Content Driven Marketing Strategy


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Content-driven marketing strategy for business and entertainment.

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Content Driven Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. +Content-Driven Marketing Strategy For Business and Entertainment Wendy Brache 720.468.3998
  2. 2. + Businesses who want to thrive must: Truly understand their customers. Stop “marketing” to them. Build entertaining and compelling content that reaches the right person at the right time in the right way…and inspire them to take action! Wendy Brache 720.468.3998
  3. 3. + Content Driven Marketing Strategy: Four Phases Understand Build Deliver Converse Wendy Brache 720.468.3998
  4. 4. + Understand Your Customers Who is your ideal prospect? What do they care about? Have you defined your segments? Wendy Brache 720.468.3998
  5. 5. + Understand Your Business What you do What your differently than customers the competition care about What differentiates you from your competition Wendy Brache 720.468.3998
  6. 6. + Build Your Story Your core story is made up of powerful, simple, value-based messaging that answers the question, ”why should I buy from you over anyone else?” Wendy Brache 720.468.3998
  7. 7. + Build Your Collateral Build the materials that will help tell your story. Incorporate your core value messaging into all your content. Create unique value stories that speak to your customer business objectives and pain points. Wendy Brache 720.468.3998
  8. 8. + Build Your Foundation Enable sales and other customer- facing employees with strong messaging that breaks down barriers, starts real conversations and gets face-to-face appointments and additional referrals. Wendy Brache 720.468.3998
  9. 9. + Deliver Connect with qualified prospects. Launch an integrated marketing campaign to ensure your story is told to the right person, at the right time, in the right way. Wendy Brache 720.468.3998
  10. 10. + Deliver Some elements of an integrated marketing campaign include: Digital Media Social Media Video Websites/Micro-Sites Email Campaigns Landing Pages Success Stories Whitepapers Buyers’ Guides Video Pamphlets Direct Mail …and much, much more Wendy Brache 720.468.3998
  11. 11. + Converse Start an ongoing conversation with your customers and prospects. Nurture those who aren’t ready to buy today, but may be ready within the next 3-12 months. Wendy Brache 720.468.3998
  12. 12. + Results * Ideal prospects defined * Core value-based messaging * Proven integrated campaigns launched * Pipeline filled with qualified leads * Introductions made * Face-to-face meetings held * Deals closed * Increased customer base * Memorable brand Wendy Brache 720.468.3998
  13. 13. + About Wendy Works with entertainment companies and B2B corporations to increase customer base, close deals and make your brand memorable. Website: Recommendations and Testimonials: Wendy Brache 720.468.3998
  14. 14. + Work & Writing Samples: Content Consultant for Corporate Visions:; High-end messaging/value proposition work for global corporations. Content Consultant for Bang Zoom! Entertainment Writer for KSS Productions Sunday columnist for award-winning marketing website, Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog: Series writer for Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference:,, Author: “Sales Force Branding: How to Differentiate Yourself from the Competition” Wendy Brache 720.468.3998
  15. 15. + KSS Productions Wendy Brache 720.468.3998