the Pin it button link back to the site they came from. •  The “Pin it” button can also be added to browsers.•  Pinner: the person who does the sharing.7
  8. 8. What will Pinterest bring to brands?•  Traffic •  Pinterest is already in the top five referring social networking sites.•  Links •  If you are using the “Pin it” button on your pages, every pin will include a link back to the source. However, these are no-follow links & cannot be used to directly impact your SEO strategy.•  Social Sharing •  Pinterest users can login in via social login to Facebook & Twitter. This allows them to post their pins to both platforms giving your content the potential to be leveraged & visible across multiple social networks (by the user).8
  9. 9. How to build your presence on Pinterest?•  There are a number of things to consider doing: •  Feature visual content •  Create a user-generated pinboard •  Host a contest •  Add the “Pin it” button to your site •  Gather insight into your buyers personas •  Add links in the descriptions of your pins •  Create a video gallery •  Use #hashtags •  Feature offline events or cross promote online events/ competitions9
  10. 10. How to get started?1.  Set up your Pinterest account. Accounts are invite only so either request an invite or have an existing member invite you to join. •  Request an invite:  Create your pinboards. You can always add more pinboards after you sign up, but make sure you start with a few.3.  Starting pinning content (from your website or other related sites to link back)4.  Follow users you would like to follow you back.5.  Connect with other Pinners by repinning, commenting & liking their pins.10
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