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uPlaya democratizes the crowded digital music industry with patented technologies. View the presentation to learn more!

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uPlaya for Artists & Labels

  1. 1. www.uPlaya.com<br />
  2. 2. Music Is Booming<br />According to Billboard, from 2004-2008 the number of new albums released per year has more than doubled, and there is more of a demand for music than ever. (Billboard)<br />That same year, the number of Internet users purchasing music online grew to 36 million (IFPI Report)<br />According to a music industry report, the global digital music market will grow from $4.81 billion in 2009 to $13.74 billion by 2013, representing a CAGR of 30%. (Digital Music Market Outlook Report)<br />
  3. 3. The Problem<br />Hundreds of thousands of musicians are trying to promote music on the Web.<br />10 Million songs go unsold on iTunes.<br />Out of the 13 million tracks available for download, just 52,000 songs made up 80% of music purchased online. (TechRadar)<br />How are artists supposed to connect with the right fans in this crowded digital environment?<br />
  4. 4. The Solution<br />uPlaya is democratizing the music industry with the patented and award-winning Hit Song Science technology coupled with globally-reaching digital marketing tools.<br />Artists can visit uPlaya.com to receive immediate, scientifically-proven analysis of the commercial potential of their songs. Those who receive positive analysis can leverage the feedback as validation to bring credibility to their work.<br />Tens of thousands of independent artists and record labels across the world (more than 190 different countries) are using the uPlaya service to get more fans and sell more music.<br />Try it yourself – get analysis and basic promotional tools for two songs FREE.<br />
  5. 5. Hit Song Science<br />Hit Song Science provides immediate feedback on your song’s potential for commercial success and instant legitimization in the market for high-scoring music.<br />Do you want to help choosing the best channels and markets for your music and which of your songs have the best chance for success?<br />The Music Universe helps you understand the hit potential of your songs within different markets and niches, and includes targeted promotional features to help your music gain visibility with audiences who like your sound.<br />Click here for more information on the technology.<br />
  6. 6. uPlaya Promotional Tools<br />uPlaya has a suite of promotional tools that allow artists to promote themselves across the Web. These tools can be shared on nearly 300 social networking sites, potentially reaching 670 million users.<br />
  7. 7. uPlaya is Viral<br />According to a recent report from Alexa, users spend more time on social networks in an average day than they do on major portals like Google or Yahoo! (Mashable)<br />Facebook is closing in on nearly 500 million unique visitors per month (141 million in the US alone in June of 2010) (ComScore)<br />Study found that 2 in 5 social networkers (39%) have embedded music on their profile (The Bivings Report)<br />uPlaya’s promotional tools use AddThis sharing, which means they can be shared on nearly 300 different social networking sites, potentially reaching 670 million users.<br />Thanks to online sharing, barriers are falling. Many of the artists using uPlaya have fans in multiple countries, some spanning the world.<br />
  8. 8. Industry Response<br />“Online services have helped address the availability problem for music, but consumers and artists are still frustrated by a lack of visibility to easily connect great artists with potential fans … Music Intelligence Solutions’ Music Universe and Hit Song Science can solve the visibility problem better than anyone I’ve ever seen.”<br />Chuck D, co-founder of Public Enemy, legendary artist, author and Internet entrepreneur<br />“Its like a FICO credit score for music.”<br />San Francisco Chronicle<br />“uPlaya [has] become the new talent scout for the music industry, finding and promoting promising new artists.”<br />BusinessWeek<br />
  9. 9. Award-Winning Technology<br />Atlantic Magazine named uPlaya No. 3 in “5 Predictions for the Future of Music”<br />Tech Radar named uPlaya as No. 4 on their list of “Top 8 Amazing Tech Advances on the Horizon”<br />uPlaya was named as a 2010 Top 10 Technology Company by TAG as well as the Innovation Award from the Creative Coast<br />uPlaya has been studied and reviewed by the Harvard Business School<br />
  10. 10. Feedback from uPlaya Users<br />“I put a load of tracks together in what didn’t really fit into any known genre … I discovered uPlaya in June and ... sent uPlaya’s widget all over the place ... The awards gave me great confidence as a novice, and I’m presently at NR, 35 in the local charts here, a magazine wants to review my CD ... all due to fact that uPlaya inspired me to send my music widgets out and about. So here’s to uPlaya ... worked for me”<br />Sonic Intrusion, uPlaya User<br />“I have been in the online space for a long time and uPlaya is not only one of the cleverest things I have ever seen... it's also one of the best music models I have seen.”<br />DJ, uPlaya User<br />
  11. 11. uPlaya has been reviewed and validated by many credible sources, nationally and internationally. See what they have to say here.<br />