Svc learning event 7 feb 2013


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  • Previous session focused on tutors’ responsibilities and priorities.
  • Vital that parents are part of the loop.Explain tutor contact with parent by email, phone or in person. Building relationship.
  • Stuart to outline his conversation with Taelor – particularly around Maths and English – SMART!
  • Personalisation – student and family known and supported. Qualityas well as quantity needed, in support/guidance/contact.
  • Student led activity. Video link from bottom right picture.
  • Svc learning event 7 feb 2013

    1. 1. Personalisedsupport andguidance throughthe verticalstructureStuart Gent, Assistant Principal
    2. 2. Every child matters? What about me?How do we ensure 100% of children  are known and supported?  are included and active?  participate?  achieve?
    3. 3. Year groups to Houses Why change?• Substantial growth 900→1200 pupils• Loss of identity and sense of community• How many Year Teams were actually a ‘team’?• “We’re a 70% school, popular, ‘high performing’ – it ain’t broke!”• 20% absolutely switched off. Culture of “Well, what can you do with them?”• ‘Us and them’ culture – lack of student engagement• GHOSTS LEAVE NO FOOTPRINT!
    5. 5. 1200 Students in the School240 Students in a House48 Students in ayear group in each House 20 students in a tutor group 4 Students from each year in a tutor group
    6. 6. The tutor is the heart of the school, the specialistwhose specialism is bringing everythingtogether, whose subject is the student him orherself, who enables the student to make best use ofthe school and develop as a person.
    7. 7. YEAR 7 – transition YEAR 9 - GCSE/BTEC choicesYEAR 10 – GCSE assessments YEAR 11 – exams, post-16 YEAR 8 – not being forgotten! Different Year Groups, Different Challenges
    8. 8. •Senior Tutor HOUSETeachers and key •Curriculum Leader 12 Tutorstudent support Groupsstaff are in one •Student Supportteam Assistant 240 studentsStreamlines : •Teaching Assistants• Accountabilities 48 per year• Meetings •Classroom Supervisors group• PM• Strategic planning •Tutors and co-tutors 20 per form• Monitoring
    9. 9. 2006 Ofsted said... (and we’d only just begun)• ‘students have reported very favourably on this and say that it has helped them to build good relationships with students from other years’• ‘one student talked about ‘feeling part of a family’• ‘the change has also made the role of the tutor more effective in supporting students’ academic achievement’
    10. 10. 2011 Ofsted• ‘Students’ personal development is outstanding because of the highly effective tutor system’• ‘The school’s approach to academic monitoring is exemplary’• ‘Every student is known as an individual.’
    11. 11. T&L AfLContact Data with entryparents Tutor review Reports meeting
    12. 12. Monitoring Calendar 2012-13
    13. 13. MTG = what you CAN achieve CPP = what you are LIKELY to achieve A 5Rs = How you approach learning Q: How can you improve your chances of success?
    14. 14. Tutor Interviews With Students• Tutor as academic mentor• Learning conversations• Review of progress towards target levels/grades• Further education and careers advice• Extra-curricular achievement and goals• Happiness, well being and ‘pastoral’ development• Motivate and focus on self improvement
    15. 15. The tutor is each student’s guide on the journey.
    16. 16. Contact With Parents• ‘Partners in education’• Personalised• Usually by email but can be phone• In person if necessary• Traditional parents’ evenings, too• Ongoing dialogue for five years
    17. 17. The vital few
    18. 18. Tutor selfevaluationcriteria
    19. 19. Tutor Time FUN! video link
    20. 20. Inter-House Competition
    21. 21. House identityOrwell House bulletin 28th September – 2nd October (‘B’ week)• Well done on completing the Sponsored Walk! Now to get the money in...• Y10 MTG reports should be available today.• House Council Tuesday in Resource Centre.• Wednesday: emergency evacuation walkthrough.• Assembly Friday: Becky & Steph (chairs OAR)• Y8 student receptionists Thursday: OPW• Litter duty this week: OKM
    22. 22. Student voice and leadership House Student Councils Focus School Groups Council Student StudentDiscussion Feedback Groups
    23. 23. The tutor is the heart of theschool, the specialist whosespecialism is bringingeverything together, whosesubject is the student him orherself, who enables thestudent to make best use ofthe school and develop as aperson.
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