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This document has full detail about PMI-ACP Certification Exam. It covers PMI Agile Certified Practitioner exam pattern, syllabus, eligibility, fee, rules, approach, preparation strategy and lot more.
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  • Welcome to Whizlabs PMI Agile certified practitioner course!The intent of this presentation is to provide an overview of PMI-ACP certification course.The ACP certification is a new credential offered by PMI for people working in agile project management environments. Individuals obtaining this certification can demonstrate their level of skills in agile practices. The process of earning this credential involves satisfying PMI's eligibility criterion and passing an exam. At the end of this lesson, you will have a basic understanding of PMI ACP certification.
  • The session first talks about who should apply. The session then talks about eligibility requirements, training, examination structure etc
  • If you use agile practices in your projects, or your organization is adopting agile approaches to project management, the PMI-ACP® certification may be right for you. The PMI-ACP is not limited to project managers as individuals with experience working on agile project teams can apply.If you are looking for work or looking to improve marketability, PMI-ACP can provide an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of agile practices to employers.Unlike other existing populate agile certifications such as CSM or CSP, ACP doesn’t focus on a single agile methodology. It recognizes knowledge of agile principles, practices and tools and techniques across agile methodologies.The ACP certification carries a high level of professional standing and credibility as it requires a combination of agile education, experience on agile practices and examination on Agile practices.
  • To appear for PMI ACP exam, the education criteria is - Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or global equivalent) or higher In terms of project experience, you must have 2000 hours or 12 months exp. of working on project team in the past five years.This experience may or may not include working according to Agile methodology. If you are eligible PMP or PGMP then these requirements are met.In addition to 2000 hours of general project experience, you must have 1500 hours or 8 months of exp. Of working on Agile methodology in the past three years. Agile methodology could be any one of the key agile methodology including SCRUM, XP, Kanban, FDD etcYou must undergone 21 contact hours of education of Agile Practices. Whizlabs ACP course fulfills this requirement and provide 21 PDU (1 PDU = 1 hour training).The examination tests knowledge of Agile fundamentals and ability to apply these to a basic project.Certification is valid for three years. As part of PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program, a PMI-ACP credential holder will need to earn 30 PDUs in agile project management per three-year cycle.
  • Unlike PMP, for PMI ACP there is no reference material provided by PMI. However, PMI has done a fantastic job of covering all the important concepts with the selection of 11 reference books .As it’s practically quite time consuming to read all eleven books, Whizlabs course material is an attempt to cover key concepts covered in these 11 books. While this can surely help in understanding the key concepts to clear PMI ACP exam, this is not a replacement for 11 books. If you want to further enhance your knowledge and be a real agile expert, it’s advisable to read these books.
  • The fee for computer based examis 435 USD for PMI members & 495 for non members. Membership fee for 1 year is 119 $. Also there is one time joining fee of 10$ so overall it costs 129 USD. The membership does provide some additional benefits, which includes the ability to freely download the PMI standards, access to the PMI online library, subscription to PMI publications like the PM Network, discounts to PMI events and conferences, etc. Hence, we encourage participants to first join membership and then apply for exam.The re-examination fee incase you get fail is 335$ for members & 395$ for non members. This Whizlabs ACP preparation course provides a money back guarantee for success in first attempt.As certification is valid for three years, there is renewal fee of 90 USD for members and 130 USD for non-members.Other than these fixed PMI costs, there are various other costs involved in preparation for ACP certification. The exact cost depends on your current agile experience and what path you take for preparation.
  • One of the most key challenge is that PMP wherein we have PMBOK as single reference book, there is no single reference book for ACP.As mentioned before, PMI has given reference of 11 books but reading 11 books is too time consuming. Moreover, it’s hard to grasp so much information.Most of the people who plan to prepare for ACP exam have got agile experience limited to certain agile methodology and set of agile practices. However, ACP tests a broad range of concepts across agile methodology (main focus is on Scrum, XP and Lean). Hence, good preparation is must.Another challenge is people often gets confused between terminology issues between various agile methodologies.It’s also important yet difficult to understand PMI ACP testing biasesLastly, the key challenge is ACP certification is still new so there are limited options available to obtain 21 PDUs along with essential learning experience.Whizlabs ACP preparation coursed is aimed at fulfilling this gap and help you in overcoming all the above mentioned challenges.
  • Just read out what is written on slide……
  • We hope this information was useful to you. Incase you may have any doubts or need any information for PMP Exam preparation please contact us by any of the medium mentioned below.
  • PMI ACP Exam

    1. 1. © Whizlabswww.whizlabs.comPMI-ACP Exam
    2. 2. © Whizlabswww.whizlabs.comAgenda Who Should Apply Eligibility RequirementExperienceTrainingExamination Overview of Exam Components Reference Material Costs Challenges What we offer
    3. 3. © Whizlabswww.whizlabs.comPMI- ACP : Who Should ApplyManagers, Scrum Masters, Sponsors, PMO, Testers, Developers, Resourcemanagers, just about anyone.The PMI-ACP is not limited to project managers. Individuals withexperience working on agile project teams can apply.Practitioners who are seeking to: Improve Marketability : Demonstrate to employers their level ofexperience & knowledge in agile practices, tools and techniques. Improve Versatility: Increase their knowledge in range of agiletechniques ACP focuses on broad range of agile practices and methodologies ratherthan developing deep understanding of a single agile methodology. Certification: Hold a certification that is more credible than otherexisting certification for agile practices.
    4. 4. © Whizlabswww.whizlabs.comPMI- ACP : Eligibility CriterionRequirements DescriptionEducation LevelSecondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree orglobal equivalent) or higherGeneral Project Experience2,000 hours working on project teams.Must have been earned in the last 5 years.Active PMP or PgMP will satisfy this requirement.Agile Project Experience1,500 hours working on Agile Project teams or in Agilemethodologies.These hours are in addition to the 2,000 hours required ingeneral project experience.These hours must have been earned in the last 3 years.Training in Agile Practices 21 contact hours; hours must be earned in Agile practices.ExaminationTest knowledge of Agile fundamentals and ability to apply tobasic project .Maintenance 30 PDUs every 3 years in Agile project management
    5. 5. © Whizlabswww.whizlabs.comPMI- ACP : Official Reference List1) Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great. Esther Derby, Diana Larsen, KenSchwaber.2) Agile Software Development,The Cooperative Game – 2nd Edition. AlistairCockburn.3) The Software Project Manager’s Bridge to Agility :Michele Sliger, Stacia Broderick.4) Coaching Agile Teams :Lyssa Adkins.5) Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products – 2nd Edition. JimHighsmith.6) Becoming Agile an imperfect world :Greg Smith, Ahmed Sidky.7) Agile Estimating and Planning :Mike Cohn8) The Art of Agile Development : James Shore9) User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development: Mike Cohn.10) Agile Project Management with Scrum: Ken Schwaber.11) Lean-Agile Software Development: Achieving Enterprise Agility: Alan Shalloway,Guy Beaver, James R. Trott.
    6. 6. © Whizlabswww.whizlabs.comPMI- ACP : CostsFixed PMI Costs• Computer Based Exam Fee : $435 for members and $495 for non-members• Computer Based Reexamination: $335 for members and $395 for non-members• CCR certification renewal : $90 for members and $130 for non-members• Membership Cost : 1 year costs $119 + one-time $10 joining feeVariable Costs• 21 Contact Hours Training : $100 - $2500• Books : $0 - $100 (each one)• Full length Practice Tests : $0 - $75 (Single test)
    7. 7. © Whizlabswww.whizlabs.comPMI- ACP : ChallengesUnlike PMBOK for PMP, there is no single referencebookReading all eleven reference 11 books is too muchMost of the times agile experience is limited to a singlemethodology while ACP tests a broad range ofconcepts across agile methodology (main focus is onScrum, XP and Lean).Terminology issues between various agilemethodologiesUnderstanding PMI ACP testing biasesLimited options available to obtain 21 PDUs along withessential learning experience
    8. 8. © Whizlabswww.whizlabs.comPMI-ACP : What we offerCombo of Course Material eBook + Mock Exams + Online Instructor Support + 21 PDUs– all that you need for ACP preparation : eBook written in agile way 14 chapters covering key concepts of all 11 books and more Includes case studies, tips & tricks and revision questions Written in agile way (iterative and incremental) Starts with basics in nice & simple manner and slowly move towards more complex concepts. Focuses on concepts in priority order. Agile practices more important from ACP exam point ofview are covered at greater depth. Mock Exams 2 Full length PMI-ACP® mock exams 120 Questions per mock exam Concepts covered from all 11 reference books Quite similar to actual exam in terms of concepts covered, structure and difficulty level Exhaustive explanation with every question Reports to assess strengths & weaknesses
    9. 9. © Whizlabswww.whizlabs.comContact us by any of the following medium:Support@Whizlabs.ComUSA: +1-818-575-6625 UK: +44-208-133-7875 India: +91-971-770-0425Skype: WhizlabsThank You 
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