Social Media: Why Should I Care?


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This a guide for why you should care about social media and how to get started.

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Social Media: Why Should I Care?

  1. 1. why’s everyone telling me to get on social media?
  2. 2. because over 80% of Americans use social media daily… that’s over 240,000,000 people. because 2/3 of the global internet population use social media… yes, that’s over 1.2 billion people.
  3. 3. because social media is the most popular online activity… ahead of checking email. ?!?!?!!!!??!!?!!????!!!?!?!?!!!!??!!?!!????!!!?!surprised it wasn’t porn?!?!!!!??!! ?!?!?!!?
  4. 4. because if facebook was a nation, it would be the third most populous with million users.
  5. 5. but i run a business, so why does this concern me?
  6. 6. more than 700,000 businesses are on Facebook, including your competition. the good news is they aren’t using it correctly.
  7. 7. more importantly, your customers use social media, and they want to talk to you!! 85% of social media users think the way that companies use social media is wrong. They don’t want a sales pitch, they want to get to know you better, invite you into their lives. They want you to engage them.
  8. 8. here’s what you Social media can be used for… Customer acquisition Loyalty branding Customer service Public relations Community building Targeted awareness Companies that use it correctly get measurable ROI.
  9. 9. In 2009 Domino’s launched a social media promo that gave free pizza to the biggest fans. 29% profit increase a facebook fan page of 36,000 users in less than 90 days fiercely loyal customers: not because the pizza was free, but because they knew that Domino’s appreciated them…
  10. 10. Maybe you don’t run a “multinational pizza company” like Domino’s, but even if you sell “pepperoni presses to people in Poughkeepsie…” the right social media strategy executed correctly will drive objectively measurable results.
  11. 11. to create a successful campaign, defining a clear social media strategy that’s in line with your goals. do you want a full fan page? do you want to open a new channel for customer service? want to launch products to only your most loyal fans? We got your back! develop world class content. btw, we do that too! establish your web presence, then make it grow! manage the change. social media offers flexibility, but you have to know how to roll with the punches. talk your a** off! engage in conversations with users on a daily basis.
  12. 12. S t e v e M a r t i n [Social Media Marketing] st eve @ we l t b r a n d i ng . c o m