Basic botany


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Microteach to peers for PGCE PoLT Module. 2011

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  • Good morning, I thought today we’d do some basic botanyBefore we start I’d just like to find out what your levels of horticultural knowledge areThere are 3 categories on the screen. Can everyone see them ok?When I read each one out could I please have a show of hands NEXT PAGE1) Who would say they have minimal horticultural knowledge?2) Would anyone describe themselves as keen amateurs?3) Are you an expert gardener?Thank you TIME TAKENNEXT SLIDE
  • The topic today will be fruitCan anyone tell me why plants produce fruitAnd so fruit is .. The part of the plant that carries the seedAnd at what time of year do they tend to bear their fruit? NEXT SLIDE
  • Does anyone remember these little books?Did you know they are now collectors’ items??They are full of fruit and on page 25 we have… NEXT SLIDE
  • Can anyone spot the fruit on this page?Fruits can take on many shapes and forms, they’re not just the sweet fleshy food we eatThe aim of today’s lesson is to introduce you to 4 different types of botanical fruit and get you acquainted with the plants they come from. TIME TAKEN NEXT SLIDE
  • Here are the four fruit types we’re going to take a look at todayNutsBerriesHawsSeedheads TIME TAKEN LEAVE THIS SLIDE UPACTIVITYCan anyone name another fruit that is similar in name and form to the horse chestnut?What type of fruit is this? Hand out sweet chestnut. This is this table’s fruit.Skimmia - Does anyone recognise this plant? How would you describe the fruit?Hawthorn - Does anyone know this plant? What kind of fruit does it have?Ivy - And finally, who recognises this one? What kind of fruit is this? TIME TAKENPLANT IDENTI’m just going to get you to do a quick plant ident exercise, to familiarise yourselves with the plants these fruits come from.I’d like you to work in groups with the colleagues you’re sitting with on each table.I shall hand out these plant reference books. I’ve marked the page you need with a post-it note. You will also find a gapped handout in each bookAll the information you need is on the post-it note and on the page next to it. . I’d like you to spend up to three minutes filling out as many blanks as you can. If you finish before the three minutes is up please put your pens down and close your books.GO – set timer – 3 mins TIME TAKEN NEXT SLIDE
  • Who has this plant on their table? Could you read out the information you have on your handout pleaseNEXT SLIDE
  • Who has this little beauty? Could you tell us a bit about it please?NEXT SLIDE
  • Who has this one? Could you tell us a bit about it please?NEXT SLIDE
  • And finally, this one. TIME TAKEN5 MINS TO GO?Go back over last 4 slides and name them together NEXT SLIDE
  • My aim today was to show you that botanical fruit comes in different forms, to show you four of those different forms and to acquaint you with the plants that those diferent fruits come from. Could everyone say that they have learnt one new thing in relation to today’s theme?GO AROUND ROOM IF ENOUGH TIME 2.5 minsAny questions?
  • Basic botany

    1. 1. Basic Botany1) Do you have minimal knowledge? 2) Are you a keen amateur? 3) Are you an expert ?
    2. 2. Fruit
    3. 3. Four Fruit Types Nuts Woody/leathery coats on kernelBerries Pulpy flesh surrounding seedsHaws Thick skin around seed in a stoneSeedheads Pods/capsules which split
    4. 4. … and finally
    5. 5. Thank You