Learn How To Get Work In A Machine Shop


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Get started with a new exciting career and craft that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

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Learn How To Get Work In A Machine Shop

  1. 1. Learn How to get Work in A Machine Shop There are many different ways to do this, lets take a look into it shall we?!
  2. 2. WHY DO MACHINE SHOPS RULE SO MUCH?  As time passed, a simple machine shop is now a full-blown company that has automated machines that are able to produce high-precision products at very short period of time.
  3. 3. OPERATING A MACHINE SHOP INVOLVES A LOT OF PRACTICE AND DEDICATION. PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN WORKING IN THE INDUSTRY FOR A LONG TIME HAVE DIFFERENT REASONS WHY THEY LOVE THE CRAFT.  An owner of a machine shop, or a company that is operating a machine shop, would need to constantly learn trade secrets so that they can always improve their performance in the industry. Nowadays, machine shops are competing in a highly competitive environment. Of the 50 percent of the largest machine shops, they only comprise 15 percent of the total profit generated by all the machine shops in the country.
  4. 4. HERE ARE SOME REASONS FOR YOU TO CONSIDER ABOUT RUNNING A MACHINE SHOP:  You can mess up, try again, and be successful in figuring out a certain process. Perfecting a metal part needs constant trials and errors. When you are in a machine shop, you can try and try until you get satisfied with the result.  It involves “real” work. Working in a machine shop produces tangible outputs. You can actually evaluate with your eyes and hands whether or not a product can pass for a quality output. This gives a different sense of fulfillment to the people working in the industry.  There are a lot of trades areas that you can choose to specialize in.
  5. 5. MY FAVORITE BENEFITS OF MACHINES:  You may focus on mold making, general machining, fixture and jig making, and CNC programming.  As your business grows, you would find a lot more of other areas where you can grow. At the end, aim for being a machine shop that is able to provide a wide range of services.  There are techniques that overlap in the different processes, so you can easily transition from one process to another.
  6. 6.  Once you master all the techniques needed in producing your products, you can be alone and be in total control of production.  Working in machine shops can be physical, but not entirely so as to exhaust you and drain your energy.  It is somewhere between being in a chair all day, and being physically exhausted from rigorous physical activities. A machine shop lets you walk around a bit, operate machines and sit down for some paper works.
  7. 7. YOU CAN MASTER THE CRAFT OF MACHINING WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY.  Being able to master a machine a craft when it comes to machining does not have to be from trainings and lessons.  All you have to do is commit to the craft, and you will be able to master it and be an expert in what you want to do.
  8. 8. AUTHOR: Published by: Beast Marketing Date: 12th February 2010