Best Fruits and Vegetables to Grow Within GreenhousesBy: Juice JudiceAlthough greenhouses are used to grow many types of p...
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Best Fruits and Vegetables to Grow within Greenhouses-i snare-by-juice-judice


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Best Fruits and Vegetables to Grow within Greenhouses-i snare-by-juice-judice

  1. 1. Best Fruits and Vegetables to Grow Within GreenhousesBy: Juice JudiceAlthough greenhouses are used to grow many types of plants, many people enjoy growing fruits and vegetables thatcan be enjoyed while saving money on grocery bills. If you’re new to gardening, you may be wondering which fruitsand vegetables will grow best inside a greenhouse. Regardless of outside climate conditions, plants can be growninside a greenhouse all year long. As you’re deciding what to grow in your greenhouse, here are some excellentsuggestions for both fruits and veggies that grow well in greenhouses.Fruits to Grow in a GreenhouseFruits are often grown in separate greenhouses, and while they thrive well in their own greenhouses, they also can beproductively grown with other crops as well, such as vegetables. The following are a few fruits that can be successfullycultivated in a good greenhouse.- Strawberries – Strawberries are well known for doing very well in a greenhouse. Any strawberry variety can be grownin a greenhouse, but early varieties often perform the best. They can be started in the cold and then brought into agreenhouse midwinter. Once buds begin opening, it’s important to ensure they get plenty of ventilation.- Sweet Melons – A variety of sweet melons can be grown within a greenhouse. Cantaloupe does especially well ingreenhouses. Other sweet melons will do well in a greenhouse if they have some heat. If growing sweet melons,remember that they rely on pollenating to produce fruit. Insects can be added to the greenhouse to do this or you cando it by hand if you notice that no fruit is developing on your melon plants.- Citrus Fruits – Citrus fruits like tangerines, oranges and lemons all can be grown inside greenhouses. These treescan survive well even in cool temperatures, so heating for the greenhouse may not be required during the wintermonths. Keep in mind, if you decide to grow citrus trees from pips, it can take quite some time for them to start actuallyproducing fruit.- Nectarines and Peaches – Cool or unheated greenhouses work well for growing nectarines and peaches. It’simportant to select the right variety for your greenhouse. Varieties that are self fertile make great choices for agreenhouse. Certain varieties will do better in a cool or unheated greenhouse, since they produce fruits later in theseason.- Grapes – With some good care and a good variety choice, grapes can be grown within a greenhouse as well. Somegreat options for cool greenhouse growing include the “Buckland Sweetwater” and “Black Hamburgh” varieties. Ofcourse, you’ll have to ensure that vines get free draining, open soil, so make sure that soil is not water logged. Grapesalso will need support. Pests must also be kept at bay to ensure your grapes grow well.- Tomatoes – Although many people refer to tomatoes as vegetables, they are actually a fruit and they do very well ina greenhouse environment. They need plenty of heat and sunlight, so you will need to make sure they are warmenough and that they get plenty of water.Veggies to Grow in a GreenhouseYou can also enjoy growing a variety of different vegetables within your greenhouse. If you’re unsure which veggies totry in your greenhouse, here are some great options to try.- Leafy Vegetables – Many varieties of leafy vegetables, such as spinach and lettuce, are wonderful veggies to grow ina greenhouse. You can harvest these leafy veggies all year long if you keep the greenhouse above 50 degrees Fthroughout the year.- Peppers – Various types of peppers, including sweet peppers, grow wonderfully inside greenhouses. They neednutrient rich fertilizer and a warm environment to grow well, which is easy to achieve, even during the colder months, ifyou have a good heating system. The soil needs to drain well and regular watering is needed to enjoy the best crop ofpeppers.- Cucumbers – Cucumbers are a popular vegetable choice for greenhouse gardeners. They require warmertemperatures to grow and organic nutrition within their soil too. When growing them, it’s essential to ensure that theyare fertilized on a regular basis. Avoid excess watering, especially if the greenhouse is humid, since this can lead todisease in cucumbers. Preventive fungicides may be required to help avoid infections and diseases.- Eggplant – Since eggplants produce in abundance and are incredibly easy to grow, they are an excellent veggiechoice for greenhouse growers as well. Plants need to be pruned carefully for the best results, since this helps themstay bushy instead of spreading out all over the greenhouse. Pollination may need to be done by hand if you don’thave insects in your greenhouse.These are just a few great fruits and vegetables that do well inside a greenhouse. Begin experimenting with several ofthese options in your own greenhouse to enjoy eating your own delicious, greenhouse grown produce.About The Author:Juice Judice is a college student studying advanced horticulture at the University of Loiuisiana at Lafayette, he is alsoan owner at the Greenhouse Deals Shop, visit them online at Source: