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BadgerLink is Wisconsin’s online library which provides Wisconsin residents access to licensed content such as magazines, newspapers, scholarly articles, videos, images, and music.In this session, ...

BadgerLink is Wisconsin’s online library which provides Wisconsin residents access to licensed content such as magazines, newspapers, scholarly articles, videos, images, and music.In this session, learn about the newly redesigned BadgerLink interface which includes a responsive design to adapt to any size screen, multiple paths to finding information, and easy to browse layout. Discover activities and learning games, instructional tools, multimedia, and self-guided training. Learn about tips and tricks for navigating the wealth of information at your fingertips!

This presentation was given at the WEMTA conference on March 24, 2014 in the Wisconsin Dells.



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  • Welcome! Thank you for coming to the Discover Wisconsin’s Online Library session! I am Kara Ripley, the BadgerLink Training Librarian and I’ll be going over some new features of the BadgerLink website.Please feel free to follow along and explore the new website. Also, jump in if you have any questions.As you came in, I gave you a survey about the website. As we go, jot down what you think about the website. The redesign is completed BUT the website is always being updated and improved upon.
  • Math practice for LearningExpress Library.Math activity from Britannica School
  • Britannica OnlineDigital Science OnlineKids Search
  • Digital Science OnlineWisconsin Media LabScience Reference CenterBritannica School
  • Britannica OnlineStudent Research Center
  • History Reference CenterScience Reference CenterKids Search
  • Author Interview from TeachingBooks.netBook Suggestions from NoveList & NoveList K-8
  • BadgerLink paid for with over $2 million in state funding (Universal Service Fund)By buying BadgerLink on a statewide basis, we save over $74 million
  • Available to all Wisconsin residents from schools and libraries of all types, homes, and even outside of Wisconsin
  • You may remember this as the BadgerLink website. Aside from being stuck in about 1991, this design was lack luster and difficult to navigate for most users. You had to scroll a lot and you also had to know what you were looking for and where to click. Also there wasn’t a great place to put announcements like upcoming training.
  • Here is the new website!We have a new look and feel, a new logo, bright colors, and we’ve significantly reduced the need to scroll on the homepage.Also, front and center, we are able to highlight content and advertise for new trainings, like our upcoming Science and Technology trainings scheduled for Thursdays at noon from April 3 to May1. Sound effect from Soundzabound.
  • NEWThe new BadgerLink website is mobile friendly. This was extremely important to us because we know so many schools are going BYOD or 1 to 1 and the website needed to be able to automatically resize to the size of the screen.What some devices you’re using?
  • So on a very small screen, like a smart phone, the BadgerLink Homepage looks something like this.Smart phoneiPhoneDroid
  • The BadgerLink website might look something like this on a slightly larger screen like on a tablet or iPad.
  • NEWThe new website also allows you to browse BadgerLink resources by user group, format, and subject.By clicking on an area, you get a listing of relevant resources.
  • If you think back to our old website, the right menu has changed drastically. Now the rebranded “federated search” where you can search multiple BadgerLink resources is located here Ask a Librarian featureLinks to social mediaother DPI Resources.
  • When you click on the Super Search you go to this page where you can type in a keyword and get search results from across all multiple BadgerLink resources. We consciously removed the search box from the Homepage so students would think about the best way to search rather than just using the “federated search.” The Super Search is a great tool but it’s not always the best way to conduct a search. We’ve also provide the Advanced Super Search from this page where you can customize the search that you do by selecting which BadgerLink resources you would like to search. To let you know, this Summer our vendor for the Super Search is upgrading this software, and so you will see a sleeker (hopefully) easier user experience. When that upgrade goes through, we will post training and information about it.
  • Moving down the right hand column, we have the Ask a Librarian feature. To clarify, I am the librarian. So when you or your students ask a question, it goes to me. I love the Ask a Librarian feature because it really sets BadgerLink apart from a free search engine. When you do a Google search and don’t find what you are looking for, you’re out of luck. But when you use BadgerLink, you can email a librarian, me, and I’ll see how I can help.
  • NEWThe next area on the right hand menu is the link to social media. On Facebook and Twitter we share searching tips, content update, highlights relevant content, interact with community.Then here is an example of ourFacebook page. We share DPI messages, shout out to libraries on their accomplishments, share info from our vendors and partners like Wisconsin Media Lab, and share fun images.
  • On YouTube we are building a collection of training videos (BadgerBites) and there are also a couple of promotional videos.Feel free to post on your website, share, and use in the classroom.This is a growing collection. Please contact us if you have a suggestion for a video.We are aware that not all schools have access to YouTube. We are looking into other avenues for getting our videos out there, but haven’t yet found a satisfactory resolution.
  • Next to the YouTube icon, you can sign up for the BadgerLink Listserv. Eventually, we will be phasing this out, but for the time being we still have this capability. NEWWe have the BadgerBulletin which is like a blog. We make announcements, highlight resources, and advertise trainings. Since March is women’s history month, we highlighted some resources in a flier and posted about them in the bulletin.
  • On to the last section, More DPI Resources. This area links to some other DPI projects like the Wisconsin Digital Archives.
  • The Wisconsin Digital Archives provide information about the activities, functions, and policies of state government on a wide range of topics and current events.Archives does NOT mean old! There is a lot of current information!I was working with a classroom of students who were working on research reports. There was a kid who chose snowmobiling and was having a terrible time finding information. I directed him to Wisconsin Digital Archives because the state releases various reports on snowmobiles. Keep in mind that state documents are primary sources!Finding information on the environment, natural resources, cars, roads, health, safety, businesses—basically, anything that is regulated by the state, the Wisconsin Digital Archives is a great place to start.
  • Now I’ll go over the top menu and the great info you can find here.
  • NEWMoving from the Educator page to the Get the Word Out section of the webpage. This section presents you fliers and other promotional materials that you can use in your classroom and library. On this main page you can give a testimonial that will be showcased on this webpage.
  • NEWOn the Download Outreach materials page, you can download fliers that you can share with students, other teachers, administrators, and parents.
  • This is one of the fliers that you can download and print. It’s the BadgerLink quickstart guide that shows you how to navigate the website.
  • On this page you can get information about linking to the BadgerLink website.You also get instructions for if you want to link directly to a resource. Basically, if you want to link directly to a resource, you will need to contact BadgerLink and request the authenticated URL.
  • Although there is a temptation to copy and paste the URL from the address bar. You CANNOT use the destination URL. This is not an authenticated URL and if you use this you might not get to where you want to go.
  • NEWOn this page you can request bookmarks and posters. We have these at the BadgerLink booth and you can just pick them up in the expo hall if you. But when you aren’t at the conference, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will mail you the promotional materials at no charge to you.
  • NEWThis $ savings page displays how BadgerLink saves WI residents money. You read about the infographic as well as download it.
  • This is the infographic that is centered on schools.
  • This is the Library Card Login page which is for when the BadgerLink system can’t determine if your IP address is in Wisconsin. Because we know that not all children have access to the public library, we’ve also opened up the library card log in to schools. For your students to get access to BadgerLink from home (when you can’t ensure that they will have a registered IP address) you will need to register your school (preferably your whole school district) as a library. When you register you will need to give a patterned ID.
  • In order for us to set up the login we would need the following information on your district’s unique (usually student) IDs:Length of ID – e.g. 10 charactersPattern(s) – e.g. 12345xxxxxThis would indicate that all IDs start with the pattern 12345 followed by 5 other characters It is fine to register multiple patterns if need be, as long as there aren’t more than a few.   If there are no patterns to the IDs, we can work with you to create a easy to remember pattern for students.
  • NEWThe redesign also saw a complete overhaul of the Help area. From this page, you can contact BadgerLink, learn about the copyright of our resources, read our FAQs, and get training in the form of Videos, Webinars, and Documentation.
  • So now on to the Students section. This is one of our user groups.From surveys we heard that students were distracted by social media. I want to highlight that on the student pages, we do not have links to social mediaFrom this page, select the grade level to get listings of appropriate resources.
  • On the Middle school age you can narrow the resources by basic subject.I also want to point out the format icon. These icons are visual cues for what format the resource contains.We have these resources organized by subject. So if a student is working on a science report, she can click on the science section to get appropriate resources.
  • We’ve organized the educator area into 5 sections, which I’ll now go over.
  • Activities and Learning GamesThis area provides activities and games that you can use in the classroom. There are several scavenger hunts that can be used as practice research examples, solo or in groups. And then also a link to Wisconsin Media Lab who has fantastic videos that can be shared in class.
  • Britannica Learning Zone provides great learning games for younger kids (K-3) that during free computer time, students can just go to and play. In this interactive math game, Newton (the dog) reads you a story and then you practice adding seashells.
  • Education Research This resource lists the resources that have education research. So, for instance, if you wanted information about autism, or teacher student ratios or whatever, you could do searches to find peer reviewed or articles that were published in education magazines or journals.
  • These are all journals and magazines that you can find in BadgerLink for your education research!
  • Instructional ToolsThis resource lists the resources that have content to help you create lesson plans and organize information in BadgerLink. A couple of our resources allow you to “bookmark” resources as well as provides persist URLs.
  • This page features the BadgerLink research guides which were developed to guide students through each step of the research process. This also assists educators by linking each step of the research process to standards.
  • Search by StandardsThis page allows you to search BadgerLink resources for the actual standards. And then directs you how to search the resource for correlated materials.
  • Here’s an example of the curriculum standards search in Britannica School. I’ve selected to search CCSS ELA for 7th grade.This lists the standard and gives EDGATE lesson plans and links to pages in Britannica School that are associated with that standards.
  • 7.RL.10. — By the end of the year, read and comprehend literature, including stories, dramas, and poems, in the grades 6-8 text complexity band proficiently, with scaffolding as needed at the high end of the range.Britannica suggests existentialism for this standard. Britannica is great because it connects images with the text (images & Videos), gives other related ideas for additional research (Related), and the lexile level (Teacher). You can also easily go between the different levels of Britannica and get the citation for an article.
  • Self-Guided TrainingThe last area takes you to the BadgerLink Videos Webinars and Documentation page where you can learn tips and tricks about using BadgerLink resources.
  • You can also use the Professional Development Module that leads you through how to search and find resources you can then use in your classroom. The module takes about 90 minutes to complete and you will get a certificate as well as an email of all the links you highlighted as being useful.

Discover Wisconsin's Online Library Discover Wisconsin's Online Library Presentation Transcript

  • Discover Wisconsin’s Online Library: BadgerLink Redesign
  • What is BadgerLink? • Project of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), Division for Libraries and Technology • BadgerLink is Wisconsin’s online library which provides access to licensed content such as magazines, newspapers, scholarly articles, videos, images, and music…
  • Technical Stuff
  • How does authentication work? • BadgerLink identifies you as a Wisconsin resident by looking at your computer Internet Protocol (IP) address • Example IP address:
  • How does authentication work? • We maintain an anonymous list of (over three million!) Wisconsin IP addresses! • With a registered IP, you get direct access to our resources – no need to log in • If you don’t have one of those IP addresses…
  • BadgerLink Redesign
  • BadgerBite: Primary Source
  • Patterned ID • Length of ID – e.g. 10 characters • Pattern(s) – e.g. 12345xxxxx – This would indicate that all IDs start with the pattern 12345 followed by 5 other characters • Contact BadgerLink to get set up
  • For Students
  • For Educators
  • Questions?
  • Contact Us BadgerLink Training Librarian (608) 224-6165 1 (888) 542-5543 #5 Technical Support 888-542-5543