Secrets To Winning At Office Politics How To Get Things Done And Increase Your Influence At Work - PMP Webinar


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Learn PMP through Webinar recording on 'Secrets To Winning At Office Politics How To Get Things Done And Increase Your Influence At Work' led by Mr. James L. Haner, Founder & Owner,

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Secrets To Winning At Office Politics How To Get Things Done And Increase Your Influence At Work - PMP Webinar

  1. 1. © Secrets To Winning At Office Politics: How To Get Things Done And Increase Your Influence At Work (Hint: It’s Like Basketball)
  2. 2. © Why Are We Here? At the end of the webinar you will: – Understand the need for playing "political games“ – Know the “Nine Habits of Politically Savvy People” – Fix these problems: • Do I seem to always be 20+ hours behind? • Does my boss seem to look through me? • Am I not getting the support I want? • And, ____________________________
  3. 3. © First Let’s Define the Problem We are focusing on: – “The Network” (Politics) – Getting or keeping a happy work environment – What it takes to “win” the “game” It’s not about what you know, It’s about who knows about you.
  4. 4. © Politics are Real and Unavoidable • Not all politics are bad • Realize that this is reality • Expect politics in all situations • Politics are part of human interaction
  5. 5. © What Creates Office Politics • Scarcity of resources • A too competitive work environment • Subjective performance standards • Unclear job definitions • Emotional insecurity • And, _____________________________
  6. 6. © Get to know your teammates • You don’t have to be best friends or go on camping trips with them, but do try to show genuine interest in finding out more about each of them. • Everyone is interesting if you care enough to ask the right questions.
  7. 7. © Don’t be a ball hog; learn how to pass • If you’re working on a project that required a team effort and you did a great job, don’t hog the spotlight. • Winning at office politics means spreading the credit around and being a good team player.
  8. 8. © Help your teammates up after a drive to the hoop • If you see a co-worker struggling or know that someone could use an extra hand, help them out.
  9. 9. © Crash the boards • Another fundamental of office politics is crashing the boards. – Second chance opportunities always seem to present themselves if you know where to find them. – If your boss or co-workers have to miss a meeting, offer to jump right in and take their place.
  10. 10. © Keep your hands up at all times • Don’t be afraid to take on unpopular projects that no one wants. – If you volunteer for a challenging project and succeed, you will look 10x more like an all-star. – If you fail, no one thought it was possible anyway and will chalk it up as inexperience.
  11. 11. © Sizing up the Climate • Who’s related to who • About my boss – Irritations – Enemies – Personal facts – Politics practiced • Identify the true power and players • Look below - motivations • What are favored behaviors and status symbols
  12. 12. © Scout out your competition • Don’t think for a second that you don’t have competitors. – These workers can be above you, below you, but more often than not they are working right beside you fighting for that same promotion. This is what office politics is all about. – Your competition probably already knows your Excel or PowerPoint skills are not what they should be. – It’s a good idea to have a firm grasp on their strengths and weaknesses as well.
  13. 13. © Make your free throws • You know that daily 30 minute meeting that everyone hates to go to because it seems to drag on forever? – These meetings are like free throws. They might look ordinary, but they are the single most important part of the day. Not only are you usually in a room with the people who have the most influence over your next promotion, but you are being judged on this stage everyday. – Do yourself a favor, be prepared for these meetings because playing office politics demands it. Even if you don’t have much to say, always be prepared to say something. If you miss your shot, you can be assured your competition is waiting to pick up that rebound.
  14. 14. © Seek out a veteran to mentor you • The easiest way to know the road ahead is to ask those who have traveled the route before. – Realize that everything you are about to do on the job has pretty much been done before. – Yes, you may be smart with a college degree and all, but to “veterans” you’re really not that special (yet). – Seek out a well respected veteran in the organization to help mentor you. • Pay attention to their communication style, network of relationships, and the types of proposals they say "yes" to most often. • Emulate those traits by drawing on the strengths you have.
  15. 15. © Don’t turn the ball over • One of the most overlooked fundamentals of office politics is to not turn the ball over. – When given a special project by the boss or the boss’ boss, take this as a sign of trust that you are progressing. • Stay late, check your work, and seek advice from your teammates and mentors. But whatever you do, don’t drop the ball or you might not get another chance for a while.
  16. 16. © Play hard for all 4 Quarters – even in garbage time • Don’t let others ever see you goofing off or taking it easy. • If the boss is out of the office, this is actually the time you should commit to working harder. – Don’t take advantage of the situation by taking a longer lunch or slacking off on assignments. – Others in the office are keenly aware of your performance while the boss is away. Don’t give them any reason to throw you under the bus.
  17. 17. © Be a floor general • It’s never about who is in charge, but who takes charge. – You don’t have to be team captain to be a leader. – Winning at office politics is really about watching how you carry yourself. – Take ownership of your mistakes and never blame anyone.
  18. 18. © Do post game interviews • Control your story before others do. – Ask others what they think of your performance and where they think you can improve. This is easy to do around review time since everyone is worried about their own situation. – If you’re not happy with the current PR you’re receiving, then someone else is controlling your story. • Take steps to fix it and get the story straight. • If you want to be known as the tireless worker who is first in and last to leave, then act like it.
  19. 19. © Shake hands at the end of the game • Even if you leave an organization on bad terms, don’t burn any bridges with anyone. The odds are high that you will see some of these people again in your career.
  20. 20. © Nine Habits of Politically Savvy People 1. Politics are part of human interaction - you can set the tone by: – Not participating in gossip – Telling the truth (Do not brag) – Checking out compliments and critiques – Accept your imperfections
  21. 21. © Nine Habits of Politically Savvy People 2. Do your work with dedicated interest and loyalty.  Be punctual  Do your best to observe the rules  Improve your knowledge and professionalism  Be the best no matter the size of the job
  22. 22. © Nine Habits of Politically Savvy People 3. Help design/define clear business documents: business plan, job roles, policy documents, etc. – Find / Read / Update / Write 4. Never join other voices to persecute: – The establishment, Co-worker or a newcomer 5. Expose dirty tricks used by the sharks. 6. Don’t allow anyone to “get” something on you that can be used later.
  23. 23. © Nine Habits of Politically Savvy People 7. Make emotional deposits with the people you work with. – Never get into a shouting match . . . EI 8. Be known as a producer and not a politician. – Don’t hold grudges or be vindictive – Never take a problem to the manager without having two or three solutions for the problem 9. Lift others up with you and forgive failures. – Know a co-worker individually
  24. 24. © Professional Mannerisms • Dress a touch better then everyone else. • Work hard to take criticism. • Fight the urge to one up or jump in with a similar story. • Learn to lead. • Find a time management strategy that works for you and stick to it. (ABC, 123) • Always engineer your work, time and attitude. • Scare people with your background notes.
  25. 25. © Absorb The Hard Knocks Professionals absorb hard knocks and keep going because they: 1. Are thick skinned 2. Control anger at themselves, others and critics (it blocks learning) 3. Listen objectively 4. Take complaints as Valuable Feedback, seeking to improve whatever it is 5. Are proactive about criticisms or complaints (doing something about it before it is shove it down their throat again) 6. Watch and learn from others how to avoid and solve problems.
  26. 26. © Professional Winning Strategies • Help your boss succeed • Be loyal, avoid disloyalty • Praise your boss to upper management • Imitate your boss’ slogans • Present options • Be visible • Teach your boss a skill • Be different - not part of whining masses
  27. 27. © You’ll Rise Above it All • Shine at meetings • Compliment influential people • Talk big, outside the box • Be cool under pressure • Display good corporate manners • Learn new skills and sell them • Be a team player
  28. 28. © Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Winning at office politics is just like playing basketball. As with any game, it takes practice and the more you do it, the better you’ll get.
  29. 29. © Factoids • The letter "J" does not yet appear anywhere within the periodic table of the elements. • All polar bears are left-handed. • You expend more calories eating and digesting celery than there are in the celery itself. • Minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit equals minus 40 degrees Celsius. • Starting with the number one, you would have to count to one thousand to use the letter "A".
  30. 30. © Thank You