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The Motley Fool Migrates From Search Engines Search Product To Apache Solr_Lucene Open Source Search
The Motley Fool Migrates From Search Engines Search Product To Apache Solr_Lucene Open Source Search
The Motley Fool Migrates From Search Engines Search Product To Apache Solr_Lucene Open Source Search
The Motley Fool Migrates From Search Engines Search Product To Apache Solr_Lucene Open Source Search
The Motley Fool Migrates From Search Engines Search Product To Apache Solr_Lucene Open Source Search
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The Motley Fool Migrates From Search Engines Search Product To Apache Solr_Lucene Open Source Search


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  1. The Motley Fool Migrates From Search Engines Search Product ToApache Solr/Lucene Open Source SearchThe Motley Fools award-winning web site , , publishes hundreds of articles each week , withover 4 million distinctive visitors as well as 11 zillion sessions per month. They made a decision toreplace their Google search Appliance along with Solr -- and hired articulate Imagination to ensureprofitable implementation. "Lucene and Solr can definitely do what any commercial or proprietarysearch tool can do - certainly as well, or better, " states Chad Wolfsheimer, VP of Technicalprocedures ,•Increased search relevancy and click-through-rate (CTR) through 40% compared to legacy searchappliance; 48% reduction in web site exit price (bounce)•Big reduction in license membership costs, minimizing cost of ownership as content data grows•Rapid migration from the google Search appliance ; from operating search platform within two weeks, to complete production inside 90 daysCustomer OverviewThe Motley Fool, the multimedia financial-services company, gets to millions of people every month.Its web site , books, paper column, television appearances, as well as subscription newsletterservices are all designed to assist people manage their financial lives. The actual Motley Foolsaward-winning web site , , publishes hundreds of articles each week , with over 4 milliondistinctive visitors as well as 11 zillion sessions per month. Over 25 million paperwork are storedtoday, along with total content growing at 10% yearly.Search is critical to help users find the information they have to make investment decisions.As well as search results high quality is vital to bringing visitors back: when they find what they desire, theyll still return to - for additional membership services as well as paid content. TheMotley Fool made a decision to replace their existing implementation , based on the google Searchappliance , with Solr -- as well as hired articulate Imagination to make sure successful implementationof trick.coms mission-critical search capability.
  2. Key search Improvements along with Solr:•Increased search relevancy as well as click-through-rate (click through rate ) by 40% compared toheritage search appliance•48% reduction in web site exit rate (rebound )•Big reduction in permit subscription costs , and lower cost of ownership because content informationgrows•Rapid implementation; operating search platform within two weeks , full production within 90 days•Enhanced user search productivity by adding features such as sorting on date as well as relevance,punctuational correction, as well as "Did you mean..."ChallengesContent is core to the Motley trick business. At , free content is presented to users that couldnot understand much about the Motley trick. This provides introducing Motley trick as a brand , itstrading style as well as ideas, as well as options for much more paid services. The content composedof roughly 75% board articles , and 25% other content items including news, blogs , reports, as wellas videos."We had some thing basic but useable running very, quickly. So, that was a testament to ourdesigners , to articulate and to Solr, itself. We were very, very happy with that. "- Chad Wolfsheimer, VP of Technical procedures , faced the "good news, bad news " story: compensated and non-paid user traffic weregrowing , but needed to ensure that they could continue to effectively match growingcontent to that growing user population to in the face of several challenges:
  3. •Spiraling search Application costsFool.coms legacy search software (google Search appliance ) was expensive , and certification costswere growing quickly as the quantity of content grew. In fact, software costs were outpacing hardwareupgrades.•Need for Improved high quality and relevance of search resultsWith considerable increases in community articles and user contributions, as well as new resourcesand kinds of content, the caliber of results experienced , and users couldnt regularly find the thingsthey were looking for.•Operational EffectivenessThe legacy search solution supplied little visibility into specialized configuration of search guidelines ,and tuning was difficult. Fool.coms technical team found it tough to implement configuration changesor to understand their effects on search optimization.•ScalabilityContent growth produced issues with scalability; document indexing limits with the legacy applianceprevented addition of new content. Old content would need to be removed using scripted methodswhich took up valuable development time.SolutionsInitially, was motivated by cost to start looking at other search solutions. The actual searchappliance was expensive , and would become more so as the record collection grew. Freedomthrough per-document certification fees was a major advantage for the LucidWorks Certifieddistribution for Solr, the free , supported version of Apache Solr through Lucid creativity."Lucene and Solr can definitely do what any commercial or proprietary search tool can do - certainlyas well, or better. "- Chad Wolfsheimer, VP of Technical procedures ,
  4. More important than cost was the ability to customize applications. With many custom applications, uses new performance to innovate and stay competitive throughout their numerousbusiness choices. Rapid plug-in is essential; Solrs flexibility as well as extensibility were a greatmatch for these also found which Solr shipped better openness into tuning and optimisation of searchresults. They could really understand the factors that influenced performance as well as quality. Incontrast to the closed "black box " appliance, they could have understanding of the technicians ofsearch results , and create improving algorithms which closely monitored their business goals current.With the help of Lucid Imaginations consulting team , got moving quickly. Trick.comdescribed what they wanted to achieve, and had a working pilot implementation installed andoperating in just a couple weeks.After indexing all the content , the next step ended up being to make changes to make sure that themost relevant info was delivered to users. This particular required a balance between relevance andrecency. This boosts some particular content kinds that were regarded as a little more valuable thanother content.With Solr, the actual technical team at was able to add multi Selecting Faceting, so thatusers could state subsets from the collection, as well as navigate to the type of content they wantediteratively based on their search results. Inside roughly 90 days - which covered development , test,as well as production implementation - the actual implementation had been complete."Our articulate Imagination consultants absolutely rocked."- Danny Hsia, director , Fool.comBecause here are absolutely no licensing costs associated with Solr, enjoyed significantsavings by eliminating the actual licensing costs associated with the previous packaged searchappliance as well as software theyd purchased. They also avoided additional costs due to increasedamounts of content. Dramatic improvements were also quickly seen in click-through (CTR) as well asexit (rebound ) rates - and these improvements have been continual. Finally, the website expandedits range of content types through two to 5.
  5. "were very, very happy. Our users are informing us the results Im obtaining are much better thanthey were prior to. In turn, we believe thats going to turn into success in terms of revenue to thebusiness." Danny Hsia, director , Fool.comAbout Lucid ImaginationLucid Imagination may be the commercial organization dedicated to Apache Lucene technology. Thecompany offers value-added software , documentation, commercial-grade support, training , high-level talking to , and free certified distributions, for Lucene and Solr. Lucid Imaginations goal wouldbe to serve as a main resource for the whole Lucene community and marketplace , to makeenterprise search software developers much more productive. To learn more please visitwww.lucidimagination.comPosicionamiento web