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Office etiquette is very important to be a part of a successful team, it can be from the way you greet your colleagues to body language in meetings.
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Office Etiquette - Business Etiquette

  1. 1. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division CHAPTER-14 OFFICE ETIQUETTE We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  2. 2. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division OFFICE ETIQUETTE It is important that we spend between 50 - 75% of the day at office that we know how to act in THE OFFICE We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  3. 3. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Address People • Greet everyone when you enter office. It creates a friendly ambiance • Seniors are usually addressed as Sir / Madam. • Subordinates may even address seniors as “Mr. _________” We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  4. 4. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Clothes • Dress appropriately • Clothes must be clean • They should be well ironed • Do not wear informal clothes to office • Avoid colorful shirts to office We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  5. 5. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Desk & Doors • Your desk should be neat and uncluttered • If you reach the door first open it • It is necessary that a man opens the door for a woman. • Junior executives should allow seniors to precede them through the doors • Open door for people laden with files or books • In case of revolving doors, get in first. • Women should not be the first to go in case of revolving doors • If a door has been held open for you, thank the person We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  6. 6. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Elevators & Walking • Do not dodge or delay to ensure that someone should be the first to get off • If you are the first to enter, hold the door to let everyone else in • If you are near the control panel, ask others and press the button for where they have to get off. • Hold on to the open button till everyone get on or off. • If you are nearest to the door get off to let people out and then reboard again • If you are walking with a female colleague to visit a client ensure that she is on the curbside. We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  7. 7. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Smoking • Smoking is no more a “sophisticated” act. • Smoke only in a “smoking zone” • Don’t smoke if you don’t see an ashtray • Smoking leaves a smell that may not be agreeable with others in your office • Do not say “Do you mind if I smoke?”. The opposite person may resent it secretly We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  8. 8. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Behaviour • Be polite • Use “please” and “thank you” • Do not gossip or cast aspersions on the moral character of anyone. • Practice office etiquette with your colleagues. We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum