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  • Advocated for continued funding for Laneway Cleaning program (which was threatened), working with BIA Partnership on governance and public safety, public spaces policy issues (news boxes, graffiti, post riot consultation with COV) talking with COV planners and staff about public washroom initiative, Carrall St Greenway, Hastings street market, possible zoning and bylaw changes in the BIATracking unwanted graffiti and other forms of defacing or property damage and working with City and businesses to mitigate defacement of propertyNow have a comprehensive agreement with Mission Possible which provides discounts to Hastings Crossing BIA members on a wide range of property maintenance services including awning washing, power washing, graffiti removal and other servicesCommunicating with VPD about crime trends, threats and initiatives (Sister Watch) and in discussion with Our Community Security who provides safety and security patrol for the Woodwards development, and are potentially able to expand this service out into the remainder of the BIA soon. In collaboration with UBC Forestry and Strathcona BIA we have secured a $25 thousand dollar capital grant to create an urban tree nursery in the two BIAs that will see an increase in greenery.
  • Agm presentation b

    1. 1. + Hastings Crossing BIA 2011 Executive Director’s Report
    2. 2. + Hastings Crossing BIA
    3. 3. + History and general makeup  Hastings Crossing BIA founded 2010 - process began in 2009  Began operations April 2011 600 + businesses and property owners in BIA geography majority of which are SMEs with 10 employees or less. Wide array of retail, professional services, restaurants, and social enterprises.
    4. 4. + Who is Hastings Crossing BIA?  Socially inclusive,supporting revitalization  Sees business as a force for positive social change and likewise sees the low income community as a partner and asset for business community through social enterprises and non-profits who employ residents through BIA programming  Identifying and building on community assets, contributing to an increasing of community capacity through BIA programming, promoting a healthy and diverse mixed commercial district  Edgy, urban, artistic, gritty, creative, entrepreneurial, innovative, controversial, daring, unique, historic, fascinating
    5. 5. + Amazing history Amazing potential
    6. 6. + The Work Plan 2011-2012: Public Realm, Safety and Well Being
    7. 7. + Marketing Promotion and Networking: Building our Rolodex
    8. 8. + Networking: creating opportunities for BIA members  Climate Smart, in partnership with the City of Vancouver, Metro Vancouver and HxBIA has offered 10 spaces to HXBIA members at no cost (Yep…Free!) for the Climate Smart program’s November 16th intake 
    9. 9. + Marketing and Promotion: Brand and Message
    10. 10. + Branding and Messaging  Creation of Scoping Document (May)  Two months of brand alignment outreach to businesses, property owners, community members, shoppers and workers including corresponding surveys which were cross referenced (June-July)  Foundation laid for a genuine and effective brand  RFP for comprehensive website, logo and branding  Chose comprehensive design/web dev team and brand is in development (August-September)
    11. 11. + Community assets we are reflecting in the HXBIA brand: Diversity and Creativity
    12. 12. + Heritage: colorful and fascinating history and beautiful historic architecture
    13. 13. + HxBIA is located in anarea known for social and political activism: Many progressive and innovative non-profits, social enterprises and local businesses reflect this
    14. 14. + Urban: Embracing this grit and edginess as assets to compliment our innovative entrepreneurial business culture and strong community voice within the Association
    15. 15. + Branding: Logo and intellectual properties in process
    16. 16. + The Year Ahead  Next year several events will bring thousands of people here to the area that Hastings Crossing BIA calls home. Some of these events are currently in conceptual-discussion stages  We encourage all our local businesses to become involved in the planning and implementation of these events if they are interested. We hope that all members of the BIA are able to fully capitalize on these opportunities and the energy, activity and interest that they bring to the area.  Issues of public space, infrastructure, regulatory and policy issues too. If there’s something you want addressed the BIA is a great vehicle to work through
    17. 17. + We’re still just getting started  AND WE COULDN’T BE HAPPIER THAT YOU ARE HERE WITH US TO KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING!  Committees have been formed and if you would like to be involved with one (or more) we are excited to have your ideas, skills and experience. YOU are this BIA. In its identity, in its local economy, its actions, values and aims.
    18. 18. + Questions?  HastingsCrossing Business Improvement Association (HXBIA) Wesley Regan, Executive Director P.O. Box 88188 418 Main Street Vancouver, BC V6A 4A5 T: 604.805.3591