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The House Attic Fan: Saving Your Attic From the Furnace


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This article describes how whole house fans work to reduce attic temperatures by up to 50°F.

This article describes how whole house fans work to reduce attic temperatures by up to 50°F.

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  • 1. -929856-914400<br />-13611766302<br />This article describes how whole house fans work to reduce attic temperatures by up to 50°F.<br />What do you keep in your attic? Old clothes? Old furniture? Your fishing gear? Sentimental items? Regardless of what it is you use your attic for – be it for storage, a spare bedroom or an office - we are all familiar with the summer scenario. Unfortunately, the laws of physics dictate that hot air rises and since the attic is the highest point of the house, and the roof serves as an insulator, temperatures during the day can get quite intolerable. In fact, some attics are veritable infernos that have left even the bravest of men bed-ridden with heat stroke! But in addition to snatching this valuable space from you, the laws of physics also dictate that the rest of your home becomes intolerably hot too. You see, a searing attic contributes to a vastly hotter living space too. It’s time to take a stand against the heat. Fight the furnace! Your weapon of choice? The house attic fan of course!<br />The House Attic Fan: Fighting Fire with Air<br />360553054610Traditionally, brave men and women have used standard fans to keep them cool on their brave missions into the fiery pits of the attic during the hottest of the summer months. But can you imagine what a chronic exposure to this heat must be doing to the items you use this space for? Or perhaps experience has taught you that hard lesson. Well, your attic really need not be off-bounds anymore with house attic fans. By following some very simplistic physical principles, the house attic fan expels all that old, hot and stale air at an incredibly rapid rate of as much as 20 air exchanges per hour.<br />-1361176-1256737<br />Furthermore, by removing the source of the heat, the rest of your home becomes far more comfortable too. In fact, house attic fans are capable of reducing attic temperatures by a staggering 50° F and your home by 20° F! By drawing in great volumes of fresh clean air from outside and forcing all that old, hot and stale air out from vents in your roof, the house attic fan makes your entire home a cooler, healthier and happier environment for you and your family to live in.<br />House Attic Fans: Getting Down to Brass Tacks<br />19050234315Now, let’s get down to brass tacks; experience has taught us that the more beneficial a technology is the more expensive. But in the case of the house attic fan, nothing could be further from the truth! House attic fans run at a fraction of the electricity required by traditional air conditioning, affording you savings of between 50% and 90%, depending on the climate you live in. This not only translates into vastly lower electricity bills, but a more energy efficient home, which is great for the environment. With a whisper quiet house attic fan, you can get the use of your attic back while enjoying the benefits of a much cooler and healthier home, in addition to lower annual electricity bills and a much reduced carbon footprint.<br />Thanks for reading-9212292784403<br />