Superstorm Sandy and social media from WLS


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Superstorm Sandy and social media from WLS

  1. 1. Social Media & Hurricane Sandy Presentation by Shira Zwebner Tuesday, November 13, 2012 1
  2. 2. Recap On Tuesday, October 30th, Hurricane Sandy made landfall over New Jersey. The storm was deadly and devastating and left millions of New Yorkers without power.Westchester Facts:  Parts of Westchester were flooded, with residents and businesses falling victim to severe structural damage and loss  Westchester streets were littered with downed trees and branches, and dangerous power lines Millions of Westchester residents were without power throughout the week, with some not forecasted to regain power until November 10th 2
  3. 3. Social Media Strategy Become a reliable source of information for the thousands of Westchester residents that were literally in the dark Utilize social media entities to convey up to the minute, in-depth news to Westchester residents. Information shared through social media included: Potential dangerous situations about venturing out into the storm Information about shelter locations Data about power outages Opportunities to volunteer or donate Locations to fill up on gas Election information and open polling stations And, most importantly, library locations that were available to shelter residents from the storm and the aftermath. 3
  4. 4. Monday, October 29thShared via Facebook: FYI - Monday, 11:45 a.m.: All flights scheduled for today — more than 200 — have been canceled at the Westchester County Airport, an operations employee there said. The airport remains open and fully-staffed, though without arriving or departing planes. Some airlines are holding out hope that flights may get off the ground tomorrow, and scores are still scheduled. New York City airports are also open but flights have been canceled. FYI - In Westchester, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano ordered a voluntary evacuation of four high-rise buildings on the Yonkers waterfront. Over 1300 residential units in the Scrimshaw House (23 Water Grant Street) and the three buildings of Hudson Park (1 Alexander Street/I Pier Pointe/1 Van Der Donck Street) were asked to evacuate by 9 tonight. 4
  5. 5. Tuesday, October 30th Shared via Facebook: LATEST ON ConEd OUTAGES: Nearly 69,000 Con Edison customers in New York City and Westchester County have already lost power, and the utility is considering preemptively shutting down the grid for thousands more, as Hurricane Sandy increases in intensity. Westchester County was hardest hit, with 21,800 without power, followed by Staten Island (18,522), Queens (18,265), Brooklyn (8,083) and The Bronx (2,042), according to information provided by a ConEd and an NYPD source. From the newsroom: Most of the power outages outside New York City are in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland and Sullivan counties, where more than 200,000 customers are without electricity. 5 Like this post if youre in Westchester and you have power!
  6. 6. Wednesday, October 31st We just spoke to Larchmont Public Library Director, Laura Eckley, who has been posting these pictures! The library is open! Theres plenty of heat, working wireless, and free coffee and donuts!Shared via Twitter: RT @Scott_Wolfson: #Sandy alert: #CPSC is tracking carbon monoxide incidents w/ gas generators. #CO can kill w/i minutes, keep them outside! Want to donate to a Hurricane Relief fund but dont know of its legit? Need peace of mind? Research charities on Looking for information about a #library in 6 #Westchester? Heres a list of our 38 member libraries & their contact info
  7. 7. Thursday, November 1stShared via Facebook FYI - important news! Be careful around these areas because of exposed gas lines. Avoid the areas of White Plains Rd. in Eastchester, Central Ave. in Yonkers, North Ave. in New Rochelle on the North End, Yonkers Ave. and Kimball Ave. in Yonkers, all backed up due to gas lines. “The Warner Library isnt alone in its popularity among those wanting Wi-Fi in Westchester. Of the 38 public libraries in the county, 20 are open and offering wireless access. Pat Braja, director of development for the Westchester Library System, said many of these locations are just as packed.” 7 - - Newsday article, Jillian Sederholm
  8. 8. Implementation/EngagementImplementation  Since October 29th, our strategy has been to provide our followers with relevant news and information pertaining to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy  During the days leading up to the election, we’ve also shifted our focus to include relevant information regarding polling stations that were open for voting  We’ve increased the amount of social media posts, and have shared posts from other outlets including Westchester politicians, news outlets, and residentsEngagement  As a result, we have experienced an increase in engagement  On Facebook, more followers are liking and commenting on posts  On Twitter, our posts have been retweeted and responded to. Also, most importantly, we have started dialogues with many members of the Westchester community, who have either thanked us for being 8 available and providing information, or have proactively shared their information with us to share with our followers
  9. 9. Analytics - FacebookFrom the time period of 10/27 – 11/2, our Facebook post reached more than 820 people!The WLS Facebook page has almost 300 fans, which is up nearly 5% from this time two weeks agoOur ―likes‖ and comments per post also increased during this time period, with many posts receiving anywhere from 1 like to 16 likes/comments!Our individual posts also did extremely well: 10/31 – Post about NYSC opening their doors to people without power, for free. This post went viral, nearly 18% of people who saw this post on our page, shared it on their own pages 11/4 – Post with a photo of President Obama in a library went viral. Nearly 13% of people who saw this post on our page, shared it on their own pages 9 10/30 – Post about power outages in Westchester. The post reached 100+ people, with more than 9% sharing this post on their own pages
  10. 10. Analytics - Twitter @WestLibSys Mentions by Fans and Followers:  KatonahPoetry Nov 10, 10:56pm via Web - Look How pretty this chart looks! WLS did a stellar job of keeping info up to date.. @WestLibSys @Somers_Library  FivecatStudio Nov 07, 6:41pm via Twitter for Mac ―@solskolnick: #WW #Westchester Wednesday support Community Rebuilders @EFLI_LiFe @WestLibSys @FivecatStudio‖ Hope all is well.  ConEdison Nov 06, 9:00pm via HootSuite @WestLibSys Thanks for sharing! @RobAstorino @westchestergov  LilliWeisz Nov 03, 10:40pm via Twitter for Mac @WestLibSys Chappaqua is in rough shape. 80% without power still. Downtown small businesses are struggling. ConEd says no power until 11/9.  MarsLindoTweet Nov 02, 9:16pm via Web IMHO @WestLibSys is the best library system in the world.  NewsdayNY Nov 02, 1:38am via HootSuite #Westchester libraries provide power, Wi-Fi for residents left in the dark - #Sandy (cc: @WestLibSys @TheWarnerLib)  KatonahPoetry Oct 31, 9:59pm via Mobile Web WLS is tweeting A list of open libraries where u can warm up and charge phones @WestLibSys 10 @solskolnick @LoHud
  11. 11. Analytics – Twitter cont.Twitter by the numbers Most popular links November 1st - 17 clicks – Link to the WLS member library page with the tweet: ―#Westchester: get the most up to date information about our member libraries, including which ones have Internet and Wifi October 31st – 3 clicks – Link to the WLS member library page with the tweet: ―Looking for information about a #Library in #Westchester? Here’s a list of our 38 member libraries plus their contact information Twitter Followers on 10/30 = 453 11/12 = 488 12/3 = 519 11
  12. 12. Immediate Next StepsWith the Nor’easter hitting the Tri-State area after the election, we have been monitoring news and providing information to our followers. Continue to post about potential power outages in Westchester Updates on member libraries about early closings and/or branches that won’t open because of the storm Volunteer/charity opportunities Share information from Westchester politicians that are relevant to the community Share posts from Westchester residentsRemind our followers that many branches will be closed on Tuesday, because of Veterans DayContinue to provide and share up to date information about storm affected areas 12
  13. 13. Next stepsIn the wake of Hurricane Sandy, WLS social media has positioned itself as an essential and trusted resource for the Westchester community. As such, we will continue providing our followers with social posts that pertain to the community. Information about weather and traffic in the area Charity/volunteer opportunities and events around Thanksgiving Holiday countdown and events at the libraries and around Westchester Sharing information from Westchester politicians about news and legislation that would affect the communitySupport the social media efforts of our 38 member libraries and share their social posts via Facebook and Twitter 13
  14. 14. To learn more about the Westchester Library Systemvisit us at www.westchesterlibraries.orgTHANK YOU!!! 14