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  • 1.
  • 2. How will Hellenica market themselves?
    Social Networking Websites
    The most sensible thing for the band to do is advertise their music through social networking sites as this can allow the music to spread quickly.
    Websites would include myspace, facebook and other websites such as youtube as this music can be related to other big rock successes.
    Websites such as myspace are very useful as artists such as Justin Bieber have made it to the big time by advertising his work on show to youtube viewers.
  • 3. Gigs
    Hellenica are relatively small band and are unknown and need to break into the market, so a quick way could be to try and set themselves up as support acts for top heavy metal bands.
    Another being that they can also line up some small gigs at festivals or at small venues so word of mouth could help spread their name.
  • 4. Alliances
    Hellenica do have links with a more high profile band through the drummers dad which gives them some kudos and another chance for them to increase their popularity and profile amongst the UK.
    As the band they are linked with are a success they can thrive off of this by promoting themselves as a support act to gain a bigger fan base then eventually start to progressively perform on a bigger stage as by then they would have a reputation amongst heavy metal fans in the UK.
  • 5. Initial Gigs
    Hellenica’s initial ideas for a performance would have to start small maybe line up to become a supporting act for their alliance band which have a bigger fan base as this would gain them a higher reputation and would also gain a bigger fan base as well.
    For such a small unknown band it is hard for them to breakthrough the market in the UK as it is competitive so need to make themselves known and heard by putting their music out there so gigs would have to be restricted and the main priority would be trying to advertise their music online on websites such as myspace which attracts many across the world.
    Being from Dublin it is hard for them to be heard as Ireland isn’t known for its music not a lot of huge success’ have come out of Ireland.
  • 6. Press Involvement
    Well being a small band from Dublin in Ireland there wont be much pres involvement unless the band grow into a success quickly which we doubt so for the time being they maybe mentioned by their parent act (alliance) which may gain them a reputation.
    Currently they advertise their gigs on posters and in newspapers which could gain reputation then involvement in more well known music magazines such as NME and Kerrang could be a possibility, this is their aim.
    Once Hellenica release their album they will be open to ideas such as signings and tours gaining publicity as well as interviews to keep the fans updated.