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Ecu digital tools

  1. 1. Using Digital Tools to Extend Learning Whitney Hoffman Author, Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists
  2. 2. About Me✦ Mom of 2 boys (17 & 14) with learning differences✦ Producer of The LD Podcast✦ Co-Authored The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists with Jenifer Fox✦ Professional Development Committee and Technology Committee For Kennett Consolidated School District, Kennett Square, PA
  3. 3. What We’ll Talk About✦ Using Web-based tools in the classroom to enhance instruction✦ Building a digital toolbox to help teachers and students solve challenges✦ Share online tools and applications to enhance communication and learning
  4. 4. Yup. I’m a Geek.
  5. 5. There are so many tools out there... You need to know what’s available You need to know what’s easy to use You need to understand the Project and the Expected Outcome to match the tool to the job NETS standards for Teachers, Students, Administrators and Coaches
  6. 6. Building Your ToolboxWhat’s Out There?What’s Good?How Do I Manage It All?Start with Management and Bookmarking
  7. 7. Social BookmarkingAs you add tools and resources, bookmark themso they can be shared onlineDelicious, Diigo, Pearltrees - even Pinterest andGoogle Reader- Pick one you like most, and addit as a browser extension (Chrome, Firefox)
  8. 8. Next StepsPut the Learning FirstPut the Learning FirstPut the Learning First
  9. 9. Backwards By Design✦ Start with Learning goals (Why are we doing this? What should we be able to do afterwards?) Post them on the board!✦ How will you assess that kids have met these goals?✦ Design lesson to allow multiple pathways to success; Design daily lessons to get you to end goal
  10. 10. Does the tool...✦ Allow students to demonstrate depth of mastery?✦ Allow multiple modes of expression/multimedia/learning styles?✦ Help or hurt accountability for teacher & student equally? (no lost homework if it’s saved in the cloud!)✦ Can we “flip the classroom” to allow more productive class time?✦ Enhance creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, or communication? (21st Century Skills)
  11. 11. The 3 R’s meet the 4✦ C’s Reading, Writing and Arithmetic need to be combined with:✦ -Critical thinking skills✦ Communication- including multimedia✦ Collaboration- groups and distance learning✦ Creativity
  12. 12. Reflect the Outside World
  13. 13. My Favorite Tools
  14. 14. Don’t WorryAbout Them All....
  15. 15. Great Lectures and Online Videos Online Videos
  16. 16. Creating DigitalCurriculum, Textbooks
  17. 17. Presentation Tools
  18. 18. Animoto
  19. 19. Communication Tools
  20. 20. Classroom Management & School/Home Communication Communication
  21. 21. KCSD Live
  22. 22. Study Aids/Skills
  23. 23. Creating Online Tests, Quizzes, Rubrics, & Digital Assessments
  24. 24. Reading/Literacy
  25. 25. Social Media/Sharing
  26. 26. Great Resources
  27. 27. The End
  28. 28. Contact Info:Whitney HoffmanHoffman Digital MediaLDpodcast@gmail.comHoffmandigitalmedia@gmail.comTwitter: @whitneyhoffman, @ldpodcastFacebook: Whitney HoffmanGoogle Voice: (302) 482-4599Mobile: (302) 562-6507URL: