Business Review India February 2011


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Latest Business News and Tips for India

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Business Review India February 2011

  1. 1. SPecial rePort this isfive SPecIAl the top the innovators of feature headline Name Surname the past decade By | Feb | Feb 2011 IndIa’sWhat is Economicthe cover hotspotsheadline? What is the cover sub headline? WHAT IS THe cover SuB HeAdlINe? What is the cover sub headline? INdIA’S uNuSuAl celebrity business leaders is the cover clean ToP TeN enoughSocIAl medIA for a supporting telecom headline?PredIcTIoNS companiesFor 2011 IN INdIA is the coverAcceSSorIeS clean enoughFor STylISH NAvIgATINg for a supportingBuSINeeS headline? THe fascinatingTrAvellerS maze of seo
  2. 2. visit us online at
  3. 3. money mattersINdIA’S ecoNomIcHoTSPoTS:IndIa’s RealGRowTh sToRyIndIa’S EmErGEnCE aS an ECOnOmICPOwErhOUSE IS baSEd On ThE SOCIO-ECOnOmIC rEFOrmS ChannElIzEd byIndIa’S EmErGInG hOTSPOTS.By PrAjAkTA AmBre February 2011
  4. 4. money matters India’s Real GmumbaiI NdIA HAS come A loNg way since 1999, the year of major socio-economic reforms. Besides being branded as the most culturally diverse country on the global front, india is also knownas the next powerful economy after the usa.the economic developments of 1999 that helpedreforming the core socio-economic structure ofindia have contributed significantly to the financialmakeover of the county.visit us online at
  5. 5. Growth story page 65 india embodies an interesting mix of various metropolitan cities, which are emerging as new economic hotspots of india and will change the face of india’s progress card very soon. not to forget that these economic hotspots are also the potential real estate markets and they will mark robust growth with the advent of the infrastructural improvements that have started picking up. along with hot tier i real estate destinations like February 2011
  6. 6. money matters India’s Real GMumbai, delhi, Bengaluru, pune and hyderabad, tierii and tier iii cities in the north, south, West and east regions of the country, which are located at Madhya pradesh, punjab, rajasthan, uttar pradesh and haryana will play a crucial role in india’s augmentation. A quIck glANce AT THe reAl eSTATe Boom IN INdIA real estate is one of the booming sectors in india. We have seen many ambitious, infrastructure- oriented projects coming up real estate is a booming sector in Indiavisit us online at
  7. 7. Growth story page 67 FOr InvESTmEnT OPPOrTUnITIES In ThE wOrld, IndIa STandS Tall amId OThEr POTEnTIal COUnTrIES Prajakta aMbre, assoCiate editor in india, which are directly associated with india’s expansion plans. residential and commercial projects taking shape in india’s tier ii and tier iii cities signify nothing than colligated growth. upcoming seZs and infrastructure development plants put up by the overseas companies will not only attract foreign direct investment but also more jobs. When we spoke to gaurav sharma, advisor from one of the rapidly growing broking firms in india about the future of india’ real estate market, he said, “it is true that the property prices are skyrocketing in major cities of india. however, in order to be February 2011
  8. 8. money matters India’s Real GThe Green revolution effect has introduced prosperity to Indiavisit us online at
  9. 9. Growth story page 69 on the path of progress, we need to understand the hidden benefits attached to the continuous development of real estate properties.” gdP groWTH: INdIA’S moST dePeNdABle TrumP cArd rate of india’s gdp growth (gross domestic product) has been phenomenal. according to a survey conducted in 2009, the gdp growth rate for 2009-10 was 6.5% and the latest forecast mentions that india would be growing at the rate of 8.7% in 2011. hence, the optimism in the domestic financial circuit of india is for the reason that india’s gdp growth is likely to aggregate. nsew GRowTh avenues NorTH INdIA the northern part of india has seen rapid growth, which has ranged above 8% per annum. the green revolution effect (harit pradesh Movement) has February 2011
  10. 10. money matters India’s Real Ginduced prosperity to states likeuttarakhand, himachal pradesh,punjab, uttar pradesh (western zone),haryana and union territories ofdelhi and chandigarh, except Bihar,however. gurgaon and noida have registeredmaximum growth (137%) in 2009-10,while regions like ghaziabad,faridabad and Kundli have beenfavorable, especially for the growthpertaining to the real estate business.eAST INdIAgrowth patterns in east india revolvearound the output generated in semi-rural areaslike Kharagpur of West Bengal, orissa, Jharkhand,assam and north-eastern states like sikkim,darjeeling, Manipur, etc. a paradigm shift in thegrowth models of these states was seen in aftervisit us online at
  11. 11. Growth story page 71 2005 when peculiar efforts from the administration were made to channelize growth. SouTH INdIA the geographical spread in south india is huge and February 2011
  12. 12. money matters India’s Real Gsince the economy is largely agrarian, south indianstates are considered as promising lands where cultivation of spices and key crops like rice, ragi and sorghum fetch tremendous profits. WeST INdIA West indian states like Maharashtra, gujarat,visit us online at
  13. 13. Growth story page 73 goa, etc create 20.34% of the national gdp of the country with an annual growth rate of 14.5%. these states have the strongest economical prospects that drive the growth of the national economy. THe roAd AHeAd When it comes to looking for investment opportunities in the world, india stands tall amid other potential countries simply because it offers excellent resources required to achieve intensified growth. it is said that the frontier markets of today become the blooming powerhouses of tomorrow, which clearly means that india is definitely on the right track. brin February 2011