Harry And Aaron


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Harry And Aaron

  1. 1. Marketing The Band…
  2. 2. If we were to receive the £250,000 contract with your record label we would invest the money in: A Myspace page will also allow us to give free samples of the bands music, and see how popular the song is by looking at the amount of views it receives. For example, girl group ‘The Saturdays’ have a ideal myspace layout with the features we will also look to use. Features Highlighted.
  3. 3. Web pages- Giving us a wider audience and help build a reputation for the band. Things such as You tube will broadcast the Fleurbelles around the world. You Tube, allows us to upload music onto the world wide web and people can listen for free, this will push the reputation of the band further. The popularity of the band can be determined by the amount of hits the song gets. Also this use of free promotion in turn helps the concert sales as band popularity will have already risen to hopefully high levels.
  4. 4. This band is made up of 5 girls, all quite PUNKY and quirky in appearance, but at the same time, they are VERY ATTRACTIVE. Generally they have behaved in public (they have done some public work in the local area – gigging in pubs and clubs and a spot or two on the local radio stations) although this could be an issue in the future. They play their own instruments and write their own material. They have been gigging in Glasgow where they hail from and have a fairly working class background. They already have a loyal following, mostly created through a GIRLS NETWORK and word of mouth. This needs formalising but is a strong aspect to follow up for them. The girl’s ages are 19-23. They are all single. Their music is fast paced generally and their lead singer has a husky voice (rather than a reedy or ‘thinner’ sound). They have a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist, a lead singer and a violinist. Their lyrics focus on feminist issues. They are FEISTY and not tame although they could be channelled to a wider audience than they now enjoy. Their single to be marketed is called “Don’t fit in your space”.
  5. 5. The Fleurbelles style and charisma is very versatile and can therefore suit very much all people within the age range of 10 – 30, meaning places in which they can perform or promote are pretty much endless. To begin with we will be doing the obvious gigs and small time performances at the likes of clubs…as well as being able to promote at small time events/places such as shopping centre's. Once the band has built reputation and a bigger fan base, we can start to look at the likes of warm up acts for current artist that of course suit our target audience as a source for promotion and to allow the girls to get a great feel for the high performance lifestyle.
  6. 6. The Fleurbelles can also promote themselves with gigs. Gigs draw in vast amounts of people and this will be key to promoting our band as the girls can sing in front of thousands and if all goes well increase their fan base. Things such as V Festival, Reading Festival are very good places to get the ball rolling for the girls as not only fans but also members of record labels also attend these gigs. So this is perfect for the Fleurbelles.