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The latest on Chevrolet's All-New Small Car! The 2012 Chevrolet Sonic is Here Now!

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Sonic newsletterissue2 v3_hi

  1. 1. SONIC NOW THE LATEST ON CHEVROLETS ALL–NEW SMALL CAR. WEEK OF AUGUST 15, 2011 PRESS REVIEWS UNDERSCORE DEMO DRIVE IMPORTANCE The automotive press recently had their first spins in the 2012 Hyundai Accent and 2012 Nissan Versa. Below is a sampling of what they had to say. It’s further proof that hosting a “Dare to Compare” event is a smart way to highlight Sonic’s ride and handling benefits and create sales opportunities for your dealership. 2012 Hyundai Accent “ In the manual transmission model I was driving, I hit a momentary dead spot in acceleration just after an upshift from, say, second to third gear.” — Jerry Edgerton, CBS, July 22, 2011 “ Around town, we found the ride quality to be on the harder side, though what felt like under-damped shocks exposed themselves over some big dips — the suspension took its time composing itself after it began to cycle up and down.” — Benson Kong, Motor Trend, July 13, 2011 2012 Nissan Versa “ The most notable characteristic of the DARE TO COMPARE driving experience was that it had little USE COMPETITIVE TEST DRIVES TO DEMONSTRATE character at all …” IT’S MORE FUN BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A SONIC. — Julie Alvin, Autoweek, July 14, 2011 Sure, you can tell customers that Sonic is the most fun-to-drive small car — but why not just let them find out for themselves? You can do that by hosting a “ It’s noisy under hard acceleration …” Sonic “Dare to Compare” test-drive event at your dealership this November. — Annette McLeod, Postmedia News, The event encourages customers to come out and drive Sonic, then drive the July 21, 2011 competition — Ford Fiesta, Honda Fit, Nissan Versa and Hyundai Accent — to see firsthand why the all-new Chevrolet small-car entry is the clear choice. “ Any push of the right foot is met with coarse and vocal protestations, and this is Drives can be done on public roads, on a closed course on your dealership never a fast car.” property or in a large parking lot somewhere in your community. You can even do a comparison activity with static Chevrolet and competitive displays — Bengt Halvorson, in your dealership., July 15, 2011 Watch for more details on the Sonic “Dare to Compare” “ If you like your economy cars with a program, including how to secure competitive vehicles and the best ways to pinch of driving excitement, you’ll have promote your test-drive opportunities. to go to another dealership.” May the best car win — and we’re sure Sonic will. — Jason Allan,, July 27, 2011
  2. 2. SONIC VS. ACCENT: IS THERE REALLY ANY COMPARISON? Production of the all-new Chevrolet Sonic is underway, and Hyundai had better be on notice. The high-volume 2012 Sonic 2LT with the Connectivity Plus CruiseNEW SONIC FACEBOOK Package comes standard with features like OnStar® Directions & Connections® with Turn-by-Turn Navigation, outside heated mirrors and hill-hold technologyPAGE COMING SOON — none of which are available on the 2012 Accent SE. Plus, it’s priced several hundred dollars less. Here’s a closer look at how the two compare:Sonic is giving you good reasonto surf the Web at work: its new 2012 ChevroletFacebook page will launch later this Sonic 2LT with themonth — and it’ll be loaded with Connectivity Plus 2012 Hyundai Base Models Cruise Package Accent SEresources that will help you and yourcustomers become acquainted with Engine 1.8L ECOTEC® 1.6L I-4the all-new small car. Horsepower (hp) 138 138 Torque (lb.-ft.) 125 123Look for vehicle feature highlights,real-time responses to questions, Passenger volume (cu. ft.) 90.4 89.7in-depth videos — including a series Rear legroom (in.) 34.6 33.3featuring Chevy engineers taking Cargo volume (cu. ft.) 14 13.7Sonic out for an extreme real-world Standard air bags 10 6road test — and more. Front and rear floor mats Standard OptionalGive it a look, and check back often OnStar Directions & Standard Not Available Connections withfor updates. Turn-by-Turn Navigation (six-month subscription) Daytime Running Lamps Standard Not Available Hill-hold technology Standard Not Available Heated outside mirrors Standard Not Available Driver seat armrest Standard Not Available2012 SONIC LAUNCH Temperature sensor Standard Not AvailableBANNERS NOW AVAILABLE MSRP including destination $17,290 $17,555Promote the arrival of the 2012 Sonicat your dealership with attention-grabbing banners.Order the banners online from GMBrand Focused Merchandising, ordownload the order form from theMarketing link in the Sonic sectionon and then fax thecompleted form to GM Brand FocusedMerchandising Program Headquartersat 800-443-7489.But hurry, orders are due Sept. 6, 2011.Banners will be delivered in October.
  3. 3. SONIC LAUNCH CALENDAR July– Sonic Prize Program on October Chevrolet ProductSource August Full Sonic training live on Chevrolet ProductSource Sept. 6 Web visualizer live on Sept. 6 Sonic in-market training enrollment beginsSept. 19–23 National media drive (embargo lifts Sept. 19) Sept. 27 New Sonic site and build-your-own tool live on HOLD THAT HILL Late 12-page advertorial NEW SONIC TECHNOLOGY FREES DRIVERS TO LET GO OF THE BRAKE.September in the October issue We’ve all needed an extra hand at one time or another, but what about an extra foot? of AUTOMOBILE The 2012 Chevy Sonic offers just that, with standard hill-hold technology on all Magazine manual transmission models that lets drivers get started without rolling backward October First cars arrive in or forward. dealerships While automakers typically debut this type of cutting-edge technology on luxury October Catalogs and POS models and gradually filter it down to mainstream vehicles, Chevrolet is taking the materials arrive in opposite approach, instead introducing hill-hold technology on Sonic. dealerships In a Sonic equipped with hill-hold, October In-market training a pitch sensor detects the tilt of meetings begin the body when the car is stopped October Webcast: Selling Sonic on a slope and sends a signal Competitive Comparison to the stability control system. HILL-HOLD TECHNOLOGY WHILE ON A HILL, THE 2012 CHEVROLET SONIC HOLDS October Web course: Sonic Selling This triggers the electronically THE BRAKE FOR YOU SO YOU DONʼT ROLL DOWN. Skills controlled brake hardware to keep October– 38-city live retail the wheels clamped for up to two 00 Seconds seconds after the driver releases Clutch & Brake November training tour ENGAGED the brake pedal. Mid- National advertising October begins (digital launch) “It will retain the braking force that Nov. 1–4 SEMA the driver applied with the chassis 02 Seconds control system and hold the vehicle Clutch ENGAGED November Dare to Compare events in place,” says John Buttermore, lead development engineer for November In-dealership the Sonic. “That’s long enough training begins for the driver to safely apply the 03 Seconds Accelerator Q1 2012 National advertising accelerator and let out the clutch ENGAGED begins (TV launch) for a smooth start, always heading in the right direction.”
  4. 4. A REAL MARKET VALUECRUZE POWER AT THE SONIC IS COMPETITIVELY PRICED IN THE SMALL-CAR SEGMENT.SONIC PRICE Here’s how the high-volume 2012 Sonic LT with automatic transmission and the Connectivity Plus Cruise Package compares pricewise to a 2012 Ford FiestaThe same two efficient, power-dense, SE automatic with Rapid Spec 230A and a 2012 Hyundai Accent automatic withsmall-displacement engines used in the Premium Equipment Package. According to JD Power PIN data for July 2011the Chevrolet Cruze — the ECOTEC CYTD, the average vehicle price of a small car is more than $17,000, making the1.8L and ECOTEC 1.4L turbo — power 2LT with the Connectivity Plus Cruise Package just what the customer will beSonic. But with Sonic, they’re in a looking for.smaller, lighter package for a morefun-to-drive feel, a rarity in the $19,000small-car segment. $17,000 $17,290 $17,220 $17,225The available 1.4L turbo engine , the 4-Door $15,000 $14,495 $13,995 $14,955more fuel efficient of the two engines, $13,000gets an estimated 138 horsepower — Sonic Fiesta Accent18 horsepower more than Ford Fiesta— $19,000and 148 lb.-ft. of torque from 1850 $18,090 $17,880 $17,755 $17,000rpm to 4900 rpm. The wide rpm range $15,395 $16,295for the maximum torque — a specific 5-Door $15,000 $15,355 $13,000trait of turbocharged engines — helpsthe engine deliver a better driving Sonic Fiesta Accentexperience and performance. Base MSRP with DFC Comparably Equipped MSRPPlus, premium design elements,such as an electronically controlledthermostat and dual overhead camswith variable valve timing, give theengine world-class smoothnessand durability.The standard 1.8L engine — estimatedat 135 horsepower, along with 123 lb.-ft.of torque at 3800 rpm — has many ofthe same features of the 1.4L turbo.It’s a low-maintenance, compact anddurable four-cylinder engine designedfor low emissions and fuel efficiency.So no matter which engine is under thehood of their Sonic, your customers areguaranteed to have a great time behindthe wheel.