PROGRESS and Whole Education


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PROGRESS and Whole Education

  1. 1. Using PROGRESS to build an evenstronger learning culture in WholeEducation schools
  2. 2. VibrantcommunitiesOutstanding SchoolsRich & diverse formsofachievementRelationshipsResponsivenessResilienceParticipationConfidenceEngagementMotivationThe PROGRESS Diagnostic looksat the learning culture of aschool from the perspectives ofstaff, students and parents -providing a benchmark fromwhich to growThe PROGRESS Diagnostic willhelp you work with all yourstakeholders to develop astronger learning cultureWhat isPROGRESS?
  3. 3. As a development partner, Human Scale Education is committed to working with our schools totest and develop new approaches to delivering Whole Education.Several Whole Education Schools have already committed to trialling PROGRESS, with a view toit being available for use more widely across the Whole Education Network.The idea is that PROGRESS will eventually form a key diagnostic tool for Whole Educationschools through the Leadership, Culture and Change Interest Group, and as an option in thePeer Review processWhat does PROGRESS have to do with Whole Education?is part ofwhich is adevelopment partner of
  4. 4. How can I learn more about PROGRESS?Go online at www.progress-hse.orgPress Take demo to explore the surveyexperience for staff, students and parents.Press Set up to design a survey to trial withyour staff, students and parents.Add group/10 to the main URL( in order toregister as a Whole Education school and usetailored Whole Education questions.The Analysis version of PROGRESS is beingmade available free to Whole Educationschools this year: so you can explore your datausing detailed demographics and dig down tosee how individual students rate themselveson learning and personal effectiveness.You will need to upload a spreadsheet withstudent details.
  5. 5. 1. Read the information on thingsto think about and prepare2. Set yourself up asPROGRESS Coordinator for yourschoolShare the downloaded instructionsheet for your surveyLogin as PROGRESSCoordinator to view & tailorreportsDistribute the relevant reports tostaff, students and parentsFollow the Wizard to customisethe survey to your schoolHow do I use PROGRESS in my school?
  6. 6. What is the PROGRESS trial likely to involve?Schools can use PROGRESS Analysis as often as they like during the trial period.The current student survey is long; you might want to administer it in several chunks. Oncewe have data from 3,000 students, we will use the results to make the third section shorter.We will set up some webinars so that the PROGRESS team can talk about the process theyhave developed for using the diagnostic results to ‘involv everyone in making their schoolgreat’. These will also be opportunities for the participating schools to learn from each other.If there is enough demand, we will set up a group learning workshop in the autumn.
  7. 7. The setup process is meant to be intuitive.Look out for the button in the top right hand corner to find more about how to usethe system’s functionality.To report any technical problems, go to andsend an email to the PROGRESS Administrator.To ask any questions about how PROGRESS works, get in touch with James Park,PROGRESS Director - 0207 247 3355/ ask any questions about the Whole Education trial of PROGRESS, get in touch with DavidCrossley, WE Executive Director - 07980 856643/david.crossley@wholeeducation.orgHow can I find out more?