Secrets and lies presentation (Luke and Daniel)


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  • The beginning of this scene establishes the setting. From just this image, we establish that its going to be set in a photography shop, as the shop is in the centre of the shot. The black cab also establishes that its set in London. Its shot in natural light.
    Like all the other shots we will see in this presentation, the film is shot from the point of view of a photography camera. We know this because of the people posing in front of it, and they’re looking directly in the eye of the camera.
    The costumes reflect the characters. The father is in a suit, the son is wearing his regular clothes, wife is wearing a nice white dress, and the grandmother is wearing an old fashioned purple gown. Everyone looks like they’ve dressed for a photo, (besides the son)
    The backdrop is a standard photography backdrop.
    The lighting consists of a key light on the subjects, and filler lights to soften the shadows against the backdrop.
    Everything in this photo is made to look like a photographers studio.
  • We decided to work on this one, as it’s the most different from the other clips.

    The backdrop this time is plain white, if you look closely you can see a spotlight behind her head, which gives her a “Halo” effect. The light in this picture is meant to look like a diffused effect, the key lights are on the mother and her baby. The filler lights eliminate shadows, and creates a glow around the mother.

    Every material in this clip is white, which symbolizes purity, as the new born baby is innocent, and pure.
    The flash effect imitates a photograph, its their so it reminds us that it is a photograph, but I doubt a flash would need to be used
  • The key lights are on the girls here, but there is two spotlights behind them on the backdrop, like a “show” style effect. Which suites the theme of dancing.

    The backdrop used is the same in most of the secrets and lies clips, but its shot from a different angle, so show that the children have “power”. However, all their eyes are still in the eye level part of the frame.
    The costumes are dancing costumes, to show that the children are dancers.
  • The key light is on the boxer, with filler lights focused towards the backdrop to soften shadows.

    His boxer clothes show he is a boxer, and his beat shows that he’s recently won a competition. He’s in the centre of the shot, striking various aggressive photo’s for his boxing photo’s.
  • We can see from this still frame that he is a beloved son and from the dress sense we can see he is well respected by the family he’s from. The prop (the chair) looks as if it would be quite expensive and very prestigious, the child looks very posh, however in the scene we see him picking his nose. This shows that he is very innocent and oblivious to his status.

    However the lighting and background is very neutral, this shows that he may well be respected, he is also treated as the others and treated.
  • Here, in this clip, we see the most… majestic, of creatures.

    The centre of attention in this shot is the dog, he’s centre shot, and the key light focuses on him. The dig is placed red cloth, it looks like a rich material, and the dog seems well treated. We also see this in how groomed he is, as the owner keeps brushing his fur until she’s satisfied the dog looks good. The woman is also dressed in red, but its not anything to do with the dog and the table. All her other clothes were in the wash.

    Her clothes symbolize her attachment to the dog, it’s the same colour as the table, showing that even though she isn’t in the picture, she still wants to be a part of the theme.

    Even with the astonishing treatment, the dog doesn’t care, and still has a mind of its own.
    The filler lights are focused on the backdrop to soften shadows.

    The dog seems very obedient, proving that the owner is very controlling and takes good care of the dog. This shows a true high status of the family as the owner likes to keep everyone under control, including the dog.
  • Secrets and lies presentation (Luke and Daniel)

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