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What’s your destiny slideshow 2010
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What’s your destiny slideshow 2010


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Ancient wisdom tool is used by Master Numerologist Wes Hamilton to understand Who you are and What you need to do in your lifetime. This information provides a personalized blueprint of your life

Ancient wisdom tool is used by Master Numerologist Wes Hamilton to understand Who you are and What you need to do in your lifetime. This information provides a personalized blueprint of your life

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  • 1. What’s your Destiny?
    When you know Who you are --- You know what to do
  • 2. The secret codes of Numerologycan answer many of lives questions
  • 3. Deciphering your codes – I can share vital information with you!
  • 4. Your Date of Birth----
    Using the values and measuring the vibration of the numbers in your date of birth sets many things into motion at the moment your life begins---
    Time lines to know what to do when
    Your encoded identity of Who you are being
    What you need to be aware of and when
    What you will need to beware of and how to over come the challenging effects
  • 5. Your name will give you valuable information to plan your future
    The name you were given at birth sets many crucial life experiences into motion for you to discover and embrace your true purpose for this life ---
    Your Destiny is what you must discover and live into
    Your Hearts desire is determined to drive you
    Your accomplishments are revealed here
    How you are seen by others becomes clear
    What your default behavior looks like under stress
  • 6. How can I take advantage of knowing Who I am being?
    Your identity helps you understand why you always show up a certain way no matter what you are doing
    When you understand why people may see you different then you see yourself, you can make adjustments to be more authentic
    Understanding how your knee jerk reactions to stressful situations can be helpful to creating win-win outcomes
    To understand yourself makes you more effective in everything you do time after time
  • 7. What about time lines, can they foretell the future for me?
    To be aware of the bigger picture of your life will give you the tools to create your life in the flow of time
    Remember we are measuring energy with Numerology not foretelling the future. Knowing the Vibrational behavior of your numbers guides you to know what the energies you are dealing with will be in the past, present and yes the future
    Knowing your unique time lines along with other information in your chart is like having a road map with scheduled adventures when you are on vacation
  • 8. How often does my Numerology information change if ever?
    Your Destiny, your Hearts Desire your personality, your perspective of life and your Habit challenge stay the same; However you can evolve, enhance, and groom all of these energies to make you more effective, efficient, and create a joy filled life
    The time lines change, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, 7 years, nine years etc
    Most people either learn how to decode their own time lines or have me do an updated reading, quarterly, semi annually, and for sure annually.
  • 9. Where and how do I get started?
    First I recommend setting an appointment with me to discuss your objectives and how you can best use this personalized information.
    Second I suggest you share with me the name on your birth certificate and date of birth and order a complete one hour consultation focused your getting answers to your questions and getting you connected to the bigger picture of your life.
    Third I suggest we talk about a game plan to “turn your burning desire into Gold!”
  • 10. Connect with me now!!!
    You can go to my website and schedule an appointment to discuss your needs using this ancient tool of Numerology
    You can order a personalized reading online and let me know when we can spend one hour discussing and learning all about the bigger picture of who you are in this lifetime.
    Or call me direct: 612-308-2962
    • Wes Hamilton
    • 11. Master Numerologist