Secrets and lies


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  • Within this scene the first shot shows the outside of the shop in daylight which shows the main focus of the shop and the sunlight shining onto the special paintings.The scene where the photography is being taken there is 4 shot- medium. It shows the boy acting uncomfortable by his body language as he looks fed up, his clothing is very dull as he is wearing black with dark trousers which can symbolizes a British boy. The older man in the scene also looks uncomfortable and irritated because the photographer man goes to sort out his tie when he can do it himself as his is quite old. The main spotlight is on the woman (mother) she is acting confident and her facial expressionsThe photographer has a strong cockney accent
  • This is a medium shotThe lighting in this shot is generally focused on the mans body, so can see that he is very toned and muscled but there is no music in this scene because all we can he is his aggressive voice raring and shouting at the photographer. This adds tension to the shot. Costume in this scene is very simple he has a pair of boxer shorts on and a pair of gloves which symbolizes that he is a boxer.Hair – his hair in the this extract is very simple because he has none on his head.body language – Body language is very aggressive and he looks hyperactive he seems excited about what he is doing facial expressions in this shot similar to his body language because he is aggressive towards the photographer, but he is also having a joke around by doing silly poses and laughing about it. Representations of Britishness - He doesn’t really represent britishness because he isn't wearing the britishcolours. His gloves are red so it could represent love towards this sport or anger and death, because his sport is very aggressive. It could also signify that he is a violent person as red could also represent blood.Use of stereotypes – This man could be stereotyped because if his colour, and maybe that he could be an aggressive violent person when really he could just be acting and be the complete opposite.  Why have stereotypes been used –Stereotyped could be used to put people in groups for example colour or the sport they do.
  • This shot is a mid shot because they only show half of their body. Costume – The costumes in this shot are mostly all the same because the lady is wearing red and the blanket on the table is also red, this could show that the lady is not important in the shot as she blends in with the blanket. But it also doesn’t make the dog stand out either because his fur blends into the background colour, but the main thing that stands out is the collar on the dog because its blue and nothing else in the shot is this sort of colour. Hair – The dogs hair in this shot is a little scruffy this is why the lady who’s dog is it comb’s his hair to make him look more presentable for the camera. The lady’s hair is also a little messy which shows that she maybe hasn’t made an effort as she’s not the one getting a picture taken.body language – the dog looks a bit aggregated because of the lady keep combs his under his chin which makes the dog also look very fed up. The women looks like she's trying to get into the shot as much as she can, this could show jealously that she isn’t in the picture which her dog. But it might be controversial because she might just want to make her dog look good in the photos. Facial expressions on the dog stay the same because dogs don’t really have expressions but the lady is uncertain that the dog is in the right position because she is getting involved too much and in the end they don’t get a good photograph as the comb was in it.  Sound and Light – The lighting in this shot is focused on the dog in the middle, but this is not clear as it is quite a bright shot. This adds a clear impression to the shot that the women has a good relationship with her dog, because some dog may be scared of a camera but this dog looks very calm. Representations of Britishness -     d. Colour - what does it signify?     e. Use of stereotypes - who is being stereotyped? Are the stereotypes negative?     f. Why have stereotypes been used?
  • Costume – his clothing is very smart, as he is wearing a tie and a suit and with his hair combed backbody language - he hasn’t got much body language he looks quite frustrated in his face because the man is not very interested in what he is saying. And he’s trying to make a joke about it and he’s not interested and you can tell this with his facial expressions as he’s doing a fake laugh.Sound and Light The sound is a little bit echo that could show dullness and the lighting at the end when the flash goes out make it look like that he is the main focus. Representations of Britishness - it doesn’t really show brutishness as they talk about his aunt in India, and he speaks in slang using words like ‘init’   Colour – Colours are brown and dull which could signify he race. And also his clothes blend into the back ground that could show he is quite a shy person.   
  • Secrets and lies

    1. 1. Secrets and Lies By Jessica Staplehurst and Georgia Mahoney <br />