Animal Rights
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Animal Rights



8th grade English project. Thought this was a good idea and needed to be known

8th grade English project. Thought this was a good idea and needed to be known



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Animal Rights Animal Rights Presentation Transcript

  • Animal RightsBy Wesley Henkel
  • WARNING:The following slideshow contains grotesque and graphical images of severely disfigured animals. Warnings will be provided. Viewer discretion is advised.
  • Animal rights isthe principle thatanimals deserveto live accordingto their ownnatures, freefrom harm,abuse, andexploitation.
  • People often cutcorners anddon’t spendenough time ormoney to keeptheir pets happyand able to liveproperly.WARNING.
  • Some people take out theiranger on animals and abusethem. Others find pleasure inhurting animals and kill orinjure them. Angered man stabbed his dog
  • Animals have a basic right tobe treated fairly and humanelyand should be given the basicinterests that humans alsohave. This dog suffers from severe malnutrition.
  • The animalrights movementconductsmarches andotherdemonstrationsto spread theknowledge ofanimal rightsand fairness. Elephant abuse at the Ringling Brothers Circus
  • The animal rightsmovementopposes the useof animals forany practice inwhich they aresubjected to painor suffering.EXTRA WARNING.
  • Cosmetics andproduct testingon animals is a Cloroxvery serious testingproblem.This can brutallydisfigure animalsand cause themmuch suffering. Unknown cleaning chemicals testing
  • The animal rightsmovement first startedwith the American Societyfor the Prevention ofCruelty to Animals(ASPCA) in 1866. Even the Nazis had animal testing restrictions!
  • In the U.S., the Animal Welfare Act of1966 is the primary Federal Law whichregulates cruelty to animals and hasbeen amended six times in itsexistence. It is the only law whichregulates the treatment of animals.
  • ASPCA’s websitelists opportunitiesfor people to joindemonstrationsagainst such thingsas puppy mills.The site also listsadoption centersfor people to adoptneedy animals.
  • There are plenty of ways topromote animal rights and tooppose animal testing andthe exploitation of animals.April is Prevention of Crueltyto Animals Month. One ofthe simplest ways to helpout animals is to treat yourpets humanely!