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Wenger Performing Arts Catalog Section 3

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Performing Arts Catalog Section 3

  1. 1. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • CONDUCTOR The Wenger Advantage CONDUCTOR’S SYSTEM & CONDUCTOR’S STANDS Personalized Space – Both the Nota® Conductor’s Chair and our Conductor’s Stand have multiple adjustments to set height, angles and positions that suit your size and conducting style. Great Aesthetics – The conductor is the focal point of your ensemble and your audience. The contemporary styling means you’ll look as good as you sound. Styles to Match Your Needs – Wenger has several great options for music stands and conductor’s podiums. Whether for practice or performance, we have a stand that fits your needs. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Literature available: (call or download from the web) Tech Sheet Companion Products: Nota® Conductor’s Chair, page 31 Web link: 37 CONDUCTOR’S & DIRECTOR’S STANDS Preface® Conductor’s Stand The refined desk, high-end black finish, and dual posts give this stand a profile that will fit in on any stage. The durable, stable design with ample desk space and under storage pocket enhance its functionality. Thankfully, that’s Wenger engineering at work, because the Preface® Conductor’s Stand is very affordable. It’s also extremely lightweight and easy to use and store. In fact, it’s been exquisitely fine-tuned to give conductors more stand for less money. USAGE Functional, easy-to-use and a great design make it ideal for all musical environments, including practice and rehearsal rooms and performance areas CONSTRUCTION • Sturdy 1.2-mm-thick aluminum desk. Integrated storage keeps all the conductor’s needs nearby and out-of-sight • Curved desk design • Tilting desk allows for easy angle adjustment • Music desk dimensions: 18½ x 29 (47 cm x 74 cm) • 2-mm-thick aluminum storage box extends full width of desk for enhanced strength • Storage box dimensions: 12½ x 25 x 2 (32 cm x 64 cm x 5 cm). Integrated storage box design allows access from both sides and prevents spills if desk is tipped • Bolt-through desk attachment maintains stability and prevents separation • Brass spring height adjustment mechanisms set desk quickly and securely from 25½ to 49½, desk lip to floor (65 cm to 125 cm) • 19 x 21 (48 cm x 53 cm) base footprint for exceptional stability • Double upright posts sit in base collars to eliminate wobble • 12-gauge double base with 14-gauge tie bar further enhance strength and stability • Durable black powder-coat paint finish for a formal appearance • Five-year warranty   Ordering Information 238B001 Preface Conductor’s Stand, 15.3 lbs (6.8 kg) Director’s Stand Lightweight, easy-to-use, and traditional styling. CONSTRUCTION • Transparent polycarbonate desk • Durable tripod base with black powder-coat finish • Desk measures 27 x 20 (69 cm x 51 cm) with 1½ (4 cm) lip • Polycarbonate desk surface resists heavy scratching and chipping • Foot pedal release allows easy height adjustment • Broad tripod base for extra stability Ordering Information 141C001 Director’s Stand, 16 lbs (7.3 kg)
  2. 2. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • CONDUCTOR 38 SHEET MUSIC STORAGE University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Kenosha, Wisconsin USAGE Storage options that cut sheet music storage by more than half CONSTRUCTION • High-density slide-out design minimizes storage space • Organizes music with a systematic approach that can save hours — even days — of searching • Roll-out design economizes space and creates a clean, organized appearance • Designed to accommodate the majority of music filing boxes, end-tab file folders, and envelopes for 5.25 up to 9 x 12 • Evenly spaced compartment size is 10.5h x 13d x 34.5(26.7 cm x 33 cm x 88 cm) • Rugged square tubular frame • 34½ wide plywood-core shelves coated in a protective polyester laminate • Each unit is 44d (112 cm) and 16w (41 cm) in the closed position • Total depth of each cabinet is 80 (203 cm) in the open position • Colors: Interior, shelves and base are Oyster. End cover and front panels available in all the colors shown below • Fully loaded units can weigh up to 980 lbs. Contact Wenger for safe placement information • Ask for installation requirements, including minimum ceiling heights • Optional lock kit available ordering information 173F600 6-Shelf Music Library Unit, 260 lbs (117.9 kg) 173F700 7-Shelf Music Library Unit, 281 lbs (127.5 kg) 173E010 6-Shelf End Cover, 63 lbs (28.6 kg) 173E011 7-Shelf End Cover, 71 lbs (32.2 kg) 173E012 Optional Top Closure Kit (Covers 5 Units), 71 lbs (32.2 kg) 173E245 Lock Kit, 1 lb. (.45 kg) 173E240 4-Pack Lock Kit, 3 lbs (1.5 kg) Five 7-shelf units shown with end cover Boxes not included Music Library System It shouldn’t take longer to find a piece of music than it does to play it. Our system has a patented high-density, roll-out design that’s reliable, durable and cuts storage space nearly in half compared to regular file cabinets. If you store an average of 1,000 titles, you’ll need more than ten 4-drawer file cabinets that take up 13½' (4 m) of wall space. But our innovative Music Library System stores that same amount of music in a single design that takes up only 5' 8 (173 cm) of wall space. Shown in Pebble finish Color Options: Cherry Wenger Maple Fusion Maple Evening Tigris Oyster Pebble Solar Oak • 6-shelf units are 811/2” (204 cm) high requiring a minimum ceiling height of 7’ (2.1 m). 7-shelf units are 92” (235 cm) high requiring a minimum ceiling height of 8’ (2.4 m) • Total depth of each cabinet is 6’ 6” (198 cm) when open, requiring a minimum room depth of 7’ (213 cm)
  3. 3. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • CONDUCTOR 39 Color Options: Cherry Wenger Maple Fusion Maple Evening Tigris Oyster Pebble Solar Oak Tall Folio Cabinets Keep all of your folios right where you need them. Tall cabinets easily store up to 100 of your band, orchestra, or choral folios in a single, organized unit. These durable, easy-to-work- with cabinets make the most of every square- inch of space. USAGE Keeps all of your folios organized in a stationary cabinet CONSTRUCTION • Polyester laminate finish for added strength • Available with adjustable shelves for both choral and band/orchestra • Shelf supports are guided by an extruded- aluminum column with black finish • Shelves are constructed of thermofused composite wood • Shelf spacing is adjustable in ½ (1.3 cm) increments from 1 (2.5cm) to 3 (7.5cm) spacing intervals • Choice of all the color combinations shown below ordering information Tall Band/Orchestra Folio Cabinet Dimensions: 327/8w x 19¼d x 84h (84 cm x 49 cm x 213 cm) Shelf dimensions: 147/16w x 137/8d (37 cm x 35 cm) Shelf spacing can be adjusted in ½(13mm) increments from 1 to 3 (25mm to 76mm) 146M052 Tall Band/Orchestra Folio Cabinet — without Door, 230 lbs (105 kg) — with Door, 281 lbs (128 kg) Tall Choral Folio Cabinet Dimensions: 2611/16w x 19¼d x 84h (68 cm x 49 cm x 213 cm) Shelf dimensions: 115/8w x 123/8d (29.5 cm x 31.4 cm) Shelf spacing can be adjusted in ½(13mm) increments from 1 to 3 (25mm to 76mm) 146M012 Tall Choral Folio Cabinet — without Door, 196 lbs (89 kg) — with Door, 238 lbs (108 kg) SHELF SPACING CAPACITY 1 (25 mm) 144 11 /2 (38 mm) 96 2 (51 mm) 72 21 /2 (64 mm) 56 3 (76 mm) 48 Mobile Folio Cabinets Wenger’s Mobile Folio Cabinets are a great way to make your choral or band/orchestra music portable. USAGE Keeps all of your folios organized in a mobile cabinet CONSTRUCTION • Polyester laminate finish for added strength • Optional lockable doors available in all colors shown below • Available with adjustable shelves for both choral and band/orchestra • Shelf supports are guided by an extruded-aluminum column with black finish • Shelves are constructed of thermofused composite wood • Shelf spacing is adjustable in ½ (1.3 cm) increments from 1 (2.5cm) to 3 (7.5cm) spacing intervals • Choice of all the color combinations shown below • Durable, smooth-rolling swivel casters let you take your sheet music anywhere ordering information Mobile Band/Orchestra Folio CabinetS 146M032 Two-Column Mobile Band/Orchestra Folio Cabinet Dimensions: 327/16w x 175/8d x 507/8h (83 cm x 45 cm x 129 cm) – without door, 147 lbs (67 kg) – with door, 178 lbs (81 kg) 146M033 Three-Column Mobile Band/Orchestra Folio Cabinet Dimensions: 473/4w x 175/8d x 507/8h (121 cm x 45 cm x 129 cm) – without door, 205 lbs (93 kg) – with door, 250 lbs (114 kg) Mobile CHORAL Folio CabinetS 146M022 Two-Column Mobile Choral Folio Cabinet Dimensions: 26¾w x 175/8d x 507/8h (68 cm x 45 cm x 129 cm) – without door, 125 lbs (57 kg) – with door, 149 lbs (68 kg) 146M023 Three-Column Mobile Choral Folio Cabinet Dimensions: 397/16w x 175/8d x 507/8h (100 cm x 45 cm x 129 cm) – without door, 169 lbs (77 kg) – with doors, 205 lbs (93 kg) 146M024 Four-Column Mobile Choral Folio Cabinet Dimensions: 51¾w x 175/8d x 507/8h (131 cm x 45 cm x 129 cm) – without door, 216 lbs (99 kg) – with doors, 298 lbs (135 kg) Notes: Doors cannot be added later. Pricing will vary with the number of shelves. SHELF SPACING CAPACITY CHART CABINET SHELF SPACING 1 11 /2 2 21 /2 3 25 mm 38 mm 51 mm 64 mm 76 mm 2-COLUMN CHORAL 84 56 42 34 28 3-COLUMN CHORAL 126 84 63 51 42 4-COLUMN CHORAL 168 112 84 68 56 2-COLUMN BAND/ORCHESTRA 84 56 42 34 28 3-COLUMN BAND/ORCHESTRA 126 84 63 51 42
  4. 4. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • CHORALRISERS SIGNATURE® CHORAL Risers 40 It sets up quickly and easily and provides excellent stability. Just maneuver it into place and unfold with a single fluid motion. A Signature Choral Riser is easy for one person to roll and control. Compact Footprint Both the 3- and 4-step model fold up for compact storage and easy transportation. Signature Choral Riser 4-step model shown with optional siderails (recommended). Signature® Choral Risers Our Signature risers were designed to incorporate every meaningful advantage: classic black styling; safe, simple setup; lightweight handling; superb stability; strong, quiet performance; easy mobility; long-lasting service; an integrated backrail with safety crossbar; and a full fifteen-year warranty. You’ll also appreciate the easy-to-reverse design. You can change your riser arrangement quickly and securely. Optional siderails attach without tools. 3- and 4-step models roll easily through standard doorways. USAGE Choral risers that roll easily from storage space to performance space CONSTRUCTION • Patented fold-down design allows easy one-person setup • Integral backrail with safety crossbar • Optional easy-to-attach siderails for extra security • Wing-nut bolt step mount provides the safety of bolted construction but lets you reverse steps and create new setup configurations without tools • 3- and 4-step riser sets available Assembly required. Signature steps are available in grey carpet. • Formed and welded steel construction for unparalleled stability and quiet performance • Wing-nut step attachment design allows reversing steps without tools • Sturdy, permanently attached backrails with mid-height crossbar • Fifteen-year warranty ORDERING INFORMATION 098D053 3-step Signature Riser, 203 lbs (92 kg) 098D054 4-step Signature Riser, 262 lbs (119 kg) 098D541 Siderail Set (2), 62 lbs (28 kg) Quantity pricing is available. St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota
  5. 5. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • CHORALRISERS The Wenger Advantage SIGNATURE CHORAL RISERS The Ultimate Performance Riser – when superb stability and strong, quiet performance are what you’re looking for, choose Signature. Safe, Simple Set Up – one person set up in a matter of minutes. Easy Mobility Within your Facility – Wheels and patented fold-up design makes maneuvering a breeze. Safe, strong, and stable – Your performers will feel confident standing on Signature risers. Great Flexibility – Steps reverse for more configuration options. No tools necessary. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES 41 Our reversing design uses a simple wing-nut design for ultra-quick assembly that’s as strong and stable as bolt-down connection. Step supports are welded steel for maximum stability and strength. Backrails are permanently attached for maximum safety. Risers have stable, secure con- tact with the floor when in the performance position. Signature is designed from top rail to floor to ensure flawless opera- tion and long-lasting good looks. The level of detail is exquisite, with carpet edges protected by structural aluminum extrusions for a finishing touch that adds both distinction and stability. “I really like the new four-step Signature risers for the extra height, both for larger groups or smaller, narrower arrange- ments. They are very easy to set up, even for one person. They store compactly backstage, saving quite a bit of space.” – Kyle Chamberlin, Choir Director, Chapman High School, Chapman, Kansas Literature available: (call or download from the web) Companion Products: Legacy Acoustical Shells, pages 8-9 Web link: QR Code: Snap this QR code to view our Signature setup on YouTube! For a straight arrangement, alternate reversed riser units with regular units. For a winged arrangement, reverse only the center unit. For a horseshoe arrangement, reverse the center unit and add three regular units to each end. For a semicircular arc, place regular units end to end. Product Sheet, Tech Sheet and DVD group units space capacity* needed required group units space capacity* needed required *First number indicates how many musicians will fit on a riser set if all musicians stand shoulder to shoulder. Second number indicates how many will fit on a riser set if they are all facing center with shoulders overlapping. Numbers include a row of musicians standing on the floor. Groups of larger-sized adults should use lower number. 17-23 1 6'6w x 6'0d (2 m x 1.8 m) 34-46 2 12'10w x 6'11d (3.9 m x 2.1 m) 51-69 3 18'10w x 7'9d (5.7 m x 2.4 m) 68-92 4 24'3w x 9'1d (7.4 m x 2.8 m) 85-115 5 29'1w x 10'6d (8.9 m x 3.2 m) 102-138 6 33'1w x 12'4d (10.1 m x 3.8 m) 119-161 7 36'2w x 14'4d (11 m x 4.4 m) 136-184 8 38'4w x 16'6d (11.7 m x 5 m) 4-step Signature (098D054) 12-16 1 6'0w x 4'10d (1.8 m x 1.5 m) 24-32 2 11'10w x 6'4d (3.6 m x 1.9 m) 36-48 3 17'5w x 6'3d (5.3 m x 1.9 m) 48-64 4 22'5w x 7'7d (6.8 m x 2.3 m) 60-80 5 26'10w x 9'0d (8.2 m x 2.7 m) 72-96 6 30'7w x 10'10d (9.3 m x 3.3 m) 84-112 7 33'6w x 12'9d (10.2 m x 3.9 m) 96-128 8 35'5w x 15'0d (10.8 m x 4.6 m) 3-step Signature (098D053) Si gnature Ch or al Riser Se ts Signature Choral Risers create a magnificent display when grouped in sets. Use the charts below as a general guideline when determining your needs, and please call your Wenger representative for help in making your final selection. Riser Reversibility Wenger makes it easy to change riser arrangements by simply switching the position of the steps on the frame. You can configure Signature® and Tourmaster® into straight, winged, horseshoe, or semicircular designs that are every bit as secure as the original position.
  6. 6. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • CHORALRISERS 42 Tourmaster® Choral Risers No other risers fold, roll, set up, or travel so smoothly. In fact, it’s easy to take it around tight corners, across the parking lot, into a bus or a van. No wonder it’s the #1 choral riser in the world. Precision engineering and using only the best materials means Tourmaster risers will deliver reliable operation for a long, long time. It ensures that Tourmaster Choral Risers are definitely your best traveling riser value. USAGE Traveling choral risers that are durable and easy to move CONSTRUCTION • Durable carpeted plywood steps in both 18 (46 cm) and 24 (61 cm) depth (24 option offers extra space for choirs that hold their music.) • Steps can be reversed to create different configurations (tools required) • Optional 4th-step, backrails and siderails available • Steel frame with heavy-duty wheels and built-in stair glides stands up to years of use • 3-step models in 4' (1.2 m), 4' 7 (1.4 m) and 6' (1.8 m) lengths. • Some assembly required • Fifteen-year warranty ORDERING INFORMATION 024H657 6' (1.8 m) 3-step, 18” (46 cm) step, Riser, 130 lbs (59 kg) 024H667 6' (1.8 m) 4th-step Addition, 55 lbs (24.9 kg) 024E778 6' (1.8 m) Backrail, 31 lbs (14.1 kg) 024F950 Cart for 6' (1.8 m) Riser, 18 (46 cm) step, 166 lbs (75 kg) 024H642 4' (1.2 m) 3-step, 18 (46 cm) step, Riser, 103 lbs (46.7 kg) 024H652 4' (1.2 m) 4th-step Addition, 45 lbs (20.4 kg) 024E763 4' (1.2 m) Backrail, 24 lbs (10.9 kg) 024F951 Cart for 4' (1.2 m) Riser, 18” (46 cm) step, 160 lbs (73 kg) 024H672 4'7 (1.4 m) 3-step, 24 (61 cm) step Riser, 127 lbs (58 kg) 024H682 4'7 (1.4 m) 4th-step Addition, 54 lbs (25 kg) 024E763 4' (1.2 m) Backrail, 24 lbs (10.9 kg) 024F952 Cart for 4' (1.2 m) Riser, 24 (61 cm) step, 166 lbs (75 kg) 024F017 Siderails Set (2), 48 lbs (22 kg) Note: Siderails work on all sizes. 4th step needs to be removed for storage. Charcoal “Our 40-voice choir purchased five Tourmaster risers almost 30 years ago. I don’t see any reason why they won’t last virtually forever. Overall we have been very happy with them. Setting the risers up onstage is an easy, one-person job and they lock together very nicely.” – Steve Fowler, Occidental Community Choir, Occidental, California Grey (standard) TOURMASTER® CHORAL Risers Cork School of Music, Cork, Ireland
  7. 7. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • CHORALRISERS 43 Move and store your riser sets wherever you need them. Each cart holds up to four risers, plus backrails and 4th-step additions. Straight Winged Horseshoe Semicircular RISER REVERSIBILITY Wenger makes it easy to change riser arrangements by simply switching the position of the steps on the frame. Step on the frame and pull the riser toward you to raise it to the upright position. Tourmaster Choral Riser units roll smoothly through hallways, around tight corners, and up and down stairways. Each unit quickly unfolds accordion-style. Tourmaster SETs up in just seconds. The Wenger Advantage TOURMASTER CHORAL RISERS #1 Choral Riser in the World – A proven design that can withstand the rigors of institutional use. Best Traveling Riser Value – Across country or across town, Tourmaster risers fold, roll, and travel smoothly. Compact Storage Footprint – Minimal storage space required when not in use. Safe and Solid – A traveling riser with 125 lb per sq ft load capacity. Maximum Flexibility – Complete line of options and accessories available. Steps an be reversed for more configurations. Quality Assurance – 15-year warranty. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Literature available: (call or download from the web) Companion Products: Legacy Acoustical Shells, pages 8-9 Web link: QR Code: Snap this QR code to view our Signature setup on YouTube! Product Sheet, Tech Sheet and DVD Optional safety backrails and siderails attach quickly and securely without tools. Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida
  8. 8. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • PLATFORMS StageTek® STAGING AUDIENCE SEATING • Easy-to-handle sections have lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frames • Standard rectangular decks have four cast aluminum leg sockets. Legs are quickly secured with the rotation of the knob. • The frame is designed for safer, easier handling and features rounded contours ergonomically sized for a secure power grip (closed grip). • Six attractive finish options: Standard Black, Heavy-Duty Black, Black Versalite-Match, Natural Hardboard, Grey Carpet, or Carpet-Ready • Platform decks are ¾ (19 mm) thick and constructed of Group I veneer plywood with a protective laminate on both sides. • The frame and edging are fabricated from 4 (102 mm) thick aluminum extrusion. • Standard deck sizes: 4' x 8' (122 x 244 cm), 4' x 6' (122 x 183 cm) and 3' x 8' (91 x 244 cm). Custom sizes available. • Standard legs are round and fabricated from 2½ (6 cm) diameter aluminum extrusions and are finished with non-marring cap. • Fixed height legs are available in lengths that result in the following deck heights: 8 (20 cm), 16 (41 cm), 24 (61 cm), 32 (81 cm) and 40 (102 cm). Custom sizes available. • Adjustable telescopic legs are available in lengths that result in the following deck heights: 16-54 (41-137 cm). STORAGE • Move Store Cart (see next page) ORDERING INFORMATION Please call your Wenger representative for consultation. 44 Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles, California StageTek® Staging audience seating The newest innovation from the most trusted name in staging. Everything about StageTek® is an advancement. The refined, smart design is the result of extensive research, engineering and technical advance- ments in materials and manufacturing. The result is a staging system that is lighter, stronger, easier to handle and faster to set up. When it comes to stretching your investment across multiple needs, StageTek sets a new standard. For unlimited flexibility, extra legs can be stored on the under- side of your deck. We made the legs strong, simple and inexpensive. Com- pare Wenger’s newest advancement in staging to any other option and see for yourself why StageTek is a better all-around platform. USAGE For facilities that require multiple stage setups/configurations for a mix of different performance events CONSTRUCTION • Load rating meets or exceeds building code requirements: • Uniform Load: 125 lbf/ft2 (6 kN/m2) to 200 lbf/ft2 (9.6 kN/m2) based on deck STU and features. • Dynamic Live Load: Side load of 15% of total Uniform Live Load which equals 600 lbf ( 2.7 kN) side load on a platform under a total Uniform Live Load of 4,000 lbf (17.8 kN). • Point Load: 1,500 lbf (6.7 kN) applied via 1 (2.5 cm) diameter pin. NEW!PRODUCT
  9. 9. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • PLATFORMS ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Literature available: (call or download from the web) Companion Products: Roll-a-Deck and other accessories, ask for a copy of our Education catalog Web link: MULTIPLE LEG LENGTHS OFFER ENDLESS STAGING POSSIBILITIES A variety of standard leg lengths, plus telescoping and custom leg lengths, lets you set a stage exactly as you envision it. Legs attach securely with the turn of a knob. Fixed Height Legs: Available in 8, 16, 24, 32, and 40 heights. Custom sizes available. Telescoping Legs: Infinitely adjustable between the two dimensions: 16-28, 24-40 or 30-54. Adjustable Height Legs: These legs are infinitely adjustable up or down 2” from the height of the leg. Fixed height legs Telescoping legs Brochure, Product Sheet, Tech Sheets Adjustable height legs ADA-COMPLIANT RAMPS Ensure that all performers have the chance to take the stage by adding a strong and stable disability ramp. Made with Versalite decking and legs, this ramp will connect easily with any stage setup you build. CONNECTORS/BRACKETS For the most stable staging there may be cases where additional securing is recommended. For those instances we have three types of connectors: • Leg-to-leg brackets • Deck-to-leg bracket • Overlap bracket LEG RETENTION CLIPS Keep your decks and legs together when in storage or during transport. And because the optional connectors are integrated into the underside of your StageTek deck, you don’t need an additional cart for your legs. GUARDRAILS Sturdy guardrails that match Wenger staging attach quickly without tools. They meet or exceed most loading and rail-height building code requirements. Special IBC-Compliant guardrails available as well. UNIVERSAL MOVE STORE CART Compactly stores 6 decks or 6 sets of guardrails. Stable transport through a 3' (0.9 m) doorway. STAIRWAYS Dual-height or Articulating stairways match StageTek staging and come with heavy-duty handrails and safety treads. Choose from a variety of flooring options that won’t curl or peel like laminated surfaces. The Standard and Heavy-Duty surface options also provide excellent traction, even when wet, and they’ll stand up to heavy use for years to come. Versalite surface match Black (Moroccan) Heavy-duty surface Black (Quadripple) Natural hardboard Carpet (grey) or carpet-ready Standard surface Black (Cracked Ice) ACCESSORIES 45 The Wenger Advantage STAGETEK STAGING SYSTEM Maximum Flexibility – Simple, economical, plug-in legs make hundreds of configurations possible. Strength Stability – Among the highest load ratings of comparable systems. Fast, Easy, Intuitive – Anyone can set up StageTek in minutes. No tools needed. Safer – 20% lighter deck with rounded edges for a com- fortable grip. This helps save backs, fingers and toes. Less Storage – Save as much as 50% in storage space with our easy moving storage and transport cart. Durable and Repairable – Fewer parts to fail and a best-in-class warranty. QR Code: video demo
  10. 10. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • PLATFORMS 46 Timber Creek High School, Keller, Texas Custom-designed to fit the exact specifications of your orchestra pit, STRATA Orchestra Pit Filler installs quickly and easily with a small crew. It provides incredibly strong support while it frees up an amazing amount of space below because of our innovative column-beam design. Our acoustically dampened decks fit snugly against your existing stage to create an integrated surface that is extremely quiet. USAGE Extends your stage and creates valuable storage space CONSTRUCTION • Connects to your existing stage with ease • Pre-assembled substructure components make setup fast and intuitive • Use of beams and bracing frees up a lot of open space below • Honeycomb deck construction acoustically dampens decks and quiets “drumhead” effect • Available for stages as high as 10’ (3 m) • For stages over 10’, please contact your Wenger representative • Deck corners are constructed of glass-filled nylon to help eliminate sharp edges • Deck surface options: natural or painted tempered hardboard, and tongue and groove wood flooring • Simple deck-to-stage connections • Leveling feet on all columns • Basic system meets a uniform vertical load of 125 psf (57 kg) • System can meet building code standards of L/360 • Deck surface takes a point load of 500 lb (227 kg) on a 2” (5 cm) caster without leaving permanent marks • Meets side load criteria of states with seismic loading requirements ORDERING INFORMATION STRATA Pit Filler................................. Please call for assistance STRATA® Event Staging STRATA Event Staging is the perfect solution for creating a flat surface over seating or other uneven surfaces. It’s offered with a durable, non-slip, weather-resistant surface and a unique system that sets up quickly. Leveled or laydown, it can be used anywhere from a theatre to a flat parking lot to a hillside — even over a pool. Easily installed by a small crew in a fraction of the time of stick-built floors or other “flooring” systems — saving you a small fortune in labor. STRATA® ORCHESTRA PIT FILLER Main Beams Main beams connect to your stage front with a simple bracket to ensure a seamless connection with the permanent stage. Leveling feet on all columns Diagonal Bracing Braces are bolted to main beams and cross beams to eliminate loose parts and speed setup. Braces from each beam attach to columns with quick-release pins. Cross Beams Cross beams attach to the main beam with a quick tube-and-socket connection – and no tools. This ensures an ideal fit even in applications with a difficult-to-match wall radius. Decks STRATA decks lock to the substructure with a simple hex wrench connection. Each deck is isolated from other decks to eliminate rubbing and potential noise generation. Columns Columns connect to the main beam with a quick-release pin. This smart, simple system makes switching lengths of columns – or the height of your entire pit filler – faster and easier than ever. “The Strata Pit Filler is great – we’ve been completely satisfied. It’s much less expensive than a hydraulic lift system and a better solution for us. Other pit filler systems looked potentially dangerous and time-consuming to work with.” – Mike Nicolai, Technical Director, Oconomowoc Arts Center, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin STRATA® Orchestra Pit Filler Fairfield High School in Fairfield, Ohio
  11. 11. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • PLATFORMS 47 Showmaster® Staging Rock-solid stability. Incredible versatility. Easy setup. Lasting durability. When you need heavy-duty staging, Showmaster is the foundation that makes great events work. Showmaster’s all- in-one design ensures that you can set up faster, with a smaller crew, and with fewer mistakes. Every part is integral to the deck, which means no loose parts and no frames to assemble. It also means no tools to slow you down. Simply adjust the legs and tip each deck into place. • Setup and take down requires no tools Vision® Event Platforms Vision Event Platforms have set the standard for major event staging. Vision’s column and truss concept gives you rock solid stability with 70% fewer ground contacts which means faster setup and underside storage space for crates, truck packs, cable runs — just about anything you need to store. The three components — columns, trusses and decks — are all light enough for one person to handle. And once Vision is set up, the aircraft-grade aluminum stage is ready to stand up to the pounding of an action-filled event. Stagemobile® Mobile Stage The easy-to-tow, ready-to-go mobile stage solution. Wenger’s Stagemobile stage sets up easily anywhere you need an outdoor stage for concerts, ceremonies, dances and rallies. One person can set it up in minutes. All-alu- minum construction is designed for years of outdoor use and the weather-resistant stage surface offers safety for your event performers. • Three stage sizes: 16' x 16' (4.9 m x 4.9 m), 16' x 20' (4.9 m x 6.1 m), and 16' x 24' (4.9 m x 7.3 m). Stage height is 36 (90 cm) Showmobile® Mobile Stage and Canopy Tow a full-scale, thrust-style stage anywhere you need to put on a big show. Its cantilevered canopy, acoustical shell, built-in overhead lighting, leveling jacks, stairways and much more make this an amazing mobile, professional stage. • Push-button convenience and battery-powered hydraulics lets one person set up an entire Showmobile stage in minutes • Custom graphics available to personalize your Showmobile Inflatable Acoustical Shell This impressive acoustical shell is easy to set up and inflates in less than ten minutes with its quiet, 3-speed air blower. Its tough vinyl shell has been tested and proven to project more high-frequency sound to an audience. Three sizes and over 20 exterior colors to choose from. Fits in a single carrying bag that’s only 5' (1.524 m) in diameter. • Shell is composed of vinyl-coated nylon that is weather-resistant and 100% fire-retardant • Meets or exceeds all international ISO standards SPECIALTY PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS
  12. 12. Wenger Terms and Conditions PRICING Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include shipping and handling. In cases where payment will be made using non-U.S. currency, request a current exchange rate. For more information, please contact your Wenger representative. Instruments and accessories shown with specific Wenger products throughout the catalog are not included in the price and they do not come with the purchase of the product. SHIPPING POLICY Prices do not include shipping and handling charges (unless specifically noted) because we do not use a flat rate. In order to provide you the most favorable rate we calculate the cost of each shipment individually based on size and weight. Your Wenger representative is ready to provide you with a full quote, including shipping and handling based on your location and the weight of your order. All weights listed in our catalog are product weights and not shipping weights. For exact shipping and handling charges, please ask your Wenger representative. DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION Wenger delivery and installation services are two great advantages of buying direct from Wenger. At your option, we will package, ship, and install your order with the care and understanding that only the product manufacturer can provide. Wenger drivers and installers are experienced professionals who are intent on meeting your needs and providing the service you expect. Wenger installation services will ensure that your Wenger investment is in perfect working order from day one and for many years of performance. Please contact your Wenger representative for exact costs for these services. CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS Any changes or cancellations to orders for standard product require written consent from Wenger. A 25% fee may apply if changes or cancellations occur within 15 days of shipment. Changes and/or cancellations to custom products including Customers Own Material (COM), finish matches, custom colors, rush orders, or modified products are not allowed. DELAYS/STORAGE Two weeks advance notice is required when any delays in shipment, delivery, or installation beyond the acknowledged ship date are necessary. The costs of storage, rehandling, additional freight, and additional installation or labor costs will be billed to the Purchaser. If goods require storage, transfer to storage will be deemed as shipment to the Purchaser for all purposes including invoicing and payment. RETURNS Returns are not accepted without written approval from Wenger. All authorized returns are subject to a minimum 20% restocking/rehandling fee which may be higher depending upon the product. Custom products are not returnable. CUSTOMER SERVICE If you have questions about your Wenger product or have any problems with your order, please call our customer service representatives at 1-800-887-7145. WARRANTY Wenger products are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period as described in the Wenger warranty statement. For complete warranty information, please contact the Wenger customer service department at 1-800-887-7145 or visit our website at 2easy ways to find your Wenger representative 1) Just go to and click on “Contact Us” 2) or call 1-800-4WENGER (493-6437). Simply provide your location and we’ll connect you to your representative Nobody understands the challenges and opportunities you deal with every day better than your Wenger representative. They are uniquely qualified to help you find solutions for your specific rehearsal and performance needs. 48
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