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  • Have your cake and eat it – Outcomes as well as high quality learning / teaching and great breadth of experience – always striking that balance…
  • Steve Jobs – Pirates nicking ideas and claiming them ourselves…
  • Outward looking – always searching out best practice – no complacency
  • Knowledge sharing within school across trust…
  • Simplicity – keeping things as straight forward as possible – not being Verbose or using over complicated language
  • Charles Burgess Fry, known as C. B. Fry (25 April 1872 – 7 September 1956) was an English polymath; an outstanding sportsman, politician, diplomat, academic, teacher, writer, editor and publisher, who is best remembered for his career as a cricketer. John Arlott summed him up thus: "Charles Fry could be autocratic, angry and self-willed: he was also magnanimous, extravagant, generous, elegant, brilliant - and fun [...] he was probably the most variously gifted Englishman of any age."
  • Upcoming Science and English Exams for Y11… Maths Results – mock results dayKey focus on developing:Revision and Study Skills processLiteracy (working with Y7)Intervention through departments and HousesParental EngagementBoys Achievement – RAISE statistics and Key headlines on this
  • Whole education session a.daly

    1. 1. What does ‘Whole Education’ mean for Swavesey Village College www.swaveseyvc.co.uk @Swaveseyvc
    2. 2. If weknewwhat weknow
    3. 3. Anyone know who this is? “he was probably the most variouslygifted Englishman of any age.“ John Arlott
    4. 4. 2012-13 WSPs • Literacy and Transition • Parental Engagement • Revision and Study Skills• 5Rs – common language for • 100% achieve Pledges outstanding learning. • FSM / LAC – equality of opportunity• Formative Feedback and assessment Focus on opportunities for : • Participation • Excellence • Volunteering
    5. 5. Y11 Progress and Achievement2012 Whole School Current Headlines (Autumn)34% 5A*-A (36%)55% E Bacc (64%)73% Incl Eng & Ma (88%)99% 5A*-C (100%) Tutor Group Teaching GroupHow are your Year 11s getting on? How are your Year 11s getting on?Have you used the Filter on the Broadsheet? How are they performing against MTG?Is their CVA Positive? Are any of them one of the Vital Few?Are they one of the Vital Few? Do parents and students know what they5A*-A, English and Maths, Eng Bacc, 5+ A*-C ? need to do to secure or improve their grade?What do they need to revise? What do they need to revise? Spring Y11 Broadsheet Spring Department Data
    6. 6. Aut 2011 %ges in Outstanding Good Satisfactory UnsatisfactorybracketsTeaching and 28% (52%) 65% (41%) 6% (6%) 0%LearningTutoring and Support 38% (42%) 55% (50%) 7% (8%) 0%Last Term This Term• Peer Observations• T&L sessions • Feedback meetings with Senior Tutors• Tutor and Teacher Observations and feedback • Tutoring focus sessions for single agenda Thursday• 5Rs used for CCs and mornings Reports • Peer Observations, discussion• Quality Group and T&L sessions• Literacy Group • Speaking and Listening Focus • 5Rs further embedded
    7. 7. 2012 Achievement – 98% achieved at least one pledgeBronze (target 100%)Year 9 - 57%Year 8 – 46%Last Term This Term• Student led Assembly • Swavesey Half Marathon (Sunday• @Swavesey Pledges Twitter 3rd March) account • Les Miserables• Celebration Assembly • Art Show Awards & Canteen Displays • French Exchange Visit, Language• Links with Local Parish Leaders Councils • Barcelona, Ski Trip, Iceland• Experience Group • Huge array of after school activities • Tutees New Years Resolutions?
    8. 8. Questions?adaly@swaveseyvc.co.uk @DalyAF9