Supply Chain Digital February 2011


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Latest Industry news for the Supply Chain Industry

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Supply Chain Digital February 2011

  2. 2. visit us online at
  3. 3. addWarehousing & Storage Section logo BY BRETT BOOEN February 2011
  4. 4. Warehousing & Storage Buyers Guide d O YOU R when For imaginab former sh one scene gives Forr You can barbecue it, kabobs, shrimp creole, stir fry it. There’s pineapple sh shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shr burgers and a shrimp sandwic Forrest and says, “Yup, that’s We remind you of this scen between Bubba’s acute descrip by lift truck manufacturers w Well, you got your basic fo lifts and towing tractors. The and side loaders. And you can trucks, bendi trucks and thre The only thing missing wa “Yup, that’s about it.”visit us online at
  5. 5. e to Forklifts page 83REMEMBER THAT SCENE in the movie Forrest Gumprrest’s best friend Bubba speaks of shrimp in everyble way that’s known to man? If you don’t, Bubba, ahrimp boater, calls shrimp the “fruit of the sea” and in rest an all-inclusive menu of shrimp-related items. boil it, broil it, bake it and sauté it. There’s shrimp- , and shrimp gumbo. You can pan fry it, deep fry it andhrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, rimp salad, shrimp and potatoes. There’s even shrimp ches. Then Bubba, almost dumbfounded, looks up at about it.”ne only because there was such a strong connectioniption of shrimp and the picture that was painted for uswhen we asked them to discuss handling equipment.orklifts. There’s pallet trucks, walkie low lifts, rider lowere’s rider stackers, reach trucks, tow motors, fork hoists n’t forget about telescopic handlers, order pickers, flexiee-wheel stand one of these execs closing the scene with a Bubba-like, February 2011
  6. 6. Warehousing & Storage Buyers Guide Although Forrest had more ways to make or eatshrimp than he could ever imagine, at the end of theday the only thing that matters is that the shrimptastes good. That’s it. Likewise, the same can be saidabout material handling equipment. When it comes topurchasing equipment, no matter what it is, the onlything that really matters is efficiency. There might be different styles and gear, but more thanvisit us online at
  7. 7. e to Forklifts page 85 did thEy rEally JuSt ComparE purChaSinG manaGErS to a FiCitional Shrimp boatEr namEd bubba? you’rE damn riGht WE did! ever, today it seems that purchases are made solely to address efficiency-related issue in much-needed areas. At this point you might be asking yourself, “Did they really just compare Purchasing Managers to a fictional shrimp boater named Bubba?” You’re damn right we did! We did so in the interest of showing consumers that when it comes to buying a forklift—no matter the make, model, or way it looks—the only thing that truly matters is its efficiency. Without it warehousing and handling operations can easily succumb to the costly and unnecessary constraints that plague efficiency February 2011
  8. 8. Warehousing & Storage Buyers Guidehyster’s range of Forklift trucksreports. But you already know that. All of the majormanufacturers are coming out with funky fork liftinnovations that are linked directly to answering theneeds of a sustainable future. Innovations are appliedto the lift trucks themselves, which in turn improvesthe overall operational capacity of warehouses, wherelift trucks are most essential. At last, we are proud to bring you the UltimateBuyer’s Guide to Forklift Truck Driving. The futurevisit us online at
  9. 9. e to Forklifts page 87 of the materials handling industry is being led by innovations from companies like Hyster, Caterpillar and Toyota. What follows are three products from AAL Hyster, a company that we identified as a technology leader in the handling industry. If you like, you can read a more extensive report on AAL Hyster in the back of this publication. These are must-know innovations to consider before allocating a chunk of your purchasing budget to handling equipment. February 2011
  10. 10. Warehousing & Storage Buyers GuideForKtrACKForkTrack is an advanced online fleetmanagement system delivered by AALHyster that delivers real-time reportsabout the operational efficiency of forkliftfleets. An unobtrusive device found onthe side of the latest Hyster lift trucks, ForkTrackfeatures advanced safety features, driver performancemonitoring and web-based reporting. Withmeasureable results, ForkTrack promotes a stronglevel of fleet efficiency and it helps fully integrate thesupply chain. With ForkTrack, drivers are not able tooperate unless a seatbelt is clicked in, and its licensemonitoring capability ensures that drivers are inaccordance with the latest licensing requirements. “Instead of being a reactive device, which a lot ofthe devices in the market are, it’s a proactive device,”said AAL Hyster Managing Director Peter Whiffen.“It’s a safety product that controls what drivers canand can’t do while operating a lift truck.”visit us online at
  11. 11. e to Forklifts page 89 inStEad oF bEinG a rEaCtivE dEviCE, WhiCh a lot oF thE dEviCES in thE markEt arE, it’S a proaCtivE dEviCE Peter Whiffen, Md, AAL hYSter February 2011
  12. 12. Warehousing & Storage Buyers GuideBAttErY MANAGEMENtThe AAL Hyster Battery Management System is asolution to forklift battery problems. Electric batteriesrequire up to 16 hours charging time, so the need fora fully integrated system goes without saying. Batterylife and reduced costs are both benefits to usingHyster’s BMS. Combined with ForkTrack, the systemcan be integrated online to give managers detailedreports about the status of batteries.visit us online at
  13. 13. e to Forklifts page 91 MoNotroL PEDAL With the Hyster MONOTROL Pedal, operators are afforded a pedal system that deploys one-foot control for both acceleration and direction, which ultimately leaves their hands free for steering and operating hydraulic levers. It’s a simple innovation that ultimately improves the overall productivity of operators. February 2011