Because of our liking of the song ‘Moves Like Jagger’ we thought we would do this song when researching Maroon 5, however ...
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Initial ideas


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Initial ideas

  1. 1. Because of our liking of the song ‘Moves Like Jagger’ we thought we would do this song when researching Maroon 5, however after seeing the video we decided to choose <br />the less known song ‘Misery’ in the hopes of making it more original.<br />However after seeing the new release ‘Misery’ Maroon Five we decided we wanted to do this song as we found the Video original and the song catchy; something a wider genre would be appealed by. We then requested song permission for this song and started plotting our coursework around this; doing an audience profile and audience profile around the alternative pop genre (most fitting to Maroon Five).<br />Initially we were thinking something along the ‘Industrial’ genre and had taken inspiration from Nine Inch Nails but choosing something a little more Neo-Industrial we went with ‘Innerpartysystem’. We asked permission for the song ‘Don’t Stop’. <br />Personally I took inspiration from the farce like video ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! @ The Disco’. The use of costume and a clown theme to represent the destruction of innocence appealed to me greatly. I also looked at a range of costumes from bands like ‘Muse’ to ‘David Bowie’ and ‘Queen’ as from them it is quite apparent that appearance means something and that eccentricity usually gets publicity. <br />We looked at many types of genre, from Industrial to Rock, pop dance electronic and all in-between, eventually we decided<br />On a alternative Pop video simply because this is the most popular genre of the moment making ideas present in pretty much every Video we watched, ideas we could use to help produce our own.<br />When researching the industrial genre I took heavy influence from the video ‘Don’t Stop’ as aforementioned. The reason for this is I found the use of stop motion and combined film to represent insanity and the heavy use of iconography to be quite moving and it got the message of the song through very clearly, seeming to highlight the points and even make it better.<br />Initial Ideas<br />David Leighton<br />As a final stage of research we had to choose between our two preferred bands ‘The Feeling’ and ‘Maroon Five’, due to the fact ‘The Feeling’ were playing live at Metro the week we had to decide we choose to go and see them play live, however after seeing ‘The Feeling’ we decided that because their album was older than Maroon 5’s we wanted to do something that was new and this eventually was the reason we choose to use Maroon Five’s song, however if we had not choose this song we would have done ‘Set My World On Fire, The Feeling’ as this video too was one of the lesser known singles and therefore easier to make our own and a bit more unique. <br />