Gt Ryburgh Community Car Scheme

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  • Community shop pictured on the opening day 2 nd March 2009 -Ryburgh is a village you may have heard Norfolk RCC talk about before. -Good example of how a rural community can respond to challenges
  • -Challenges faced by all villages these are not uncommon to other Norfolk villages. -What is impressive is the way that Ryburgh has responded to these challenges.
  • -Ryburgh Shop took out £20k loan and received grant funding from Plunkett Foundation and co-op -Funding application in for play area £50k from Community Spaces to improve play facilities on field. -Worked closely with SNT to improve issues of anti-social behaviour on the playing field. Keeping them informed of issues has led to some useful interventions from the police on the playing field.
  • 2 examples of projects that we are working with the community in Ryburgh on.
  • -Not a new idea in villages to support individuals, in lots of villages this happens on an informal basis. -Aim of this project is to assist those who may not access support through traditional routes ie newcomers to village. -Increasing proportion of elderly people living in villages of these people they often don’t have family nearby. Young may have moved away for work or more affordable housing. -Added benefit of project is safeguarding volunteers and clients by putting an added element of structure to informal support. Ie CRB checking volunteers/ signposting to additional support -In Suffolk over 20 projects are run by our sister organisation Suffolk ACRE.
  • Intergenerational element to the project
  • -Steering committee will match requests for help with volunteers. -Average 24 requests for help per month demonstrates strong benefit of project within communities.
  • -Access4Life is a Norfolk County Council funded project that aims to improve accessibility to key services for people living in rural areas. -Project area borders Ryburgh -By working with a project steering group made up of local partners, consultation is carried out in the areas identified by the Local Transport Plan, to be the most in need of accessibility improvements .
  • -Realistically Colkirk would be unlikely to sustain a shop on shop on its own. - However by speaking to neighbouring parish –Ryburgh steering committee identified potential to link those wanting nearby village shop with existing shop
  • 9 people struggling to access local shops indicates a clear need. Consultation really important and valuable in getting what your community needs.
  • -Project will make Ryburgh shop stronger and more sustainable in the long term. -Works in a similar way to community car scheme but targeted at making local community shop accessible to those in neighbouring village.


  • 1. Strengthening Communities Ryburgh in North Norfolk -An example of how it can be done
  • 2. The Challenges that Ryburgh faced
    • Primary school closed
    • Village shop closed
    • Post mistresses retired
    • Limited activities for young people
    • Youth club closed some anti-social behaviour on the playing field.
  • 3. What did the community do?
    • Launched Community owned shop including Post Office sold community shares to value of £25,000
    • Community car scheme supported by Parish Council
    • Short-listed for Pride in Norfolk Village of the Year 2009
    • Working to improve play facilities in village
    • Community newsletter
    • launches 2009 ‘Ryburgh People’
    • (Pictured on the right)
  • 4. So what next?
    • Access4Life :
    • Community Shop Car Scheme – planned
    • With the support of Ryburgh Community shop, we hope to offer a community shop car scheme to the residents of three surrounding villages.
    • Good Neighbours Project – planned
    • Joint project between Victory housing and Norfolk RCC to encourage support within community for most vulnerable individuals through volunteer assistance.
  • 5. Good Neighbour Project
    • What is it?
    • Voluntary local initiative run by group of local people
    • Groups respond to need of local people
    • i.e. giving a lift to doctors surgery, shopping, befriending/home visiting, gardening etc
    • Similar projects running successfully in Bedfordshire, Wiltshire and Suffolk for past ten years.
  • 6. Who will benefit?
    • Community as a whole- more cohesive.
    • Project is flexible-each community can determine what tasks they will assist with
    • Support may range from assisting a parent with young children to taking an older person to a Drs appointment.
    • Volunteer benefits-Feel part of their village.
  • 7. How will it work?
    • Each project will have a mobile phone
    • Steering committee members alternate having phone.
    • When they receive call for help they will assess request and contact available volunteer.
    • Volunteer will visit client and assist.
    • Steering committee will keep log of tasks completed.
    • Average number of calls per scheme 24 per month ( Suffolk ACRE- Good Neighbours scheme)
  • 8. Access4Life
    • Access4Life is a Norfolk County Council funded project that looks at areas of the county with poor access to services.
    • Through consultation with communities and working with a project steering group made up of local partners, Access4Life aims to find out what the real issues are and deliver solutions.
  • 9. Colkirk Village
    • Consultation carried out in the village of Colkirk showed that the local area had difficulty accessing a local food shop.
    • The Access4Life steering group agreed to find a solution that would not only solve the problem for those residents who had difficulty accessing a local food shop/Post office but that would also support the sustainability of an existing community shop.
    • Its good to talk…
    • Work with your neighbouring communities!
  • 10. Further Consultation
    • Through further consultation with the villages of Colkirk, Stibbard and Great Ryburgh, we found nine people who said they would like to use a transport scheme to take them to Ryburgh Community Shop
  • 11. How it works
    • Obtaining CRB checks for all the volunteer drivers –
    • All volunteer drivers of the scheme have completed a CRB form and we are now waiting for these to be returned.
    • Insurance confirmation
    • Confirmation should be obtained from the volunteer driver’s insurance companies.
    • Co-ordination of clients and volunteer journeys –
    • Ryburgh community shop will be co-ordinating the calls.
  • 12. The Future
    • By the end of October 2009, Ryburgh community transport scheme and Good Neighbour scheme should be running.
    • Ryburgh community shop continues to go from strength to strength.