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The birthplace of flight, Ohio is a national leader in the aerospace industry. Ohio is home to over 600 private aerospace and defense companies, 450 of which are manufacturers or suppliers. Learn more about the depth and breadth of the Midwest's largest aerospace state with the Ohio Aeropropulsion brochure.

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Ohio Aeropropulsion Brochure

  1. 1. Aeropropulsion and Derivative Power Systems Maximize ROI in America’s Leading State Learn how partnering with Ohio will help your business succeed at the highest level.
  2. 2. Build a profitable business in Ohio with easy access to North American and global markets. You will also enjoy life in an unbeatable location. Everything’s here to help your aeropropulsion and The birthplace of flight, Ohio is the nation’s leader power business take off in Ohio. in advanced propulsion and derivative power technology, providing a world-class research It only takes a glance at a map to see that Ohio offers environment that includes two dedicated federal easy access to some of America’s most profitable aerospace laboratories and ten aerospace related markets. That’s simple geography. What may not be doctoral programs at Ohio universities. Graduates so obvious to the uninitiated is Ohio’s wealth of world- of these institutions provide a cluster of highly class aeropropulsion and power companies, universities, skilled and educated workers. federal laboratories and other organizations eager to help you build your business here. Ohio’s aeropropulsion industry encompasses turbine engines, all varieties of intermittent- It all adds up to an unbeatable location for companies combustion engines (compression and spark- within the aeropropulsion and derivative power ignited), electric engines, and other types of systems industry to start, grow or relocate their engines used on aircraft. This includes power business. And it just so happens that Ohio is an systems derived from propulsion generation unbeatable place to live as well. systems, such as those found in turbines. 600 miles 2
  3. 3. Ohio is a top state for business expansion in the U.S. Hundreds of corporations based in the U.S. and around the world chose to invest over $4.2 billion in Ohio in 2006 for their business expansion. As a result, Ohio was the top U.S. market for new and expanded business facilities in 2006 and consistently ranks in the top five states for business expansion year after year. – Source: 2006 Site Selection Magazine Governor’s Cup Award Ohio is best in the Midwest for aerospace Yet, as new arrivals quickly discover, Ohio isn’t all production and parts manufacturing, boasting business. And business success does not require one of the world’s foremost supply chains for the sacrifice of personal ambitions. Ohio’s unique industry with more than 450 aeropropulsion and micropolitan and metropolitan structure and short power manufacturers and suppliers. commutes allow residents the time and opportunities to create a rewarding, comfortable lifestyle as Supported by multiple Edison Technology Centers individual as their personal interests. You can live as to facilitate process improvement and operational you wish in Ohio, in an energetic city or a quiet performance, Ohio’s expertise in advanced community within easy reach of diverse cultural, manufacturing is also second to none. recreational and educational opportunities. Ohio has everything you need to succeed, professionally Ohio’s Third Frontier Program is investing $1.6 billion and personally. over 10 years to expand Ohio’s high-tech research capabilities, promote innovation, create high-paying jobs and form new companies in technical areas, including aeropropulsion and power. Additional federal and private sector support opportunities can boost the total available investment to more than $10 billion. Meanwhile, Ohio’s world-class transportation and logistics system moves products and materials in and out of the state quickly and efficiently. Ohio is within 600 miles of 60 percent of the U.S. and Canadian population and is within a one-day drive of 70 percent of North America’s manufacturing capacity. This sophisticated transportation infrastructure represents a strong global platform to route goods and services to anywhere in the world. From innovation and research to its low cost, collaborative business climate, quality workforce and supply chain pipeline, Ohio provides the integrated resources your company needs to succeed at the highest level. 3
  4. 4. Maximize your marketability by partnering with world leaders in aeropropulsion, derivative power and supply chain management. Ohio’s aeropropulsion and derivative power companies are leading the way for the advancement Leading Aeropropulsion-Related of new manufacturing techniques, materials and Companies in Ohio technologies in a wide variety of applications in aviation, space, near space, lighter-than-air, GE Aviation hypersonics, propulsion, sensors, instrumentation, Goodrich Corporation communications, advanced materials, human GrafTech International, Ltd. effectiveness and others. Hartzell Propeller Orbital Research, Inc. Statewide, Ohio boasts more than 66,000 civilian Parker Hannifin employees at more than 600 private companies in the Maverick Corporation aerospace and defense industry. That’s nearly double PCC Airfoils, LLC the national average and ranks Ohio first among the SIFCO Industries, Inc. 12 comparable Midwestern states. Teledyne Continental Motors, Inc. The extraordinary spirit of cooperation and The Timken Company collaboration within the state’s aeropropulsion and Ohio has also established partnerships with power community is central to the state’s industry- other industry leaders like Boeing, Rolls-Royce, leading position. In Ohio, your company can benefit Lockheed Martin and Eaton Corporation. from the presence of many outstanding aeropropulsion-related businesses. See the insert in the back of this brochure for a more detailed description of some of Ohio’s leading aeropropulsion and derivative power companies. 4
  5. 5. Establish effective research and technology development through partnership with Ohio’s institutions of higher learning and support organizations. Ohio’s research and development institutions are working to solve some of the industry’s most Outstanding Engineering challenging innovation needs while preparing Institutions in Ohio tomorrow’s aeropropulsion and power engineers to design reliable and cost effective solutions. Air Force Institute of Technology The combination of these institutions and the The University of Akron support organizations will enable your company Case Western Reserve University to get its products to market with speed and Cedarville University optimal performance. University of Cincinnati Cleveland State University The National Research Council ranks five of Ohio’s University of Dayton aerospace engineering graduate programs among Marietta College the best in the nation. In addition to comprehensive Miami University courses of study to Ph.D. completion, four Ohio Ohio Northern University technical colleges host aeropropulsion and power- The Ohio State University related associate degree programs that form a Ohio University solid foundation and can be transferred toward The University of Toledo further education. Wright State University Youngstown State University Statewide, Ohio is home to more than 130 institutions of higher education, offering programs See the insert in the back of this brochure for in Aeronautics, Astronautics, Aviation, Aerospace, a more detailed description of some of Ohio’s Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Environmental leading engineering institutions. Engineering. These programs produced 6,354 engineering graduates in 2005, the latest year for which statistics are available. Ohio’s engineering graduate rates are bolstered by the state’s Project Lead the Way, which provides college credit to middle and high school participants. 5
  6. 6. Apply cutting-edge aerospace technology developed at Ohio’s internationally renowned federal research centers. The Propulsion Directorate of the U.S. Air Force energy-conversion systems; fluids, combustion, and Research Laboratory (AFRL) is headquartered at reacting systems, including gravity dependence; Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) near aeropropulsion systems; aerospace communications Dayton, Ohio, and leads propulsion research and architectures and subsystems; and interdisciplinary development efforts for the Department of Defense. bioengineering for human systems. Glenn also leads The Directorate executes basic research as well as in the testing and evaluation of materials and exploratory and advanced development programs structures for atmospheric and space environments in most forms of propulsion and power and related by utilizing first-rate facilities (including the technologies including turbine engines, advanced world’s largest vacuum chamber) and systems such as ramjets and scramjets, fuels, world-class scientists and engineers. lubricants, and aircraft-related electrical power. Also within AFRL (specifically at WPAFB) are the AFRL and NASA Glenn provide limitless Air Vehicles, Materials, Sensors, and Human opportunities for propulsion and power Effectiveness Directorates who lead USAF work research and development, procurement in all of these related fields. and collaboration with academia and with the aerospace industrial community. The NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland develops critical systems technologies and capabilities that address national priorities in partnership with U.S. industry, universities, and other government institutions. World-class research, technology, and capability development efforts are keys to advancing space exploration of the solar system and beyond while maintaining global leadership in aeronautics. Glenn is distinguished by its unique blend of aeronautics and space flight expertise and experience. The Center’s work is focused on technological advancements in space flight systems development, aeropropulsion, space propulsion, power systems, nuclear systems, communications, and human-related systems. The Center’s activities support all NASA missions and major programs. NASA Glenn contributes to 4 economic growth and national security by developing technology for safe, superior, and environmentally compatible U.S. aircraft propulsion systems. Glenn leads NASA’s research in the fields of fluids, combustion, and reacting flow systems, including gravity variation. Capabilities include power and 6 2
  7. 7. “No state can match Ohio’s leadership role in aerospace propulsion and power. By taking advantage of our state’s many assets, the government, along with industry leaders, is helping to make Ohio an even stronger leader in aerospace.” – Dr. Mike Heil President of the Ohio Aerospace Institute 7
  8. 8. Improve the odds of commercial success through the support of Ohio’s world-class academic, research and industry communities. The Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) is a membership- simulation research to reduce the cost and time it based, nonprofit organization with a mission to takes to design, develop and test new jet turbine further grow Ohio’s aerospace economy. Bringing engines. Avetec’s research is centered on Modeling & together Ohio’s research laboratories, corporations Simulation, Data Driven Computing and Complex and higher education institutions, OAI facilitates Systems Integration. collaborative research and provides educational and training opportunities for a wide variety of clients. The Ohio Center for Aerospace Propulsion and Power (OCAPP) is among the foremost propulsion related The Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) serves as a research institutions in the nation dedicated to primary point of contact for research and advanced research in this field. OCAPP brings development opportunities at Wright-Patterson Air together the capabilities of seven Ohio universities, Force Base. WBI facilitates innovation in aerospace key industries within the state and the two Ohio through technology collaborations between scientists Federal Laboratories. It has received more than and engineers at AFRL and the Aeronautical Systems $100 million for propulsion-related research over Center, universities, industries and businesses. the last three years and has attracted more than 100 research faculty and staff in the propulsion field. Avetec is a nonprofit, collaborative research OCAPP has been a major catalyst in the development organization located in Springfield, Ohio. of propulsion technology in the state of Ohio. Avetec is one of three organizations that make up the National Aerospace Leadership Initiative. Avetec is OCAPP University/Institute Areas of Expertise building a collaborative modeling Teamed to address propulsion and simulation capability and and power needs initiating educational partnerships to University of Toledo prepare a skilled future workforce. • Small turbines Right now, Avetec and its partners Case Western Reserve are conducting modeling and • MEMS technology for active control University of Akron • Composite materials • Adv. bearings and seals AF Institute of Technology • High cycle fatigue University of Dayton • Combustion The Ohio State University • Turbine airfoil cooling research • Computational material research University • High temp disk and airfoil alloys of Cincinnati and coatings • Acoustics • Flow control • Erosion • Fan aerodynamics and noise • Turbomachinery CFD research • Nano-structured materials • Intelligent systems • Combustor operability • Non-destructive evaluation 8
  9. 9. “We have a unique alliance of industry, academia and government that permits us to focus the university research on the needs of government and industry and develop the right technologies for the products of the future.” – Dr. Mike Benzakein Chairman of aerospace engineering at The Ohio State University and co-director of OCAPP 2 9
  10. 10. Optimize production by leveraging Ohio’s expertise in advanced manufacturing excellence. Ohio’s historic strength in manufacturing has created machining laboratory, as well as Lean and Six Sigma an unparalleled environment for advanced process improvement consulting. TechSolve is also manufacturing, supported by statewide resources a National Institute of Standards and Technology that nurture this expertise. These public-private Manufacturing Center. partnerships help drive the success of the Ohio aeropropulsion and power sector by providing access • Edison Materials Technology Center (EMTEC) in to sophisticated machining solutions. Ohio’s legacy in Dayton focuses on advanced materials and energy, manufacturing jet engines and advanced materials specializing in materials processing expertise in has created one of the top supplier concentrations in metal, composites, rubber, biomaterials, PEM and the aeropropulsion and power industry. solid oxide fuel cells and nanomaterials. Ohio’s strategic investments in advanced • The Manufacturing Advocacy Growth Network manufacturing include the state’s Edison Technology (MAGNET) in Cleveland is the voice of Ohio Centers, each uniquely designed to improve manufacturing, providing consulting and training processes and maximize operational performance. services in manufacturing process and productivity improvement, product design and development. • The Edison Welding Institute (EWI) in Columbus is North America’s leading engineering and technology • Ohio’s IT Alliance in Columbus, Ohio, is a statewide organization focused on materials joining. organization focused on developing the information technology industry in Ohio. The alliance supports • TechSolve in Cincinnati provides manufacturing regional entrepreneurial organizations focused on expertise through the nation’s largest independent IT product and service providers. 10
  11. 11. “Ohio’s legacy in manufacturing and developing both new technologies and advanced materials makes the state one of the top suppliers for the nation’s aerospace propulsion and power industry.” – Joe Renaud Ohio Aerospace and Defense Advisor 2 11
  12. 12. Improve your productivity, quality and profits with Ohio’s abundant, skilled labor force. Ohio has a dedicated cluster of more than 60,000 specialized workers directly supporting the state’s Facts About Ohio’s aeropropulsion and power industry. New college Colleges of Engineering graduates, a constant influx of existing residents realigning relevant skills expertise and new residents • Fifteen Ohio institutions offer undergraduate bringing their on-the-job experience to the state take and/or graduate degrees in engineering advantage of Ohio’s continuing expansion in this • Enrolled 15,861 undergraduate students in dynamic employment sector. AY 05-06 Ohio’s total workforce of 5.6 million, among the • Graduated 2,834 B.S. students in AY 05-06 largest in the nation, includes additional skilled talent in a labor pool of 800,000 manufacturing workers • Graduated 1,930 M.S. students in AY 05-06 ready to grow your aeropropulsion and power business. Ohio’s support system for this leading • Graduated 398 Ph.D. students in AY 05-06 industry provides access to manufacturing training • Expended $271 million in sponsored research your business can use to its advantage, including funds in AY 04-05 credentialing solutions meeting your employee aptitude needs. The Ohio Workforce Office can ensure (Data Source: Profiles of Engineering Colleges, ASEE 2005 and 2006) your company has the human talent it requires both now and into the future. 12
  13. 13. “GE is built on great people with great ideas. Thanks to the supportive business environment and world-class talent pool in Ohio, we have the tools, the resources and the environment our employees need to take GE technology to even greater heights.” – Scott Donnelly president and CEO, GE Aviation 2 13
  14. 14. Minimize business risk and lower costs through Ohio’s strong public-private partnership opportunities and recent tax reform. Ohio’s innovative approach to recruitment and costs through major reform efforts. The close public- retention of business in the aeropropulsion and private support relationship between industry and all power sector and beyond means your company can levels of Ohio government means Ohio partners as a count on a commerce-friendly platform, augmented key stakeholder in the success of your business. by support from the Ohio Department of Development and state investments in high-tech While some states only broker a landlord-tenant ventures. Instead of resting on the strengths of the relationship, Ohio is a true partner. From the outset, state’s comprehensive industry-specific resources, economic development professionals throughout the Ohio actively strives to provide a low-cost, low-risk state stand ready to assist your company with environment for your company. everything from site identification to the construction permitting process and pre-screening of prospective Ohio has transformed its tax and legal systems to employees. promote business growth within the state, eliminating corporate income tax over the next few Ohio has identified the aerospace propulsion and years and reducing legal, insurance and health care power sector as one of the primary industries upon which the state’s future economy will thrive. The unprecedented $1.6 billion Third Frontier investment in commercial technology applications is generating Effective tax rates on research advances, funding early-stage capital and new capital investments new product development and financing advanced 7.0% manufacturing technologies. Ohio also offers several 6.5% 6.2% 6.2% incentive programs for expanding business that can 6.0% 5.7% be tailored to reduce your company’s risk, including 5.1% 5.0% low-interest financing programs for new capital 4.3% investments, corporate income and property tax 4.0% 3.6% exemptions, and financial support for employee 3.0% training and assistance with infrastructure completion for new facility locations. 2.0% 1.0% Ohio is one of the few states where all critical phases of aerospace propulsion and power development take 0% place – from basic and advanced research, to systems Five IL IN MI MN WI State Average development, to sourcing of component suppliers and ultimately final product testing. Ohio is Ernst & Young analysis* committed to enhancing the state’s already strong * heeffectivestateandlocaltaxrates(taxesdividedbybefore-taxincome)onnewcapital T investmentsarecalculatedforfourselectedmanufacturingindustries(foodprocessing, reputation as an aeropropulsion and power leader pharmaceuticals,electroniccomponents,andmotorvehicles)andthreeserviceindustries (informationservices,computerservicesandresearchanddevelopment).Therepresentativefirms with a competitive corporate environment that makes aremulti-statecompaniessellingprimarilyinregional,nationalandinternationalmarkets.The sense for your company. includedstateandlocaltaxesarethoseimposeddirectlyonacompany’snewcapitalinvestments (machinery,plantandequipment):corporateincomeandnetworthtaxes,propertytaxes,thesales taximposedonthepurchasesofcapitalequipmentandstructuresandtheCommercialActivityTax. Thetaxparametersforeachstatearebasedonthetaxfeaturesscheduledtobeineffectby2010, theyearthatOhio’staxchangesarefullyeffective. 14
  15. 15. “Ohio has been our partner in providing premier customer service, steady growth, and financial performance from which we serve customers in towns and cities across the world.” – Don Washkewicz, chairman and CEO, Parker Hannifin Corporation Ready sites make you profitable faster. professionals who handle financing and legal Ohio’s Job-Ready Sites program accesses state arrangements as well as provide assistance with funding to support infrastructure creation at sites electric, gas, rail and other utility needs. They can throughout the state, adding to the already abundant also connect you with technical and research supply of industrial parks within the state’s borders. organizations, and provide information regarding The Ohio Certified Sites program provides an foreign trade zones, economic development independent, third-party guarantee that certified sites incentives and workforce programs. offer the appropriate infrastructure for a variety of uses, giving you added confidence that your new Supplier services keep your operation running facility will be completed on or ahead of schedule. smoothly. In multiple regions of Ohio geographic information Ohio has a world-class supplier network that can systems (GIS) are available to help you find the site provide all of the services your company needs for or property that will best meet your business needs. sub-contracting, packaging, shipping and equipment maintenance. Business incentives reduce your risk Ohio’s incentive programs for expanding businesses Foreign trade zones reduce your operating costs. include low-interest financing programs for new Ohio’s foreign trade zone program removes certain capital investments in Ohio, corporate income and costs and barriers to shipping and storing your property tax exemptions, financial support for company’s parts and products. The Ohio Foreign employee training, and assistance with infrastructure Trade Zones Council (OFTZC) has strategically placed completion for new facility locations. locations throughout the state to partner with you to find the ideal location for your goods in Ohio. Professional services simplify the investment process. Ohio provides a superior corporate support system of lawyers, accountants and bankers experienced with assisting investors. Ohio’s economic development experts can help link your company to 15
  16. 16. Attract and retain the best talent for your company through Ohio’s outstanding balance of a thriving business climate and enjoyable lifestyle opportunities throughout the state. Come to Ohio and Love Your Life. Among Ohio’s many amenities that help you to achieve your personal aspirations, you’ll find: It’s one of corporate America’s oldest principles. To be successful in business, you must sacrifice your • One of the nation’s finest networks of state parks personal life. No time for family. No time for hobbies and scenic areas. or recreation. Relax for just a moment, and the • World-class public and private golf courses, ranking competition will take your place. Unfortunately, for sixth in the country. executives chasing their dreams in the world’s • Eight major league sports teams. crowded, fast-paced mega-metropolises, it’s truer • Superior symphony orchestras, museums, ballet today than ever before. and theater companies. Ohio’s Cleveland Symphony Orchestra is consistently ranked among the best in But it’s not true in Ohio, a state where the opportunities the world. for professional success and personal fulfillment are • Top-rated healthcare facilities like the Cleveland equally balanced. Here, you can think big, work big Clinic, rated the No. 4 hospital overall in the country and play big without being swallowed up by bigness by U.S. News. The University Hospital in Cincinnati itself. Ohio’s balance of a thriving business climate and the OSU Medical Center are also top-ranked and enjoyable lifestyle opportunities throughout the healthcare institutions. state provides the resources to encourage and assist you in making your business grow and prosper on a global basis. Yet, on the personal side, Ohio’s micropolitan and metropolitan structure and short commutes provide all the cultural, educational and recreational amenities of the city, along with the time and personal space to enjoy them with family and friends. Ohio offers individuals more purchasing power to get the most out of personal pursuits. The state’s attractive business policies, abundant resources and generous assistance minimize investment risk and maximize competitiveness within the global economy. Ohio’s safe communities, outstanding schools, affordable housing and quality health care provide the peace of mind your employees will treasure. Investing in Ohio is a smart business choice because the professional and personal balance will drive your company’s bottom line. 16
  17. 17. “As we have grown our businesses globally, Timken has been proud to call Ohio home. The consistent combination of a talented workforce, a commitment to innovation and a rewarding lifestyle makes Ohio the place to turn for great business opportunities.” – Tim Timken, chairman The Timken Company 2 17
  18. 18. Locate your aeropropulsion and derivative power business in Ohio for easy access to profitable markets and world-class organizations eager to help you build or grow. Build a successful business and enjoy a rich, fulfilling personal life. • Maximize your marketability by partnering with world leaders in your industry. • Establish effective research and technology development through partnership with Ohio’s institutions of higher learning and support organizations • Apply cutting-edge aerospace technology developed at Ohio’s internationally renowned federal research centers. • Improve the odds of commercial success through the support of Ohio’s world-class academic, research and industry communities. • Optimize production by leveraging Ohio’s expertise in advanced manufacturing excellence. • Improve your productivity, quality and profits with Ohio’s abundant, skilled labor force. • Minimize business risk and lower costs through Ohio’s strong public- private partnership opportunities and recent tax reform. • Attract and retain the best talent for your company through Ohio’s outstanding balance of a thriving business climate and enjoyable lifestyle opportunities throughout the state. To learn more about establishing or expanding operations in Ohio, please call 1-877-466-4551 or visit us at www.ohiomeansbusiness.com. Ted Strickland, Governor • Lee Fisher, Lt. Governor
  19. 19. Maximize your research and technology development. Collaborate with Ohio’s renowned institutions of higher learning to create extraordinary aeropropulsion and derivative power opportunities. The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) Ohio University Located at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, AFIT is the Ohio University is active in aerospace and Air Force’s graduate school and its premier aeropropulsion research through programs professional continuing education institution. A sponsored by NASA, the Department of Energy, component of Air University, the Institute provides and the Air Force in collaboration with Case responsive graduate and professional continuing Western Reserve, Rolls Royce, University of Dayton, education, research and consulting programs to and many others. In the area of novel power keep the Air Force and Department of Defense on systems, Ohio University is engaged in aero-based the leading edge of technology and management. fuel cell deployment, specifically focusing on development of anodes that can use reformed jet AFIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics propellant for aircraft deployment. In the area of has approximately 300 MS and Ph.D. students in fuel development, Ohio University has active five Master’s and four Ph.D. programs. The programs in coal gasification and carbon recycling department’s 14 research labs include world-class to support the Air Force’s effort to create synthetic combustion and materials labs. The unique mix of jet propellant using domestic coal as a feedstock for military students and faculty combined with low Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. These efforts not only overhead costs at AFIT enable the department to can help create more efficient and secure sources manage its $3.5 million/year research funding to of energy for aero-based deployment, the work produce results comparable to approximately could also create a reduced carbon footprint for $10-12 million/year at other schools. www.afit.edu aerospace applications, which could help create a Case Western Reserve University better environment for all. www.ohio.edu/engineering The Aerospace Engineering major at Case Western The Ohio State University Reserve University has been developed to address The Ohio State University is recognized worldwide the needs of those students seeking career as a leading university in the field of propulsion and opportunities in the highly specialized and advancing power. OSU incorporates unique Gas Turbine and aerospace industries. Aero Laboratories with a cadre of outstanding Scientific knowledge is being developed each day for faculty in all propulsion-related disciplines. The programs to develop reusable launch vehicles (RLV), university works closely with the propulsion the International Space Station (ISS), High Speed industry in the state, GE Aviation, Timken, BF Transport (HST), Human Exploration and Development Goodrich, Parker Hannifin as well as Boeing, of Space (HEDS) and micro-electro-mechanical Lockheed, and Honeywell. Common research sensors and control systems for advanced flight. New programs are in progress with the NASA Glenn methods of analysis and design for structural, fluid, Research Center, and the Air Force Research and thermodynamic applications are required to meet Laboratory. The Ohio State University has received these challenges. www.mae.case.edu over $50 million in propulsion research funds from the industry and the federal government over the Cleveland State University last three years. Faculty expertise spans the field of propulsion technology from systems analysis, The Mechanical Engineering Program at Cleveland computational fluid dynamics, aeromechanics, heat State is broad and comprehensive, offering career transfer, gas turbine cooling, turbine aerodynamics, opportunities in aerospace, aeronautics, automotive, rotating parts life management, combustion machine design, management, manufacturing, power systems, acoustics, fuels, thermal control, engine generation, product design, robotics and technical sales. control, and materials. It is a vibrant effort targeted at developing and optimizing new concepts aimed Additional fully accredited undergraduate as well as at reducing fuel consumption, pollution, and noise graduate programs are offered in the disciplines of for advanced commercial and military propulsion civil/environmental, chemical/biomedical, industrial/ systems for the future. manufacturing, and electrical/computer engineering www.eng.ohio-state.edu/departments/aerospace.php as well as an MS program in software engineering. www.csuohio.edu/engineering
  20. 20. University of Akron Located at UDRI, the von Ohain Fuels Combustion Graduate programs provide training that equips Center provides graduate engineering education, students with the maturity and ability to assume R D, and technology transfer on an international leadership roles in technological fields related to level. The center complements the mission of the the field of engineering. These programs attract a National Aerospace Fuels Research Complex and variety of students from several industries and NASA Combustion Branch of the Air Force Research Glenn Research Center in Northeast Ohio. The College Laboratory and Combustion Center of Excellence is a partner of the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI). of GE Aircraft Engines. The Dynamics and Vibrations Laboratory specializes http://engineering.udayton.edu/programs/mechanical/ in testing the performances and durability of high- www.udri.udayton.edu speed rotating machinery and their corresponding gear/belt transmissions, bearing supports, and seal University of Toledo components. www.uakron.edu The University of Toledo (UT) presently has the third-largest public university operating budget in University of Cincinnati the state of Ohio. The College of Engineering at UT With its world-class laboratory facilities, UC is a has about 2,300 undergraduate and 300 graduate leader in aeropropulsion research and proprietary students pursuing BS, MS and Ph.D. degrees in six technology development for aeroacoustics, departments. Aeropropulsion research in the combustion and fuel injection diagnostics and College of Engineering focuses on computational control, nondestructive evaluation, turbomachinery aeroacoustics, aircraft deicing, bearings and seals, erosion, turbine cooling, composite materials and computational fluid dynamics, composite materials, coatings; and large-scale computational facilities coatings, system reliability, sensors, system for turbomachinery CFD, propulsion integration, modeling and simulation. Research at the College’s and structural dynamics. State partners include GE Small Turbine Institute focuses on development Aviation, Parker Hannifin, Goodrich, and both AFRL and assessment of new concepts and technologies and NASA Glenn Research Laboratory. Cooperative for advanced small gas turbine engines in education is mandatory for all engineering students. partnership with industries and federal agencies. The Department of Aerospace Engineering is the The College’s aeropropulsion research collaboration second oldest U.S. aeronautical engineering program, partners include NASA Glenn Research Center, Air established in 1929 in consultation with aeropropulsion Force Research Laboratory, Goodrich, Teledyne pioneer Orville Wright. Each year, more than 230 Continental Motors, and Orbital Research. undergraduate and 260 graduate students receive Government agencies and industries provided degrees in aerospace, chemical, computer, electrical, $32 million to support college research activities mechanical, industrial, and materials engineering, in the past three years. www.utoledo.edu and computer science. College research grants are in excess of $18 million, including over $6 million in Wright State University aeropropulsion and power. www.ase.uc.edu The Engineering faculty and students at Wright State University actively work on aeronautics University of Dayton research in collaboration with the Air Force The University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force is a national leader in scientific and engineering Base and the NASA Glenn Research Center. The research, serving government, industry and proximity of the Air Force Base facilities affords the nonprofit customers. Established as the research students unique learning opportunities in high-tech arm of the University of Dayton in 1956, UDRI broke engineering topics, including computational fluid the $1 billion mark in sponsored research at the end dynamics, hypersonics, turbomachinery, multi- of 2003. In fiscal year 2006, sponsored research at disciplinary design, uncertainty modeling, and UDRI topped $70 million. For the last three years, structural health monitoring. The College conducts the University of Dayton Research Institute has research projects totaling approximately $8 million been ranked number two in the nation among all per year and boasts 150 Ph.D. students in engineering colleges and universities for federal- and industry- and computer science. www.wright.edu funded materials research, according to the National Science Foundation. In Ohio, UDRI is number one To learn more about Ohio’s many excellent institutions among nonprofit institutions receiving contracts of higher learning, please call 1-877-466-4551. and grants from the Department of Defense. Or visit us at www.ohiomeansbusiness.com.
  21. 21. Maximize your marketability. Partner with Ohio’s global leaders in aeropropulsion, derivative power and supply chain management. The extraordinary spirit of cooperation and production, electronics, chemicals, aerospace and collaboration within the state’s aeropropulsion and transportation, among others. www.graftech.com power community has helped make Ohio an industry leader. In Ohio, your company can benefit from the Hartzell Propeller presence of many outstanding related businesses. Designs, develops, tests, manufactures and supports constant-speed aluminum and composite GE Aviation propeller systems for the aviation industry The world’s leading producer of jet engines for worldwide. Founded in 1917 to work with the commercial and military aircraft, aero-derivative Wright Airplane Company in nearby Dayton, engines for marine and power applications, and Hartzell currently supports more than 250,000 aviation services. GE Aviation manufactured the propeller systems in service today. Current first U.S. jet engine in 1941. With annual revenues products include 2,3,4,5, and 6-bladed propellers in excess of $13 billion, GE Aviation invests more for aircraft ranging from 160 to 2,180 hp. than $1 billion a year in research and development, www.hartzellprop.com creating a solid foundation for growth, and quality products for its customers. www.geae.com Orbital Research, Inc. A high technology product development company Goodrich Corporation dedicated to producing and commercializing One of the largest worldwide suppliers of systems innovative solutions for the transportation and and services to the aerospace, defense and medical industries through leveraging core homeland security markets, Goodrich consistently technology areas of microdevices and advanced invests in new, leading edge technologies in the systems. www.orbitalresearch.com commercial and defense sectors. Goodrich also develops Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC), next Parker Hannifin generation materials for turbine hot sections Parker Aerospace, an operating group of the Ohio- that reduce weight and are able to operate at headquartered Parker Hannifin Corporation, is a extremely high temperatures for significantly global leader in flight control, hydraulic, fuel, and improved engine performance and efficiency. pneumatic systems and components for aerospace Nanotechnology – a foundation for smart and other high-technology markets. Its products are structures, low power sensors, high efficiency used on aircraft manufactured throughout the devices and high performance materials – world today, including commercial transports, is also developed at Goodrich. military fixed-wing planes, regional and business aircraft, helicopters, missiles, and unmanned aerial Two of the largest business units of Goodrich, the vehicles. Parker Aerospace operates 33 facilities Aircraft Landing Gears Division and the Aircraft in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, including Wheel and Brake Division, are headquartered in manufacturing operations in Mentor, Elyria, Ohio. The Materials and Simulation Technical and Avon, Ohio. Center, which is also based in Ohio, conducts advanced materials and simulation RD work for Parker Hannifin is also a leading diversified the entire Goodrich Corporation. Ohio is also home manufacturer of motion and control technologies to the engineering facility for the Engine Control and systems, providing precision-engineered and Electrical Power Systems business unit, and solutions for a wide variety of commercial, mobile, the De-Icing and Specialty Systems business unit. industrial and aerospace markets. www.parker.com www.goodrich.com Maverick Corporation GrafTech International, Ltd. Develops high-performance composite materials One of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbon and transitions those technologies to production and graphite products, for industrial applications in programs in military and commercial aerospace a diverse array of industries including metal structures and propulsion applications.
  22. 22. Maverick Corporation’s state-of-the-art facility in Teledyne Continental Motors, Inc. Blue Ash, Ohio is equipped to provide precision A recognized world leader in the development of testing and cost-effective resin production in lot aviation products for over 95 years. From the Piper quantities from one pound to more than 10,000 Cub to the setting of world altitude records for pounds. Maverick’s second operation in Stow, Ohio manned piston aircraft, Continental has led the way. manufactures high-temperature composite bushings The Small Turbine Engine operation in Toledo, Ohio and wear-parts for aircraft engines and braking designed and produced the first cruise missile systems. Both facilities are certified to ISO-9001 and engine for the U.S. Navy Harpoon missile. Today, AS9100 Quality Systems. www.maverickcorp.com Teledyne is a recognized leader in the development of unmanned aircraft engines. www.tcmlink.com PCC Airfoils, LLC A wholly-owned subsidiary of Precision Castparts The Timken Company Corporation, the Airfoils Division casts intricate The Timken Company keeps the world turning, with geometry blades, vanes, innovative friction and vane segments for Ohio-based Aeropropulsion management and power the high-temperature and Power Industry Leaders transmission products turbine section of and services, enabling commercial jet engines, customers to perform military jet engines, and faster and more power generation Cleveland efficiently. With sales of equipment. The company $5.0 billion in 2006, the has developed highly company is headquartered automated casting in Canton, Ohio. furnaces for the Supported by its North manufacture of blades Canton Technology and vanes. Significant Center, Timken is a process development in leading source of ceramic cores, advanced bearings, solidification technology, Dayton Columbus components and MRO and inspection methods services that support assures a continued the entire lifecycle of strength in this market. Cincinnati an expanding range of PCC Airfoils’ Ohio facility aerospace turbine is part of a global network engines and derivative of manufacturing sites. propulsion systems. www.pccairfoils.com www.timken.com SIFCO Industries, Inc. In addition to the companies above, Ohio has A global metalworking manufacturer serving the established partnerships with other industry technical needs of the aerospace industry in the leaders like Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Lockheed Martin production, machining, plating, and repair of and Eaton Corporation. turbine engine and airframe components. Founded in 1913 in Cleveland, Ohio, SIFCO pioneered To learn more about Ohio’s many outstanding forging technology with a rich history of material companies in aerospace and related industries, processing achievements. SIFCO today supplies or about establishing or expanding operations and repairs critical parts for commercial and in Ohio, please call 1-877-466-4551. Or visit us military aircraft. www.sifco.com at www.ohiomeansbusiness.com.