British vs american english vocabulary


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British vs American English. Which one do you prefer?

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British vs american english vocabulary

  1. 1. You say aubergine...I say eggplantAim:  To raise awareness of differences between British and American English.Resources:  White boards or Word cards if you choose.  List of common words in American and British English.  Dictionaries for further reference.Activity 1  Ask the class: o What are sneakers? (sports shoes) o Is this American English or British English? (American English) o What is the word in British English? (trainers)  Put the students in groups.  Read out a selection from the list below of common words in American and British English (or use words that you have recently covered in class or that are coming in your lesson perhaps in a reading or listening text).  Students must write the correct British English word/s for American English words. To make it more fun set it up as a competition and give points to the group that says the correct word first.  Alternatively you can read out a selection of British English words and students write the correct US equivalent.Activity 2  Cut out the dominoes and distribute them to the students.  Ask one student to start by reading out the second word on his/her domino (this will be an American English word).  Ask the student who has the British English equivalent to read it out and then read the other word on his/her domino.  Continue this pattern around the classroom until the cycle is complete.  Alternatively, you could spread the dominoes out on a table and get the students to make a ‘paper trail’ by joining the equivalent terms to one another.DiscussionHow / why are we familiar with these words and terms? (TV/films/ American books/music)In the future will there be more or fewer words that are different?What rules should you follow when checking that you have used British English rather thanAmerican English?Warning: Problem with computer spelling check if on American English.ExtensionHave students look up key words that are Americanized in their spelling, e.g. colour/color;programme/program; theatre/theater; metre/meter; humour/humor; favourite/favourite; skilful/skilful;centre/center etc. and see if they can come up with ‘rules’ for the spelling changes.© 2008 9298 Page 1 of 5
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