The Glitch showcase 2013


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The Glitch showcase 2013

  1. 1. The GlitchA DIGITAL SHOWCASE
  2. 2. What IS THE GLITCHBEHIND EVERY SCREEN IS A PERSONIn the end, nearly everything we do is for people. Real people staring at a screentrying to find something, buy something, say something, or connect with someone.People are at the center of our work, our relationships with our clients and ourcompany. It’s this passion that fuels our designs. Understanding who they are, theirneeds, how they interact with you or your company are all central to helping ourclients develop products and services for them.We create content that lets you engage with your audience. By crafting content richwebsites supported by cutting edge online strategy and viral mechanics, we’llensure your brands message will not just stand out, but scream out loud.
  3. 3. Clientele
  4. 4. Clientele
  5. 5. Social Media Campaigns
  6. 6. QUIKSILVER INDIAAs a social media partner for Quiksilver, we have been focussed on buildingthe Quiksilver brand across India. With purely organic seeding, we engaged the Quiksilver consumer online with an array of fun apps, online contests, on ground events and social activities that helped grow the brand
  7. 7. CAMPAIGNSWINDOW JAM: We replaced the regular mannequin at the Quiksilverstore with a real singer with a guitar who belted out songs onrequest. This event was live tweeted and streamed over Facebookand we allowed requests over tweets too. A big hit with shoppersacross Mumbai and Delhi.SLAPS: The Flip Flop range by Quiksilver was called slaps. Hence welaunched a campaign where users could throw slaps across theirfriends pages that looked like soles of these flip flops.It was simple, stupid and effective as we got over3000+ users to activate it over a week withoutany advertising.
  8. 8. FACEBOOK FLASH MOB Aged between 24-35 Urban, SEC A Went to B SchoolsReads News papers, magazines, blogs, active online Even though his/her brand may not be edgy, likes edgy out of the box ideas
  9. 9. SHOCK BY CHANGING RELATIONSHIP STATUS When 500 people change their relationship status together at the same time, conversations begin. They are led to the unique website we created where discount coupons and invites for the BIG SALE are provided in exchange for facebook mentions & publicity RESULTS: Over 35,000 visits to the website and 5000 registrations in less than 2 days. Voted as one of the Best Social media Campaigns of 2012
  10. 10. 55DSL Launch"A gun that shoots when you Tweet,a bustling crowd and a young brand is whatmade 55DSL’s “Tweet To Hit” campaign to hitthe spot with people and digital marketersalike. A first of its kind, the campaign was ”Voted amongst the mostaimed at engaging audiences digitally as wellas on-ground by combining innovation andonline game-play executed in real-time." Inspiring Twitter Campaignsh"p:// of 2012”
  11. 11. How do we make a film about amute guy sound fun andinteresting?
  12. 12. Flavor of barfiWe left Barfi lose in the hands of the viewer. The viewer could command him to do anything by typing in the action and Barfi would perform. Over 8Lac Hits and a minimum time spend of over 4.5minutes, the flavor of barfi was established.
  13. 13. And Everybody loved it
  14. 14. NANO DRIVE WITH MTVHow do you break the misconception that nano is not a suitable car for long drives? By putting 16 socially active users on a road trip across the country for 20 daysEvery move of theirs was documented as videos, pictures and blog posts and their points were calculated by the interactions they generated.
  15. 15. NANO DRIVE WITH MTV 100 Videos 1,00,000 Unique tweets and 1.4 Million impressions in less than 1 Month Voted amongst the Best Social media Campaigns of 20125 awards in various categories includingMOST EFFECTIVE BRANDED CONTENT at the Pitch Youth Marketing Awards
  17. 17. DARE TO DATEWe utilized the feature of annotations onyoutube to produce interactive videoswhere the viewer could control theoutcome of the film.To promote the concept of dating, wedeveloped the interactive date videoswhere the user could go on a date andproceed as per his choice. These videoswere interim linked to Facebook so theywould update his/her status uponwinning or losing the game.These videos generated a large numberof views and also increased the timespent on the page as people returned tosee other the outcomes of otheroptions.
  18. 18. More INTERACTIVE VIDEOS Mahindra Interactive Stream My Friend Pinto Average time spent is approximately 3 minutes on each of these interactive videos and were extensively shared by people as the concept was unique.
  19. 19. OTHER VIDEO CONTENT With over 75 hours of video content developed and over 12 awards, Glitch leads the way on the digital video content development space.
  20. 20. VIRALCAMPAIGNS 2012
  21. 21. AXE SHOWER GEL We helped launch Axe shower gel in India along with MTV with a campaign titled “Where is Jose”A video was launched every hour with jose being tortured by the Axe Girls to requests by the audience. EMVIES GOLD WINNER FOR BEST ONLINE VIDEOS
  22. 22. LONDON FAKIR How do we create awareness about a new range of condoms being launched without mentioning it? Through a fictitious character called London Fakir who mixes sex and humor. With over 1.5Million hits & A GOLD for the BEST VIRAL CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR We believe we delivered.
  23. 23. Interactive Tech Innovations
  24. 24. MOBILE V SPOT AppsWhen channel [v] opened their new age cafe in Delhi, they approached us for new media solutions.We designed and developed the interactive menu, an interactive photobooth and a touch screen [v]ictionary game in the process. The menu allows users to rate the food, read details about the food, place their orders directly and also ask simpoo for a recommendation. The Photo booth allowed users to get their pics clicked and uploaded onto Facebook!
  25. 25. MOBILE AUDI POWER DRIVEAn on ground activation where people could race against each other using the iPad as thesteering controller. The entire activity was driven via a Facebook login hence the users scoreswould automatically post on Facebook thus viralling the activity.
  26. 26. AWARDS 12 Digital awards in 2012 2 Best Social media Campaigns of the year Amongst the 8 most interesting twitter campaigns of the year
  27. 27. For the year 2013 Insert Your Brand Here
  28. 28. THANK YOU