Optimizing your Business with Wordpress


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Learn just what Wordpress can do for you and your business!

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Optimizing your Business with Wordpress

  1. 1. Whitney Segura Optimizing your Business with WordPress August 29, 2010 4:28 am Whitney Segura WordPress is certainly one of the most popular personal and business blogging platforms across the entire world! Even more t han t hat , WordPress is one of t he single most popular websit e plat f orms, and CMS plat f orms, ot herwise known as cont ent management syst ems. T his f ree t ool can be t ailored t o your own needs, and can help you get t hings done quickly, easily and ef f ect ively. Check out a f ew of t he great ways t hat you can help t o opt imize your business wit h WordPress. Why WordPress? Trust me, I have built many dif f erent websit es, t hrough manual hand coding, t hrough paid cont ent management syst ems, and t hrough many f ree open source plat f orms like WordPress, but not hing out t here compares t o t he possibilit ies WordPress of f ers at no cost . You are dumb not t o be using it . T he best part is t hat once you have a lit t le experience under your belt , you will be able t o churn out ult imat e websit es wit h t ons of f eat ures not possible bef ore. One of the f oremost benef its with the WordPress platf orm is that it’s perf ectly suited f or the individual with little to no web experience. You don’t need t o know any special programming or coding languages, and you don’t need t o edit anyt hing behind t he scenes. You use a simple, Microsof t Word st yle t ext and media input area, wit h ot her easy t o work wit h but t ons and t ools. T hen, if you have a bit of experience, you can st ill t weak t he code t o your exact specif icat ions. But if you don’t want t o, you won’t have t o, and you can get amazing result s as is.
  2. 2. Another huge benef it with WordPress is that it’s very SEO f riendly, which means that it will be easy to get ranked in the search engines. Every t ime you publish a new post or page, t he search engines will be pinged about it , alert ing t hem t o crawl your sit e. You can also easily dict at e your page names, including t he keywords of your choice, page descript ions and more. You will also be able t o inst ant ly hook up wit h an RSS f eed, t o help get more dist ribut ion of your mat erial and reach out t o t he individuals who pref er t hat medium. What many people love about WordPress is how versatile and capable it truly is. You can int egrat e all kinds of media int o your websit e, or you can just run a basic, classic blog. You can creat e ef f ect ive e-commerce st ores, magazine st yle websit es or anyt hing else. Wit h a f ew clicks of a but t on, you’ll be able t o change your sit e and cust omize it t o suit your own needs perf ect ly. No more hassle and no more rest rict ions, it ’s all just ample opport unit y f or you t o do what ever you’d like. Last but certainly not least is the f act that WordPress is entirely f ree. T he syst em it self is f ree, and you can f ind a huge range of f ree t hemes, looks, add-on plugins and code snippet s and more. T his can save you pot ent ially t housands of dollars f rom web designers. Plus, since you can manage it yourself quickly and ef f icient ly, you won’t have t o hire t hat out eit her, saving yourself even more money bot h immediat ely and in t he long run. So as you can see, WordPress can be an incredibly valuable tool f or your business! Whet her you want t o st art a websit e f rom scrat ch or you want t o improve t he one you’re current ly working wit h, you can use WordPress t o get t he job done. It ’s f ree, it helps you in t he search engines, it doesn’t require you t o know any coding and much more, making it one of t he single best t ools you can add int o your arsenal f or online success. Share and Enjoy:
  3. 3. Link t o t his page Link t o t his page Copy t he code below t o your web sit e. x <a href ="ht t p://www.whit neysegura.com/blogging/opt imizing- businesses-wit h-wordpress/" t it le="Opt imizing your Business wit h WordPress">Opt imizing your Business wit h WordPress</a> Your vot e is appreciat ed, t hanks, you rock!