Journeys to outstanding opening session march 6th


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This session began with an input from Baroness Estelle Morris who presented a recipe for schools to achieve long term success. She reflected on how success can be realised through focusing on learning, meeting the needs of students and making the most of teachers through informed professionalism, engaging with pedagogy and effective collaboration.

The session progressed to interviews, firstly with Primary School Head Carl Jarvis who took his school from Special Measures to Outstanding in two years with the same staff and the same students through a radical approach to learning that really engaged his students. We explored with Carl what gave him the courage and determination to embark on this extraordinary journey. The second interview took place with Deputy Head Chris Holmwood - who leads his teaching school alliance - and two of his students. In this case study the school was already Outstanding but had a grade 2 for teaching and learning. Instead of just chasing the Ofsted criteria they decided to “lift the lid” and do something quite different. Again the interview explored what they did, why they did it and what made it successful in both conventional and other ways. In the final part of the interview we explored and reflected on the lessons learnt from from their experiences, and how we can each have the confidence to pursue a similar approach, leading to long term sustainable success. Wendy Berliner of the Guardian also joined us and reflected on what she has heard.

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Journeys to outstanding opening session march 6th

  1. 1. LondonRegionalConferenceJourneys toOutstanding1 Drummond Gate6th March 2013
  2. 2. School led system leadership”WELCOMEJohn DunfordChair of WholeEducation
  3. 3. School led system leadership”JOURNEYSTOOUTSTANDINGIntroductionDavid CrossleyWhole Education
  4. 4. The OpportunityTo seize the agenda, ensure and enable a greater degree of informed professionalism to drive the next stage in school improvement
  5. 5. The ChallengeA transformation of schooling that is self-generating and sustainable requires thatattention be paid to the deep culturalcapital that underpins the life of individualschools, of partnerships and alliances, andof the school system as a whole.David Hargreaves 2012
  6. 6. What canwe learn toguide us?
  7. 7. School led system leadership”OPENINGADDRESSEstelle Morris
  8. 8. School led system leadership”Journeys ToOutstandingCarl JarvisHartsholme PrimaryAcademy, Lincoln;Chris HolmwoodShenley Brook EndSchool, MiltonKeynes.
  9. 9. Hartsholme Academy The Short StoryCarl Jarvis @carljarvis_eos
  10. 10. One of the Worst Performing Schools in the Country High Levels of Deprivation Special Measures Twice Its Time To Close A True Sink School Only 2009
  11. 11. But first, a bit of history: to keep the worlds military-industrial machine running at the zenith of the British Empire, Victorians assembled aneducation system to mass-produce workers with identical skills. Like most things designed by the Victorians, it was a robust system. It worked. Schools, in a sense, manufactured generations of workers for an industrial age.
  12. 12. Delivery Reverse To The Short Term Learning Children Planning Medium Term Planning Understand How The Children Long Term Tick Planning Design The Curriculum Pedagogy For The Design The Childrens Project preferred Design The Learning Content EnvironmentsDelivery And AndTo The Project LearningChildren Tune Opportunities
  13. 13. Mobile TechnologyLearning Journey Flipped Learning Reverse Learning Immersive Learning Challenge Based Learning
  14. 14. One of the BestPerforming Schools Outstanding Within in the Country 2 Years Researching Pedagogy Teaching School Working With World Wide Partners 2012
  15. 15. School led system leadership”ReflectionsCarl Jarvis and Jon Chapman
  16. 16. Leadership and Training Centre Shenley Brook End School @LTCSBE
  17. 17. Senior LeadershipAutocratic DemocraticDone to people Done by peopleCompliance CommitmentTeaching LearningDirection ReflectionFeedback DialogueLine management Leadership coachingCreates Developsdependency capacity
  18. 18. School led system leadership”ReflectionsChris Holmwood and Post 16Student Joe Thompson
  19. 19. School led system leadership”Wider Issues andlessons for allschools