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In this presentation, we will discuss about brand positioning in details which includes the definition, history, the various points of positioning statement, the difference between positioning and advertising and research behind positioning. We will also talk about the re-positioning strategy and positioning of attributes.
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Brand Positioning

  1. 1. Chapter 16• Brand Positioning Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  2. 2. What is positioning?• Brand is a value proposition• The concept of brand identity is implemented thorough brand positioning• Positioning is outcome of our perceptions about the brand relative to the competing brands Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  3. 3. What is brand positioning?• “ The act of designing the company’s offer so that it occupies a distinct and valued place in the mind of the target customers.’ –Kotler• “the process of prompting buyers to form a particular mental impression of our product relative to our competitors’ - Bovee Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  4. 4. What is brand positioning?• “ part of brand identity and value proposition that is to be actively communicated to the target audience, ad that demonstrates an advantages over competing brands.” - Aaker Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  5. 5. Brand Positioning -History• Glut in the market in the 60s, identification of USPs was not an easy task.• Ogilvy emphasized for the first time in the 70s.• Book titled “Positioning the batter for your mind” in 1980s. Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  6. 6. How to develop a positioning statement ?• Positioning statement is a declaration of the position our product will occupy in the mind of our target customers.• We have to consider following points 1. Market Exploration 2. Market Segments 3. Core identity 4. Value proposition 5. Understand the position of existing products 6. Choose best position Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  7. 7. Positioning Statement• Describes what is important to the customers, and what problem our product will solve for them and how• Used to develop new products, to plan an ad campaign, train sales force or perform any other marketing activity• Should assert the advantage of the brand over the competitive brand. Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  8. 8. Positioning in action• BPL Excell Alkaline batteries- “ the longest lasting alkaline battery in the world”• Complan is the complete food for growing children• Dove is a soap with 1/4th moisturizer• Vicks Vaporub is a rub for colds for children Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  9. 9. Advertising & Positioning• Advertising has to establish the brand in a commanding position in the mind-sets of consumers• For effective positioning a brand has to stand for one quality or benefit in the mind of consumers, instead of being all things to all people• Every advertisement is a long term investment in the image of a brand Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  10. 10. Research for Positioning• Starts with the study of the market to identify the factors which are most important to various users of the product category1. Investigate what consumers do with the products2. Attitudinal information should b developed according to the purpose for which the brand is to be used and not just for any tow brands Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  11. 11. Research for Positioning3. It is important to ask why a product or brand is not being used4. When there are existing brands, it is important to identify where they are placed in the consumers’ mind5. Positioning is creative Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  12. 12. Re-positioning• Is an attempt to change the brands’ slot• Mostly, it is a matter of evolution• The three signal which warrant repositioning are1. New competition2. New technology3. New consumer attitudes Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  13. 13. Benefit Laddering for a nutritional drink Envy of neighborhood Value Happy filial relationship Becomes darling of parents Consequences Excel in sports Performs well at school Value Healthy Energetic child Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  14. 14. Positioning Slots• Technology Slot• Experiential Slot• User Slot• Trendiness Slot• Repositioning a rival brand• New product category slot• Attribute slot Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  15. 15. Positioning of attributes• E.g. toothpaste which contains clove oil• TVs will flat screen• Shampoo that nourishes hair• Digital camera with x mega pixels• Fridge for freshetarians Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  16. 16. Psychological Meaning (PM)• Lexical Meaning• Philosophical Meaning• Psychological Meaning• E.g. a car may have components of status, style, performance and cost in one market , can be positioned as a premier car in another market Ch-16 Brand Positioning
  17. 17. Summary• Positioning means occupying a slot in the mind of consumers as against other brand• Liril occupies ‘freshness’ slot, Surf’ stain removal slot• Advertising has to establish the brand in a commanding position in the mind-sets of consumers Ch-16 Brand Positioning