Secret and lies presentation


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Secret and lies presentation

  1. 1. Costumes: Son seems to have not made an effort, however, mother, father and grandmother seem to have made an effort on their appearances. Seem to be a working class family. The mother seems to be trying to make out as if they are a perfect family, however the father and son do not seem happy. From looking at the family’s body language the mother is very confident and looks in control, whereas the father and son are quite closed, unconfident and unhappy. Also, the mother put her heads down like she is ashamed of her husband and the fact that his tie is not perfect. The family come across stereotypically British when they say ‘cheese’ before the photo is taken. The background on which the photo is taken is very dull and plain and anything put in front would look colourful. The father in this sequence is being stereotyped due to the fact that men are usually seen as lazy and in the shadows of their wife. All together the family look very false and look as if they are trying to prove to others that they are a perfect family and nothing is wrong.
  2. 2. The man within this sequence comes across as rather arrogant and is very eager to show off his talent of fighting. He seems to be representing Britain with his fighting spirit and how he is very proud. The red on his gloves represent blood and possibly his passion for fighting. The gold belt that he wears could possibly mean he has won a fighting medal in the past. Also, how he is moving around in the photo shoot shows that he is loving the attention he is getting from the photographer. As well as this him having his top off, shows his arrogance and how cocky he is.
  3. 3. The photographer has to make her smile as she seems very serious and dull. She is obviously a nurse who has worked 15 years to possibly gain her degree. Even when she does laugh, it is not even a proper laugh it is a stifled laugh. She seems to be a very hardworking and severe character and not very friendly or approachable. She is very stiff and doesn’t seem to move around a lot in front of the camera and she tends to keep the same facial expression throughout- very dull. Her nurse uniform is very clean and in place, also the blue and white colour of her uniform represents purity. The photographer coax the smile out of her as at the end he says ‘lovely’.
  4. 4. The background immediately stands out as it is a very bright white, this symbolising the purity and cleanliness of the mother and her child. Also the mother is wearing white- again representing her and the baby being pure. The baby is the main focus of this scene as the mother is not even looking into the camera- male dominating the scene. The mother has a very calming and quiet voice. Mother looks lovingly into her sons eyes.
  5. 5. The fact that the dog is the only thing in the photo shoot it shows she adores her dog and also she is wearing a jumper with dogs on it, showing how much she loves dogs-they are her world! The photographer has to ask her twice to get out of the way of the camera as she is constantly fussing over her pet. The red blanket makes the dog stand out and be the min focus within the shot. The blanket and the woman’s top are both red, this is representative of the British flag.
  6. 6. The woman in this scene comes across as a typical English cat owner. It is very stereotypical of elderly women to adore their cats and see them as their pride and joy. The photographer humour the old woman, and keep her happy be saying how nice her and her cat look and he wants her to be happy with her photo. The fact that there is a bow on the chair in which the cat is sitting shows the cats importance, like a trophy.
  7. 7. Man looks very nervous and unsure and looks as if he doesn’t want to be there. Seems scared and afraid about his arranged marriage. Very stereotypical of the Indian community, with the arranged marriages. He seems to have made an effort with his suit etc. He is wearing a very plain suit, which blends in with the background-showing that he doesn’t stand out particularly.
  8. 8. This scene shows a man who appears to be a very comical character. He appears to be wearing a fake moustache, along with a red hat and bow tie. All of these props seem to be symbolic of a clown, and people may feel that this could be a representation of British humor. He also tells the photographer that he doesn’t want the camera to flash, showing a juxtaposition between his serious and silly personalities.
  9. 9. Very flirty, dressed too young for the age to try and impress, rather immature, trying to re-live their teenage years. They all seem very excited about the photo shoot. The two in black have tried to dress provocatively, but the other in blue wants to be fun and young! Middle aged women are being stereotyped here- trying to look and act younger than they actually are.
  10. 10. Mother acts as if children are her angels and she comes across as very precious about her children. The two lights in the background highlight and focus on the three children. The fact that the mother is fussing over the children clothes etc show how she loves her children and would do anything for them. The mother seems to be rather open as she discussing how she has had fertility treatment with a complete stranger. Baby blue on children- calm, clean, innocent.
  11. 11. The mother fusses over her son and seems to be over protective. The son is very well dressed, for the purpose of the photo shoot. The mother seems to be trying to portray an impecable mother figure, by fussing about her son and his behaviour. Whereas her son could not seem less bothered in the photoshoot or what he is doing.
  12. 12. The lady in this scene is dressed very provocatively, wearing black lacy stocking and a corset. Her pose is also very suggestive, and she seems to be trying to act young and sexy when she is in fact neither of those things. The old British phrase ‘Mutton dressed as Lamb’ comes to mind when watching this video and she is trying to act differently to her usual self.
  13. 13. Within this scene the majority of the men are standing up straight, with the oldest man sitting down in the centre, this symbolising that they are respecting their elders. All of the men are dressed very smartly and business like, giving off the impression that they are professional minded or have dressed appropriately for the photoshoot.