Muckno Mania Castleblayney - Cavan Monaghan LEADER Festival Conference 2012

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Presented by Mr Tommy Mc Guire, Castleblayney Community Enterprise

Presented by Mr Tommy Mc Guire, Castleblayney Community Enterprise

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  • 1. Muckno Mania Festival
  • 2. OriginsThe Muckno Mania Festival was introducedby Castleblayney Community Enterprise asa one day event back in 1999. Followingits success that year the Festival was thenextended to a three day event.The Muckno Mania Festival is now in its13th year and continues to include avaried programme which is designed toprovide family entertainment and also toenhance public awareness andappreciation of the Arts.
  • 3. AimsThe aims of the Festival are to promote &stimulate community interest in art,culture & sports so as to enhance cultural,social & economic development within thecommunity. The organisers of the Festivalare always keen to broaden participationin the events and therefore the FestivalProgramme includes a variety of activitiesaimed at all sections of the community.
  • 4. Festival NameThe title of the Festival which includes theword Muckno is in reference to the sceniclake Muckno and the parish of Muckno. Thelake took its name from a story which tellshow a Saint Maeldoid tried to build aMonastery on one side of the lake but hadto change his plans when a Black Pigemerged from the lake to knock down thewalls each night. The lake was then calledMuc Snàmh which is the English for theswimming pig. However poor Englishpronunciation back the years translated it toMuckno.
  • 5. Wilbert the PigIn 2007 the Committee decided tocreate a corporate logo for theFestival which would make itsynonymous with the event.Eventually they identified andadopted an image of a pig in abathing suit holding a micro-phonewhich represents both the legend ofthe lake and depicts the FestivalProgramme of Entertainment. In aschool competition Erin Brady namedthe pig Wilbert and he is now widelyused in all Festival promotionalmaterial.
  • 6. Wilbert the Pig Competition
  • 7. Committee Make-upThe Muckno Mania Committee is made up of: 5 Castleblayney Community Enterprise Board Members 18 Local People from different ages and backgrounds Over 50 volunteers help out on the weekend.
  • 8. Art ContentThe entire Muckno FestivalProgramme deliberately combinespopular fare with serious artisticcontent which is designed not aloneto enhance public awareness &appreciation in the Arts but also toprovide a diverse programmewhereby more & more peopleexperience the arts. There is a veryvaried Art content throughout theentire Muckno Mania Programme.
  • 9. Key Items Festival Queen Guinness World Records Cultural Fair Triathlon Soap Box / Float Your Soap Box Stars in Your Eyes Fun Day Sunday New Creative Activities
  • 10. Festival Queen Competition
  • 11. FestivalQueen 2012
  • 12. Smurfs –Guinness World Record 2008
  • 13. The Flintstones –Guinness World Record 2010
  • 14. Hulk –Guinness World Record 2012
  • 15. Cultural Fair
  • 16. Triathlon
  • 17. Festival Finances Grant Aid  Arts Council  Monaghan County Council  Castleblayney Town Council  LEADER Festival Fees Sponsorship  Local Businesses  Pub Sponsorship
  • 18. Chamber of Ireland Access Award
  • 19. REHAB Award
  • 20. REHAB Award
  • 21. Chamber of Commerce
  • 22. Impacts Local Involvement Community Spirit Town Promotion Tourism Promotion Economic Benefit to local Community Harnesses Good Will
  • 23. Festival Strengths Varied Programme Track Record (13th Year) Good Will Dedicated Committee Castleblayney Community Enterprise
  • 24. Castleblayney Festival Network
  • 25. In 2010 Conscious that there were groups within Community running events and activities that were very similar in nature and using similar resources
  • 26. Member Groups Castleblayney Drama Festival
  • 27. Pipe Band Competition
  • 28. Castleblayney Chamber ofCommerce – May Day Parade
  • 29. Muckno Mania Festival
  • 30. Castleblayney Show
  • 31. Bog Snorkelling
  • 32. Possible Benefits Joint marketing and promotion Joint fundraising Central administration office Sharing of resources e.g. equipment Idea sharing and assisting each event to become more successful Funding applications
  • 33. Group Undertakings Met Stakeholders Bookmarkers FÁS Job Placement Variety Concert Application To LEADER
  • 34. Half Page Ad
  • 35. Programme Books & Fliers
  • 36. Calendar
  • 37. Pop Up Stands
  • 38. Aluminium Stand
  • 39. Barriers
  • 40. Cones
  • 41. Corporate Flags, Street Banners, P/A
  • 42. LEADER Funding at 75% 6½ Pages in Northern Standard €6,300 6 x 7 Day Advert on Northern Sound €3,654 Programme Book and fliers €6,218 2011 Annual Calendar €3,993 Seven Pop up Stands with graphics €4,840 6 Aluminium road sign stands €1,975 36 (8ft x 4ft) Road Signs €1,990 40 control barriers €1,920 100 Cones €1,983 24 (10ft x 2ft) Street Banners €1,430 20 Corporate Flags €1,600 1 Outdoor PA System €1,940 €37,843
  • 43. Financial Details LEADER Funding 1st Phase €11,296 LEADER Funding 2nd Phase €17,074 LEADER Total €28,370 Matching Funds 25% €9,455 Overall Total €37,825
  • 44. Weaknesses Need for a lead partner Additional workload Weak groups in consortium Buy in poor
  • 45. Benefits to Date Increased awareness of events Increased numbers attending events Professional approach to promotion Greater synergies amongst groups Members supporting each others event