Press release wi bsp event 31-01-2013 for wi-site


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Press release wi bsp event 31-01-2013 for wi-site

  1. 1. Field trip to Kuala Balaipeat swamp kick starts BSP-WetlandsInternational Biodiversity Action PlanBrunei Shell Petroleum Company SendirianBerhad (BSP) and WetlandsInternational (WI) Malaysiaintroduced the Biodiversity Action Plan(BAP) project area to stakeholders by leading a visit to the KualaBalai peat swampin the morning of January the 31st 2013.Representatives from various government agencies joined the trek aspart of a familiarization of the area and also in celebration of WorldWetlands Day. To protect and restore wetland areas of highbiodiversity value in the lower Belait valley, BSP and WI havepartnered together to create a plan that will contain a set of futureactions that will lead to the conservation or enhancement ofbiodiversity of the area.This BAP project is also in line with theBelait District’s Plan and the Heart of Borneo project.Lt. Col (Rtd) Hj Amir Hamzah Hj Hanafi, BSP Head Communications andExternal Affairs, said, “BSP is very pleased to be collaborating withWI and with our various partners in the government, educationalinstitutes, NGO’s and the general public to do our part inenvironmental conservation. This is a collective effort and each of ushas a role to play in maintaining our natural heritage. The BAPbenefits Brunei Darussalam on many levels, from environmentalprotection to human capacity development.”Dr Jonathan Davies, WI Project Leader said, “I am very pleased to beinvolved in the biodiversity action plan project. Not only does it aimto conserve and enhance the fabulous natural heritage of Brunei, butit also aims to reduce the occurrence of damaging fires in the projectarea and to rehabilitate and reforest degraded areas. These are veryworthy objectives and we will be working closely with our partners inthe Brunei government and academe to achieve them. We are also verykeen to involve young Bruneians in the project activities to build astrong national capacity to safeguard the environment of Brunei forfuture generations.”The 18-month project aims to develop and implement a BiodiversityAction Plan (BAP) for BSJV’s coastal concession area and thepeatlands, in particular the Badas peat dome. The plan will also pavethe way for the implementation of prevention and control of fire inpeatlands, especially in the Badas dome, and the development of animplementation plan for restoration of degraded peatlands.The communities in the project area will benefit directly from theimplementation of the BAP as it will comprise measures to mitigate therisks of peat fire hazes to public health, now an annual occurrence.It also contributes to Brunei’s efforts in helping reduce globalwarming and ecosystem destruction.This project supports the nation’s
  2. 2. efforts towards the development of knowledge and skills for thecountry’s academic and research institutions by having Bruneiansparticipating and contributing as specialists and research assistantsas much as possible.This project involves the continuous collective effort and supportfrom many different government agencies in working with BSP and WIwhere such collaboration highlights the importance of working closelytogether to make a meaningful difference to Brunei Darussalam inpreserving its green heritage for future generations.ENDMedia Liaison for Wetlands International: Jonathan DaviesMedia Liaison for BSP: Wani Abdul Gapar and Khairul Anwar Ismail