Prince william proposes to kate middleton with dianaэээs sapphire ring


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Prince william proposes to kate middleton with dianaэээs sapphire ring

  1. 1. Prince William Proposes to Kate Middleton With Diana’s Sapphire RingAfter an eight-year courtship and much intense scrutiny from the press and the publicalike, Prince William of England has finally popped the question to his girlfriend, KateMiddleton. And guess what? She said yes! More surprising than the engagement, whicheven the Queen said has been in the works for a while, is the ring that Prince William usedto propose. Now sitting proudly on the future Princess Kate’s finger is the very samesapphire and diamond engagement ring once worn by William’s mother, Princess Diana. There is no combination more elegant than that of sapphire and diamond. Name of this ring is ‘The Catherine’. Thank you Catherine for allowing us to show off your ring.Diana’s ring has a long and storied history. Princess Di received the ring from her husband,Prince Charles, when they got engaged in 1981. The ring consists of a spectacular 18-caratsapphire surrounded by 14 small diamonds. In the early 1980’s, fascination with all thingsrelating to the elusive and fashionable Princess Diana created a sharp surge in thepopularity ofsapphire engagement rings. Jewelers today are already gearing up for asimilar spike in demand. Sapphire and diamond three-stone rings have already been arising trend; this recent development will only cement the sapphire’s place as a perfectaccompaniment to a beautiful diamond. This ring, a sapphire surrounded by round and pear-shaped stones, is inspired by Diana’s classic ring.
  2. 2. Princess Diana’s first appearance in public with this non-traditional engagement ringsparkled a trend for individuality in engagement rings. To this day, despite the popularityof classic styles like the tiffany setting, more and more brides are choosing unique styles,featuring colored gemstones and unusual settings, that reflect their unique personalities.Prince William explained his choice of his mother’s famous ring, despite the strongassociation that it has with her tragic life. Giving Kate the ring "was my way of making surethat my mother didnt miss out on today and the excitement and the fact that were goingto spend the rest of our lives together,” he said in an official statement.Interestingly, in the three decades that have passed since his mother began wearing theelegant engagement ring, decadent engagement rings have become so common amongmovie stars and other celebrities that this particular ring is no long unique in its size orvalue. However, the elegant and tasteful design of the ring is perfectly suited for royalty,and the sentimental value attached to the ring of the world’s princess is priceless.We can expect diamond and sapphire engagement rings to become increasingly popular in the next year. middleton-with-dianas-sapphire-ring-834.htm