Natural Gas Basics and the Kwik Trip Experience


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Presented by Ruanna Hayes with Kwik Trip at the 10th Annual Green Vehicles Workshop on April 24, 2013.

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Natural Gas Basics and the Kwik Trip Experience

  1. 1.  May 1965, first store opened in Eau Claire Currently over 400 locations
  2. 2.  Vertically Integrated› Food Production, Transportation,Construction, R&M Services, and Logistics› Produce or handle 80% of the items sold inour stores Conventional Petroleum Products Alternative Fuels : E-85, CNG, LNG,Propane, Bio Diesel EV Charging Station Deployment
  3. 3.  Voted 21st Best Place to Work inthe US by Fortune Magazine Voted Best Place to Work inWisconsin by Milwaukee JournalSentinel› 2nd year in a row
  4. 4.  Sustainability Initiatives LEED Stores Lighting Water Motors Renewable Energy Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, Restore
  5. 5.  Natural Gas has been a part of oursociety for a long period of time› Home Heating› Cooking› Industrial Applications› Now emerging as a vehicle fuel
  6. 6.  Safe› Lighter than air› Dissipates when released High ignition temperature Doesn’t leak into groundwater Colorless Odorless Non-toxic 87 – 95% methane
  7. 7.  In the past fiveyears, shalereservoirs haverevealed naturalgas deposits thatdoubled previousestimated U.S. gasreserves – giving usclose to a 100-yearsupply
  8. 8.  Find an answer to the followingquestion:› What will Kwik Trip be selling for fuel inthe future? Natural Gas is the only product thatcould stand on its own Kwik Trip needed to continue toresearch all types of Alternative Fuels
  9. 9.  First of its kind in the United States Open to the public
  10. 10.  Grand Opening Event Held May 10, 2012› Over 1500 people in attendance› 50 Natural GasVehicles on Display› Largest NaturalGas Event heldin US to date
  11. 11.  2013› Eagan, MN› Appleton, WI› Mauston, WI› Baldwin, WI› Verona, WI› Albert Lea, MN› Janesville, WI› Cedar Falls, IA› Mankato, MN› Lake Mills, WI› Oshkosh, WI› St. Michael, MN 2012› La Crosse, WI (2)› Sturtevant, WI› Oshkosh, WI› MN City, MN› Rochester, MN› Owatonna, MN› Sheboygan, WI› Pewaukee, WI
  12. 12. InfrastructureMap
  13. 13.  GGE› Gasoline GallonEquivalent› GGE corresponds tothe amount of CNGcontaining thesame energycontent as onegallon of gasoline› Used for CNG sales Ranging from $1.59 to$1.89 a GGE DGE› Diesel GallonEquivalent› DGE corresponds tothe amount of CNGcontaining thesame energycontent as onegallon of diesel› Used for LNG Sales $2.69 DGE
  14. 14.  There are about 120,000 NGVs on U.S.roads today› 14.8 million worldwide. NGVs meet the strictest emissionstandards NGVs are as safe as or safer thantraditional gasoline or diesel vehicles The fastest growing NGV segment iswaste collection and transfer vehicles
  15. 15.  Dedicated› Vehicles that run only on CNGHonda CivicKenworth T440
  16. 16.  Bi-fuel› Vehicle can run on CNG and GasolineChevy SilveradoDodge Caravan
  17. 17.  Kwik Trip currently operates over 30 naturalgas powered vehicles› Class 1-8 vehicles› Will replace 100% of fleet
  18. 18. Approximate ROI = 3.25
  19. 19.  Leverage Kwik Trip Fleet experience Offer same Natural Gas Service andSupport to public that we offer to our fleet Goal to make the transition to Natural Gaseasy for the general public Continue to build NG Infrastructure
  20. 20.  For More Information› Ruanna Hayes› Alternative Fuels Project Coordinator› 608-793-5977›