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Construction Digital

  1. 1. | Feb 2011eCo-SchoolSGreen Building s Ta n d a r d s Top Global architects China Under ConsTrUCTion
  2. 2. aRCHI Shakingphoto: iwan Baan Visit us online at
  3. 3. architectural designITECTsg up dESign call thEm mavErickS, lEadErS or ovErachiEvErS—thESE architEctS havE ShapEd, and continuE to tranSForm, thE dESign induStry by lauRa ClappER February 2011
  4. 4. Architectural Design y photo: roland halbe wond it arou power have s indeli ZaHa She’s and a have t of ofte Bmw central Building, Zaha hadid defyinVisit us online at
  5. 5. Five Architects page 47y Ou’VE pRObably walKED pasT THE designs of these architects on the street, visited them on your last vacation to a global city or even work in one. Perhaps you’ve crossed one of their bridges or stopped at one of their railway stations on journey through Europe. Chances are the design evoked a feeling: inspiration,der, giddiness, confusion. Regardless of the feeling used, the fact that you felt something makes it a rful design. The following are global architects who shaped the architectural field and continue to leave an ible impression.a HaDID has been called many things: controversial, impracticala “paper” architect; however, even critics of Zaha Hadid to admit that her innovative designs push the envelope en-stale architecture into whimsical new territories, ng the laws of physics along the way. She’s a pioneer February 2011
  6. 6. Architectural Design museum of tomorrow, Santiawho kicked open the door of the male-dominatedfield, crafting complex dynamic structures thatdrive the evolution of the architectural ideal into anew design aesthetic. Notable designs include theMAXXI: Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome,which embodies the inspiration of innovation,Visit us online at
  7. 7. Five Architects page 49 multiculturalism and interdisciplinary function; the Nordpark Railway Stations in Austria with a shell-like exterior that takes inspiration from the movement of glaciers and the BMW Central Building in Germany which combines organization with modernism and a bit of whimsy. saNTIaGO CalaTRaVa Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava has built a solid career designingago calatrava bridges and train stations. The structural engineer/architect/sculptor has been praised for linking traditional architecture and structural engineering. He designed the Bach de Roda-Felipe II Bridge in Barcelona, the Trinity Footbridge in Manchester, England and the Puente de la Mujer in the Puerto Madero district of Buenos Aires. Calatrava is also known for designing February 2011
  8. 8. Architectural Designbuildings as well, including the Olympic SportsComplex in Athens, the Turning Torso Malmöin Sweden, the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia inValencia, Spain and the Museum of Tomorrow(“Museu do Amanhã”) in Rio.lORD NORMaN FOsTER luxemHow many architects can say that they’vebeen knighted by the Queen and honoredwith a Life Peerage? The man behind suchicons of the urban landscape as London’sSwiss Re Tower (you might also know it asthe Gherkin), New York’s Hearst HeadquartersTower and Moscow’s Crystal Island, wasborn in industrial Manchester, England. Heattained degrees from Manchester UniversitySchool of Architecture and City Planningand Yale University before founding Foster +Partners in 1967. Over the last four decades,the firm has won over 470 design awardsVisit us online at
  9. 9. Five Architects page 51 and honors and over 86 international and national competitions. Lord Foster and his firm continue to design diverse structures and communities including the Faustino Winery in Spain, the Index in Dubai and the Luxembourg Royal Hamilius.mbourg royal hamilius, Foster + partners February 2011
  10. 10. Architectural DesignRENZO pIaNO the ShThe recipient of several awards includingKyoto Prize, the RIBA Royal Gold Medal forArchitecture and the Pritzker ArchitecturePrize, Italian architect Renzo Piano hasearned a reputation for creating imaginativeyet functional buildings, both big andsmall. The 55,000 square foot NasherSculpture Center has become a vibrant arthub in Dallas, Texas housing a collection ofcontemporary sculptures by leading artists aswell as hosting monthly community events.Currently, the 310 meter Shard Tower,which promises to be the tallest building inthe European Union, is under constructionin London. The mixed-use tower is part ofSouthwark’s urban revitalization. He openedthe Renzo Piano Building Workshop in 1981in Genoa. Since then, he’s opened offices inParis and New York.Visit us online at
  11. 11. Five Architects page 53hard, renzo piano February 2011
  12. 12. Architectural Design walkie talkie tower, rafaVisit us online at
  13. 13. Five Architects page 55 RaFaEl VIÑOly Uruguayan-born, Argentinean-raised Rafael Viñoly began his career as a founding partner of Estudio de Arquitectura, which would evolve into one of the largest design firms in Latin America. “My design philosophy is rooted in the development of architectural ideas that are powerful, distinctive, and relevant to the specifics of both program and context,” he is quoted as saying on his website. Founded in 1983, Rafael Viñoly Architects PC has offices in New York, London and Los Angeles. Viñoly has designed London’s 160 meter tall 20 Fenchurch Street, aka the Walkie Talkie tower, as well as the exterior of the Vdara Hotel and Spa, which is part of MGM CityCenter in Las Vegas and the expansionael viñoly of the Cleveland Museum of Art in Ohio. cd February 2011