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  • 1. If you want your man to scream with passion for you, please do not be caught dead texting him weird messages that is going to turn him off.site here
  • 2. You know in this day and age we have access to so muchinformation and this is why I want you to understand that althoughyou know how to text, you have to learn how to really text your manin order to make him want every piece of you at every moment of theday There is no reason why you should text your man insanemessages like, "hey whats up?" or "hows it going?" OMG, pleasestop it You are breaking the law Youre not using the power in yourhands to make him miss you, want you, and yearn for you everymoment of the day
  • 3. Now is the time to use your phone like a power machine to give hima nice massage over and over again to where hes so revved up, hedoesnt know what to do with himself But you have to be careful thatyou dont overstimulate him Texting attraction is like a science, youreally have to know how to create attraction and sustain it so that itworks in your favor You want to ball to be in your court darling soplease do not get your pretty little fingers working the wrong way
  • 4. If you want to site here make your man miss you and want you evenmore, you must slowing build the attraction though flirting over textuntil the sexual passion is at an all time high This doesnt mean youhave to send him dirty text messages all of the time It doesnt evenmean you have to always be the one who initiate texting him
  • 5. When you get inside his mind, HE will want to TEXT you over andover again and may want to have you on the phone for hours Hereswhere you need to be careful though: Apart of building andintensifying attraction is anticipation So if you are going sit on thephone all day long texting him, youre making yourself too available
  • 6. You have to follow the rules of building attraction but know exactlyWHAT to say and how to followup once you start the conversationThis is exactly at the point when many women kill the attractionbecause they dont know what to say, they dont understand timing,nor how to keep the conversation going when they start texting
  • 7. site here