File distribution introduction tutorial for beginners and advanced marketers

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  • 1. By: Whitney Segura Sponsors: Beast Marketing
  • 2.  File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digitally stored information, such as computer programs, multi-media (audio, video), documents, or electronic books. It’s essentially the act of distributing files throughout a number of websites, distribution platforms, and programs. Typical file types include: .pdf, .xls, xlsx.doc, .docx, .ppt, .pps, .ps, and .tx.
  • 3.  Creating files is very simple and easy to do. It’s as easy as opening a program, pasting the information, and saving. Can be done with any of the following programs: 1. Word Pad 2. Note Pad 3. Microsoft Word 4. Microsoft Power Point 5. Adobe Acrobat 6. Microsoft Publisher 7. Primo PDF 8. Any other file creator and convertor program.
  • 4.  To distribute a file, first you will need to navigate to the website of the intended platform.  A list of platforms is listed below.  Create an account there, activate your account, and log in.  Then, find the upload document page, select the document from your local hard drive, and click upload.  Next, you will need to give the document a title, brief description, and tags.  Finally, after the document is uploaded, visit the final doc URL page, then give it a review, favorite, comment, or whatever rating system the site is using. Major File Distribution Platforms: 1. Google Documents – 2. Scribd – 3. Slide Share – 4. Doc Stoc –
  • 5.  Proper distribution can be very profitable, in more than one way, there actually are many ways. 1. Direct File views; Tons of free impressions. 2. Document downloads; Creates marketing longevity. 3. Audience is targeted and topic sensitive; Improves conversion rates significantly. 4. Click through referral traffic from links embedded in file; Results in an increase in sales. 5. Accumulate back links from imbedded links within file(s); This will improve organic search engine optimization (SEO) rankings and traffic, by diversifying your link profile and increasing overall authority and link reputation.
  • 6.  The next few slides will display live distributed files, on each of the 4 file distribution platforms listed in this tutorial.  Make certain to notice the total file downloads, views, comments, description, file name, and uploaded date, for each sample page.
  • 7. Live File URL: United-States-Policies-Based-on-Greed
  • 8.  File distribution is an easy and effective way of driving traffic, rankings, and sales to your company or website.  It’s also one of the newest and most untapped resources in the industry of internet marketing, at the current time.
  • 9.  No one is sharing information like this, of course you do!  For more kick ass resources, visit the marketing directory at!
  • 10. Looking to outsource your file distribution needs? Do you wish you could try these powerful marketing tactics, but don’t want to go through the manual process of file creation and distribution? Beast Marketing offers one of the only and best file distribution services in the world! Visit the marketing plans and services page for more details and pricing. Mailing Address: Beast Marketing LLC 217 Karen Drive, Lafayette, Louisiana 70503 Support E-Mail: Customer Support Phone #: 1(337)680-9SEO Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Central U.S.