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Whitevector: Social Media

  1. 1. Do not (only) monitor Social Media
  2. 2. Whitevector in brief We analyse social media to help consumer brands increase their visibility and improve marketing planning. Our product is Chat Reports online service, based on automatic data collection. Analyses social media globally and on local European market level. Our clients are consumer brands and we partner up with agencies. Founded in 2006, we have worked with over 250 clients and partners across Nordics, UK, Continental Europe and Russia.
  3. 3. Social Media: the Potential PAID AUDIENCE Bought media EARNED AUDIENCE Social media A mention in an online discussion is the third most usual reason for a visitor to end up on a site and second most significant driver in consumer buying *. * eMedia, Nielsen
  4. 4. Are you using the potential of your Earned Audience? Buying decisions are largely influenced by online discussions: Are you optimising your brand visibility against competition in consumer discussions? Internet is the most significant media among 15-34 year old consumers*: Do you know what drives your traffic and sales in social media? Social media is a direct source of consumer insight and target groups: Are you optimising your marketing planning by listening to consumers ? Whitevector provides you the needed information to make this happen. * eMedia 2010 Research
  5. 5. Analysis as a process Whitevector collects comments from social media sources: Blogs Social networks Discussion forums News & Media sites The content of each comment is analysed in the web-service Chat Reports: Visibility analysis Influential sites Influential keywords Positive and negative tone Clients gain access to both the online service and created reports: ’Discussion monitoring’-view Summaries and alerts Weekly and monthly PDF reporting
  6. 6. Weekly buzz monitoring report For customer service and reputation management Spot volume peaks and changes in competitive share-of- voice and sentiment to spot appealing topics Use most relevant, positive and negative comments to engage with Customer Service or to react with PR
  7. 7. Weekly Reports: How to use and benefit from them? Adding listening to consumer feedback as a part of the organization’s processes Understanding the change in online visibility: Change in visibility when compared to competitors How has the tone of discussion changed? Is the overall category activating consumers more or less? A cost-efficient tool for Customer Service – helps to manage feedback and participate in discussions A useful tool for Communications – helps with identifying the most vital topics and discussions for reputation management 1 2 3 4
  8. 8. Monthly Reports: Category and brand reports Development of own brand and category in terms of activity and visibility Change in positive and negative discussions and comparisons to competitors Most usual words associated with brand and category Measuring and monitoring of social network activity
  9. 9. Monthly Reports: How to use and benefit from them? Supporting marketing measurement and objectives: Measures for online visibility, competitor monitoring and social network activity Campaign influence on visibility Expanding web-analytics: what happens before visitors reach your website? Identifying opportunities: Analysis of visibility and traffic drivers, are there new phenomena in social media that you could find useful? 1 2
  10. 10. Monthly Reports: Consumer research and online influence Consumer Research report: Preference research Development of most popular product features and keywords Developoment of brand image Online influence: Most influential forums Most influential media sites Most influential blogs as well as e.g. Twitter-profiles
  11. 11. Monthly Reports: How to use and benefit from them? Modifying Marketing message: Understanding own position and strengths Identifying topics that activate consumers the most, and using this in conceptualising and communication Focusing marketing procedures: Emphasising most popular topics in search engine marketing, regarding your category Focusing online media efforts on sites that activate discussions related to own brand and category Blogger contacting, participating in discussions Gathering focus group data: Which points of interest make communities come together? 1 2 3
  12. 12. Our service concept Human analysis: Weekly or monthly summary of metrics and qualitative Continuous subscription: Online dashboard for ad hoc research and qualitative analysis Weekly and monthly emailed summaries and PDF reports + Customer Support Social media mapping project: Does social media feel fragmented ? Is it hard to determine metrics to monitor? Social media mapping project provides an easy first step to social media analysis.
  13. 13. How to get started? Book a free product demo! Tommi Lehtonen +358-50-511-4386 tommi.lehtonen@whitevector.com www.whitevector.com www.chatreports.com
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